The Actions of a Tiny Extreme Minority – Martin Rowson

Who seem intent on wrecking the place and causing chaos – and it’s not Extinction Rebellion!!

Boris Johnson – is all this disheveled clown with its umpfing and urring all just an act? Martin Rowson Cartoonist.

Is the real Boris Johnson a clever, scheming obnoxious git who has created this persona in order to fool Joe Public and appear an affable joker in order to gain popularity?

Martin Rowson knew him and thinks so. Read this I think it’s very revealing.

Johnson’s Populist Extremism and nationalism turns off one-nation Tories. Martin Rowson.

A bunch of extremely nasty populist nationalists have hijacked the Tory party in the same way that the Trumpists took over the Republicans.

Those Tories with any shred of morality don’t like it!

Ill Prepared – The Audit Office – Cartoon

Ill prepared is only part of it.

We have known a pandemic was coming. We’ve had plenty of them (SARS, MERS, HIV, Avian Flu, Swine flu). We know the next one is already on the way.

It is the government’s prime job to be prepared, look ahead, and protect the population.

It failed.

They have an army of experts, a bunch of civil servants watching for signs of a pandemic, they held a big investigation in 2017 (The Cygnus Investigation) concerning our preparedness for a pandemic.

Reports came in from Wu Han.

Reports came in from the WHO.

Reports came in from Italy.

Reports came in from India.

The complacency and ineptitude continues. They don’t even learn!!

Track and Trace – still isn’t working!!

Border closing – still too late!!

Border procedures – woeful!!