Anthropocene Apocalypse – Isaac Asimov’s vision of the Earth as a world of steel could be real.

Back in the 1950s Isaac Asimov wrote some brilliant Sci-fi books.

In his dystopian vision overpopulation had created an Earth that was so overpopulated that there were no longer open spaces. All the natural world had been destroyed. The whole Earth was one huge city. People lived in caves of steel. A number of other Sci-fi writers have painted similar visions of the future.

It all seemed very far-fetched and futuristic. It does not seem that way now. We appear to be sleep-walking into this nightmare.

My book ‘The Anthropocene Apocalypse’ illustrates clearly the rapid speed of this approaching nightmare. There is a mammalian holocaust as a result of the rapidly expanding population of humans. This has to be addressed urgently.

Please read my book and help change things. The solutions are explained.