Poetry – Harbingers of Death

Harbingers of Death

We are the harbingers of death,

The purveyors of hate,

The disbelievers in life.

We mostly walk the earth

In benign denial.

We feign empathy and compassion

While disguising our true nature

Behind a veneer

Of civilised behaviour.

We sing, dance and love

And then we kill.

Opher 3.4.2019

Never has such a destructive species stalked this planet. The first sign of humans moving into a new area was always the extinction of all the megafauna. From giant otters, giant sloths, mammoths and daeodons there are so many fabulous creatures that modern people have never seen.

They no longer exist because we wiped them out. Behind the party going lover lies the mind of a callous killer.  

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