Poetry – Nature and Me

Nature and Me

There’s land, sky,

The sea and me.

There are plants, animals,

And human beings.

We’ve become apart

For some reason.

Away from the patterns

Of the season.

No longer in harmony

With the cycle.

On our own –

The lonesome psycho.

We have to change

And get back in.

Without togetherness

There’s something lacking.

We have to dig deep

And always remember –

We’re part of it –

Just another creature.

Opher – 25.10.2020

Once we used to be in harmony with nature, living off the land in a sustainable manner. We were part of it and did not see ourselves apart. We did not arrogantly think of ourselves as being superior and apart. We were part of the cycle. We knew that we depended on everything.

When we started farming we grew apart. We began to see nature as being the enemy and waged a war against it – the weeds, the pests had to be destroyed, the predators eradicated. Nature had to be tamed; it was a nuisance.

Religion told us that we alone were special, that nature was there for us to be used and abused; we alone had souls. All life was put there for us.

We put ourselves apart.

We were no longer part of the harmonious cycle. We were special and all the rest of nature was inferior. We were god’s chosen, created in ‘his’ image.

What rubbish.

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