Do you REALLY think there was no political pressure???? 126 fines! 83 people fined! Johnson was there with them at many of those events!!

The Masons is big in politics and the police.

Javid’s brother ran the MET investigation.

They put pressure on Durham police to investigate Starmer at a work meeting (as if that is in any way comparable!!)


Poetry – I think it’s you and me

I think it’s you and me

Who decides there’s a war?

I think it’s you and me –

Reacting to the facts we’re fed

By the powers that be.

Who fights in that war?

I think it’s you and me

Dying on the battlefield

For Queen and country.

Who loses a war?

I think it’s you and me.

Some gain wealth and power

But we live in austerity.

Opher – 29.7.2020

It’s the same mob who creates the wars and profit from them.

It’s the same mob who fight in the wars, get crippled and killed and end up paying for them.

It has always been thus.

We are conned and exploited. Inflamed by the media and manipulated.

Poetry – Bought and Sold

Bought and Sold

Bought and sold,

Brainwashed and controlled!

Chained and tricked

By cunning hypocrites.

They use religion.

They use guile.

They use the law –

Death with a smile.

The control the media,

To pump propaganda.

They tell what to think

And to who to pander.

Kept in our cages

Within our careers,

Tied with mortgages,

Debts and arrears.

They inhabit a different world

To that of you and me.

They have their clubs

And no so polite society.

The buy the law

With privilege to spare,

They buy what they want

And deny us our share.

Bought and sold

Brainwashed and controlled!

Chained and tricked

By cunning hypocrites.

Opher – 23.6.2019

Huge populations have to be controlled so that they do not rebel against the elite. It’s a business that had been going on for thousands of years. A tiny minority live in luxury on a whole different level and convince us all that this is the best way of doing things!

I’m not so sure!

There is no fairness in this system – money talks.