Anthropocene Apocalypse – Imagine a world without Chimpanzees, Elephants, Gorillas, Rhinos, Orang-utans, Hippos, Tigers and thousands more. That’s what we are heading towards.

dolphins 5chimp ptg00402816 - Copy Elephants butchered Elephant tusks

All over the world the population of humans is soaring, the habitats are being polluted or destroyed, jungles being cleared, strip mining, logging and farming are taking their toll, and the animals are being slaughtered for meat or superstitious medicine.

We seem to be sleep-walking towards a concrete jungle.

The seas and rivers are overfished, the natural world is built over.

It’s time to make clear lines of demarcation – 50% for us and 50% for the rest of the animal life.

It is almost too late.

Anthropocene Apocalypse – the Megafauna

GP elephant

The animals we have now are midgets compared to animals in the past. There used to be giant versions of nearly every animal – from tigers to beavers, mammoths to bears, deer to sloths.  They have all gone.

The megafauna have not become extinct due to natural causes. They were systematically hunted to death by man.

I was listening to a radio programme last week in which a palaeontologist was commenting that there was little fossil evidence for the arrival of man into the area. The first indications were the complete disappearance of all the megafauna.

We’ve already been responsible for the mass extinction of many of the world’s most incredible beasts. We are now busily working our way through what is left.

Unless governments act in unison and enforce the laws we will completely destroy the whole environment.

Is that the sort of world we want to live in?

Anthropocene Apocalypse – Machine gunning Rhinos and Elephants!

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Once upon a time we had the great white hunter tracking through the jungle with his entourage to fearlessly shoot the great beasts and display the gruesome heads so that all could admire his manliness. Not that there was much to admire.

But those days are long gone. Now they simply shoot the hapless creatures with machine guns and hack the tusks and horn from their dying bodies.

It is time the whole world turned against this cruel destructive trade.

It is time to track down and arrest the ivory carvers, the Chinese medicine practices, the racketeers, merchants, exporters, hunters and all who are involved in this cruel and utterly pointless exercise.

They are robbing all of us. They are robbing the world of its wonders.

Lock them up, confiscate all their ill-gotten wealth and eradicate this trade.

Featured book – Anthropocene Apocalypse – the blurb


For anybody who cares for nature this book is a must. This is written by somebody who loves animals in the wild and despairs at the degradation of the environment that he has witnessed first-hand in his life-time. You reel at the cruelty and thoughtlessness, the stupidity and crass superstition. You boggle at the numbers of this mad population explosion that is to blame. You can see the panic setting in as we career towards an inevitable human catastrophe.
Yet it is not all doom and gloom. The passion rips through your heart and the fury saddens you. But also in there is the ecstasy and love of the wonder that is this planet with its bountiful treasure-trove of nature.
We write so that it may not come true.
This book is not a mass of scientific facts or boggling information; it is one mans view from the vantage point of a long life of what is happening to this jewel of a planet.
It is also a book about hope; hope that we can use our intelligence to put a stop to this pollution and cruelty before it is too late. There are ways we can make it work. They are outlined. The way forward is clear.
All that is needed is the will to make it happen.
If you care about the planet you should read this. It will change your life. Hopefully it will also change the world for the better!

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Anthropocene Apocalypse:

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Featured book – Anthropocene Apocalypse – Index


I think the index gives you a bit of a clue as to the content.



Quote & dedication


My worst nightmare

My best outcome

The most likely scenario

The long term effects of the Anthropocene

The decline in British Wildlife

Extinction of Species – Zambia & Zimbabwe

Extinction of Species – Cambodia & Vietnam

Extinction of Species – North America

Good things

Deforestation & Extinction – Peru

Road Kill – Australia

Road Kill – America

Further adventures in Peru

Heading out of Lima to the Ballesteros Islands

The Nazca Lines and Lake Titicaca experience

The Colca Canyon and that condor moment

Species extinction – Tasmania

Deforestation in Britain & Europe

The China tiger

Britain in Shakespeare’s time

Wales and the brigands

Los Angeles Smog and mountains

The Chinese experience

Modern man

Deforestation of Tasmania

Deforestation in Vietnam

Alteration of climate due to global warming

The argument against the global warming deniers

World population

Safari in Zimbabwe and Botswana

Second safari in Botswana

Sadness on safari

Zambia and flying round the farm

Hull and Urbanisation

Los Angeles – a tale of urban sprawl

Chongqing City

A cat in the road

New research and new dangers

Nuclear disasters

Spanish Field trip

Portugal & the chameleons

Australian wonderland

More Australian wonders

The start of Greenpeace

Mass migration

Australia – still going

Uneducated education

South Africa and the Whale

India – a place like no other

Australia – Cairns

Road kill yesterday

Senseless death of the toads

The Animal House

Natural History Museum

Yellowstone Park

My Davies the Biologist & Mr Tranter the Rural Scientist

Nuclear dumps

Louisiana swamps

Australia and the ozone layer

Travelling around Scotland

Fracking, the Seven Estuary Barrier, Nuclear and Wind Farms

The decline in wild-life in Britain in my life-time


In Britain you can access my books on Amazon:


Anthropocene Apocalypse:

Kindle Edition
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In the USA:

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Anthropocen Apocalypse – Chilling confirmation!

The chilling news that is emerging about the state of the planet’s environment is confirming the message in my book the Anthropocene Apocalypse. Scientific evidence now shows that over the past four decades:

  • There has been a global 45% reduction in invertebrates
  • There has been a global 56% reduction in mammals
  • Human beings and their pets and livestock now make up 95% of all mammalian life
  • That the destruction of forests is unsustainable
  • The destruction of wild mammals is unsustainable
  • That fishing is unsustainable
  • That pollution is global
  • That global warming as a result of human activity is undeniable
  • That human overpopulation is the cause
  • That the population of humans is out of control and catastrophic

My book is a Biologists personal observations of the devastation we are causing globally and what we need to urgently do to put it right.

Please read it and help stop this destruction from taking place.