Poetry – Humanz


The most stupid, intelligent animal on the planet,

Breeding in numbers exceeding the reasonable

And still increasing.

Hellbent on its own destruction.

Placing its efforts into selfish acquisition

Regardless of the results.

Like a bacterial scum

Spreading over the surface,

Digesting every living thing in its path;

An acid bath dissolving flesh;

A primate necrotizing faciitis of the animal kingdom;

A plague upon the earth.

The most stupid, intelligent animal on the planet.


Opher – 20.4.2020

Intelligence must involve the ability to look ahead and see the end result of our actions.

Seemingly we are not intelligent. We have a great deal of trouble seeing ahead. If we were able, we surely would not continue on this road of reckless stupidity.

We are spreading over the surface of the planet like a spilt acid – dissolving all nature in our path.

Poetry – Madness






                Forest fires,



                Population growth,


Who allows these leaders to get away with it?

Opher – 25.9.2019

Sometimes I think human beings suffer with mass insanity!

We elect psychopaths.

We do the most ridiculous, foolish things.

We are so cruel and thoughtless.

Poetry – Chimps with Large Brains

Chimps with Large Brains

Chimps with large brains

And capricious natures

Stomping across the world

With no limiting legislature.

Out of control;

Without limits or empathy;

And for the rest of nature

There’s no sympathy.

Clearing the land

Of all that has life,

To create a plastic jungle

Where only problems are rife.

What are we doing?

Creating such ruin?

Is there no way out of this cul-de-sac?

Is there no way back?

Opher – 29.4.2019

We might have large brains but we sure don’t always do things intelligently. We are our world’s worst enemy.

With burgeoning numbers and careless disregard we are leaving a heap of problems in our wake.

Have we the intelligence to put it right?

Poetry – How many trees?

How many trees?

How many trees does it take

To make a human being?

How many fields to fill our stomachs

So we can go on breathing?

How many creatures lie

Under our tarmac roads?

How many deaths will it take

Before the planet implodes?

Yes – how many trees does it take?

Opher 26.4.2019

There are currently approaching 8 billion of us on this planet and each one of us is busy consuming – consuming land, water, air, finite mineral resources and killing plants and animals. Just by living.

The planet is not infinite. It is a finite web of life – tenuous and fragile.

We are a catastrophe.

Poetry – Harbingers of Death

Harbingers of Death

We are the harbingers of death,

The purveyors of hate,

The disbelievers in life.

We mostly walk the earth

In benign denial.

We feign empathy and compassion

While disguising our true nature

Behind a veneer

Of civilised behaviour.

We sing, dance and love

And then we kill.

Opher 3.4.2019

Never has such a destructive species stalked this planet. The first sign of humans moving into a new area was always the extinction of all the megafauna. From giant otters, giant sloths, mammoths and daeodons there are so many fabulous creatures that modern people have never seen.

They no longer exist because we wiped them out. Behind the party going lover lies the mind of a callous killer.  

Poetry – Hardly Started

Hardly Started

We’ve hardly started

Yet we’re already near the end.

In no time at all

We’ve overrun the planet

With numbers out of control

We’re setting a vile trend.

We’ve set the world alight

And are continuing to fan it.

Opher – 4.11.2020

It looks like we could take ourselves out. We are a new species with a spectacular rise in numbers. We think we are so clever we set ourselves apart from all other life, put ourselves on a pedestal.

We’re in danger of knocking ourselves off (and take everything else with us).

When more intelligent creatures, in some future time, come to look at our legacy, they’ll find a layer of rock rich with our bones along with a dearth of other forms of life. We will have killed them all off.

They will see humans as just another monkey.

Our arrogance and greed will be our downfall.

Poetry – Nature and Me

Nature and Me

There’s land, sky,

The sea and me.

There are plants, animals,

And human beings.

We’ve become apart

For some reason.

Away from the patterns

Of the season.

No longer in harmony

With the cycle.

On our own –

The lonesome psycho.

We have to change

And get back in.

Without togetherness

There’s something lacking.

We have to dig deep

And always remember –

We’re part of it –

Just another creature.

Opher – 25.10.2020

Once we used to be in harmony with nature, living off the land in a sustainable manner. We were part of it and did not see ourselves apart. We did not arrogantly think of ourselves as being superior and apart. We were part of the cycle. We knew that we depended on everything.

When we started farming we grew apart. We began to see nature as being the enemy and waged a war against it – the weeds, the pests had to be destroyed, the predators eradicated. Nature had to be tamed; it was a nuisance.

Religion told us that we alone were special, that nature was there for us to be used and abused; we alone had souls. All life was put there for us.

We put ourselves apart.

We were no longer part of the harmonious cycle. We were special and all the rest of nature was inferior. We were god’s chosen, created in ‘his’ image.

What rubbish.

Poetry – Nature’s joke that backfired – a poem of hope and despair

beauty888 chimp ptg00402816 - Copy Chimp elitismstyle_chimpanzee dolphins dust_bowl_1 elephants african

Nature’s joke that backfired


I can’t help thinking that we are at a cross-roads. I feel as if we are poised in a moment. Ahead are two routes. We can keep on going or we can reassess and attempt to put things right.

As our numbers teem and our societies are still consumed with medieval superstition we can blithely go forward destroying all around us, or we can stop and take stock; we can take action to halt our burgeoning populations, put an end to the destruction of nature and try to forge a better future.

We have the capacity and intelligence. But it is pitted against the primitive lusts and enjoyment of pain and cruelty.

We have the science and technology but do we possess the will?

We are still ruled by primitive desires and blind irrational belief. We believe some fantasy figure has it all planned out and like superman will leap to our defence.

There is no superman. It’s time we grew up and sorted our problems for ourselves.

The road ahead looks bleak. The other road is strewn with flowers and the sound of nature.

Against the odds we naked apes, nature’s joke, have got this far. How much further?


Nature’s joke that backfired


Almost a joke among the trees on the grassy plains,

Standing naked in the ruddy dawn,

Striding out in packs to trap and snare

And drive away the fearsome beasts..

Against the odds they prospered.


A spark of wonder and a bag of lust;

Worshipping the unknown sun and moon

That sailed the sea of sparks and awe,

As camp-fire cinders soared into eternity,

They dared to dream.


Defending, defying and exploring,

As teeth chewed, minds churned

And thoughts pierced the mantle of reality

Illuminating the wonder of infinity

With exquisite curiosity.


Never prepared to sit and be content;

Obsessed with lust for power and invention,

Creative urge and complete control

Spawning figments of a fertile imagination

As they ventured forth.


Onto the endless shores of possibility,

Where all was achievable,

They gave full rein to their every desire

Creating majestic edifices and hell,

Flawed by a streak of cruelty.


Stained by a mean and vicious arrogance,

With the hard stare of brutality,

A heartless whiff of psychology.

We seek to dominate and destroy

For our enjoyment.


Yet still imbued with the possibility of greatness

With numbers so numerous

Teetering on the edge of the precipice.

A chasm so deep as to be buried forever

We vacillate.