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  1. Hi there,

    I am writing an obituary for my dear old friend and comrade of many decades, Bruce Barthol. Sorry to let you know he passed on February 27. I need a photo to accompany the obit and found one you ran back in 2017 when he performed in Hull at a benefit for the International Brigades. I’m hoping you can put me in touch with the photographer or let me know whom to credit.

    Here’s where I found the picture:


    Thanks for your help,

    Joan Holden
    Playwright and Barthol collaborator, San Francisco Mime Troupe 1967-2000

    1. Dear Joan,

      I terribly sorry to hear that news. Country Joe and the Fish were one of my favourite bands. I saw them a number of times back in the 60s and caught them on their reunion tour which was superb. He had some great natters.
      I met up with Bruce when he was doing his solo gigs. It was great to chat and reminisce. I took those photos at that great gig. I would be very honoured for you to use my photos in his obituary. Please credit them to Opher Goodwin.
      Bruce was a great musician and a delightful person to meet. As a fan it is always bridging that gap between band and fan but talking to Bruce was like talking to an old friend. Such a friendly, genuine person.
      I feel very sad at the thought of him not being here.
      Please pass on my condolences to all concerned.
      Best wishes

      1. Dear Opher]

        Thank you.–may we read this at his wake, the 19th? And can you send photos as JPEGs, w credit in title, per papers’ request?


      2. You certainly can Joan. I’d be really honoured. I will try to find the jpegs. Have you an email to send them to?

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