Joe Lycett hilarious response to Cruella Braverman

As the Tory lurches more and more to the right and the ‘Hang ’em ans Flog ’em’ brigade, armed with racism and xenophobia, take over, moderate, sensible people need to make a stand. The alternative is fascism.

It’s time to get common sense back into politics. A bit of humour doesn’t go amiss though.

In The Land of Darkness

In The Land of Darkness

In the land of new darkness

You cannot see a friend.

In the gloom of fear

Terror looms around the bend.

Armed and wary,

Shoot first ask later,

Drown and cage,

Through the serial eyes of a serial hater.

Opher 6.6.2018

In The Land of Darkness

I feel that the fear of immigration and terrorism has created a tragedy. It has landed us with both Brexit and Trump.

The terrorists have won. They split us. They are gleefully watching us destroy ourselves.

Who would have believed that?

We trust nobody. Friend falls out with friend. Strangers are all potential terrorists. We have created fear and hatred that is cyclic. It regenerates itself.

Fascism is on the rise. It’s the thirties all over again. Just substitute Jew for Muslim. The wave of hate is heading towards war.

We live in a land of callousness and darkness.

Time for a bit of love!!!

Rid ourselves of Profiteering ERG!!

These profiteering, xenophobic, racist, extremists of the ERG have been destroying this country for decades. Right back to the time of Heath these idiots have been undermining government and sanity.

Rees-Mogg has made millions out of Brexit and Covid. This toffee-nosed cartoon of Lord Snooty is typical of this group of trouble-making profiteers. They have turned the Tory Party into a Populist Movement in order to take out their hatred of Europe.

These arrogant individuals believe they are superior and deserve to reap millions while consigning the rest of us to endless austerity and poverty. They have their mansions while we have food banks and warm rooms.

They’ve broken Britain!

There never has been a mandate for this Hard Tory Brexit!!

This was sent in to me from John Peachey. It is fascinating.

There never has been a mandate for a Hard Brexit. The obvious compromise, given the referendum result, was to have a Soft Brexit (which is what parliament wanted). It would have respected the vote without destroying the country. We could have left the EU but remained in the single market and customs union. Our trade would not have been destroyed.

Unfortunately, the ERG are a bunch of rabid nationalists. They don’t care how much damage they do, how many jobs are lost, firms go bust or people are thrown into poverty. They just hate foreigners. They hate the EU. They think that impoverishing the country is worth it. They are nuts!!

We’re reaping the rewards of their racism.

Here’s an amalgamation of Remain vs Leave polls from 2016 to 2021. I’ve removed the Don’t Knows. In general it looks as if an overall average favours Remain, blue being Remain. All of which makes the referendum a bit daft. It just depends on which day you have the vote.
If there was another referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, how would you vote? – What UK Thinks: EU

Why I detest Brexit!!

Brexit, for me, has been the biggest disaster for this country since the Second World War. It has diminished us greatly and made us a far worse place to live.

Here’s why I think that is the case:

  1. It has empowered the minority of British who are racist, xenophobic and nationalistic. They now think they represent the mainstream of British thinking and have the right to feel superior and abuse foreigners.
  2. It has driven a wedge between us and our closest allies – the European nations. The EU was devised as a means of opening trade and fostering collaboration between our neighboring countries, thus tying us closely together, bonding us economically and preventing disputes and division leading to conflict and war. Hostility has been a hallmark of Europe throughout history. It could again. We’ve already had gunboat diplomacy.
  3. It has insulating Britain and removed our freedoms to travel, study and work. This has made it much harder for Brits living in the EU, students wanting to study or travel in the EU, Brits wanting to work in the EU. There is now less freedom, less opportunity and a mound of red tape. My grandchildren have narrower horizons.
  4. It has created chaos with all the joint ventures, scientific, commercial, law enforcement, antiterrorism, and information. We have had to replicate, at great cost, many of the things that we previously shared with Europe.
  5. Travel and Trade used to move completely freely. Now we have massive amounts of red tape, huge border controls with extra complexes customs officers, delays, inspections, bureaucracy and costs.
  6. It has cost us an absolute fortune. Far from saving £350 million a week we have already spent more than we paid into the EU during the whole of our 40 years! We have employed an army of solicitors, bureaucrats, customs officers and officials. Firms have fled into Europe or gone bust.
  7. It is threatening to rip the union apart. Scotland and Ireland might well break away to the detriment of us all.
  8. It has landed us with the most extreme right-wing incompetent, sleazy government we have ever had.

I cannot think of a single benefit of this disastrous decision.

We wrested back control from an EU government which we were an important part of and helped shape and gave it to a bunch of arrogant Eton Schoolboys who have not the slightest degree of understanding or compassion for ordinary people. They are in it for themselves.

Somehow many people think this was worth doing.

I think we were lied to and conned!!

This has been an unmitigated disaster and the worst of it is that we now have this lazy, inept clown as a Prime Minister!

Poetry – Darkness Descends

Darkness Descends

Gigantic dark waves

Crashing on grey sands

As huge gloom-ridden clouds

Obscure the light.

Ice-cold winds bite through

The skin with shards of steel

As warmth and sunshine are banished forever.

Never again will the sun break through

To bathe the land with hope.

No more will the heart beat

With enthusiasm for the fight.

As the cloying mists of misery

Swirl in clammy fingers of doom

And claw the very life out of

All that would dare to breathe.

Opher 10.7.2016

Darkness Descends

Behind everything is a philosophy. It creates the ethos. It creates the zeitgeist. It pervades the air we breathe. Philosophy drives everything. We all have one whether we know it or not; every society has one as its basis.

The basis of my philosophy has been one of love and hope. I have put my faith in mankind and that the good in people will prevail over the bad; that we must build, through education, a world that is full of the best we can do and not the worst.

On one hand I see the destructive greed, power-seeking and cruelty that is mindlessly destroying the planet and on the other I see the beauty we create, the altruism and love that reflects us at our best.

Mostly I am optimistic that the billions of kind, caring and pleasant people will prevail over the far fewer heartless, selfish, violent beasts.

I would like to see humanity moving to a more civilised state where nature is respected, animals are not treated cruelly, our population is controlled, and things such as war, racism, exploitation and sexism are banished. I want a world with wilderness, fresh air and equality.

The only way I can see us achieving this is through a centralised government, the end of nations and religions, and a move out of the tribalism and primitive thinking that creates so much hate and violence. I dream of universal laws to prevent pollution, war and discrimination.

That is why the Brexit vote was so appalling to me. It seemed to me to be a vote based on fear and hatred that would spawn an ethos of isolation, xenophobia, inequality and further disharmony. It was the dream of the terrorists, nationalists and racists that prevailed over those dreams of idealists like myself.

For me the world lurched into a darker place that is less safe and much further away from the unity and togetherness of the world I dream of.

I can only see a future of gloom, environmental destruction and war. The philosophy of Brexit is opposed to everything I hold dear. I have lost my faith in people. The philosophy we live in changed.