Anthropocen Apocalypse – Chilling confirmation!

The chilling news that is emerging about the state of the planet’s environment is confirming the message in my book the Anthropocene Apocalypse. Scientific evidence now shows that over the past four decades:

  • There has been a global 45% reduction in invertebrates
  • There has been a global 56% reduction in mammals
  • Human beings and their pets and livestock now make up 95% of all mammalian life
  • That the destruction of forests is unsustainable
  • The destruction of wild mammals is unsustainable
  • That fishing is unsustainable
  • That pollution is global
  • That global warming as a result of human activity is undeniable
  • That human overpopulation is the cause
  • That the population of humans is out of control and catastrophic

My book is a Biologists personal observations of the devastation we are causing globally and what we need to urgently do to put it right.

Please read it and help stop this destruction from taking place.

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