Will We Ever Know?

Will We Ever Know?

How many billions has it cost?

Will we ever know?

Who is going to be accountable?

Will we ever know?

Who has made millions?

Will we ever know?

Opher – 20.2.2021

Some greedy Brexiteers, living abroad, have made a killing out of this!!

We are told that there is a bumpy start! That these are teething problems!

We are told that it will open up huge possibilities!

I don’t believe a word of it!

Power and money!!

They’ve led us up the garden path with a plethora of lies!!

Johnson’s Populist Extremism and nationalism turns off one-nation Tories. Martin Rowson.

A bunch of extremely nasty populist nationalists have hijacked the Tory party in the same way that the Trumpists took over the Republicans.

Those Tories with any shred of morality don’t like it!