South Africa – white sand beaches, whale bones, rocks and dunes.

So fabulous to walk along the white sand beaches completely empty of people. The incredible sand dunes like snowdrifts under a hot sun, the warm sea, the bleached bones of a massive dead whale, flocks of sea-birds. Just us and nature.


Whaling is back on the agenda! The callous murder of such gentle, intelligent creatures! Please sign the petition!

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Please support Greenpeace in stopping this horrendously cruel activity. Whales are intelligent, gentle creatures. They do not deserve to be slaughtered in this agonising way!

Please help put a stop to this barbaric practice! Here’s the link to sign –

Anthropocene Apocalypse – the Rights of Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Whales?

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The Civil Rights battle is won. Human Beings are all one species and equal before the law in most countries. All that remains is to enforce the law, remove the vestiges of racism and establish true equality. There are still battles to be fought but the war is won.

What hasn’t yet been won is Rights for Primates and other sentient animals.

The primates (Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutangs, Gibbons and Bonobos) are our closest relatives. They are obviously intelligent, have advanced family structures and behaviour patterns and yet are still being treated like vermin. Their habitat is being destroyed by logging and they are being butchered for food, trinkets, medicine and to procure pets.

We need a world-wide Civil Rights movement for Primates. They are need to be afforded rights, protected and given land to live in undisturbed.

Another group of intelligent organisms are the whales, dolphins and porpoises. They have bigger and more complex brains than humans, a social structure, language and high intelligence yet they are still being barbarically gaffed and callously hacked and sawed to death in barbaric acts. They too need to be afforded rights as sentient beings and protected!

Now is the time to campaign for Animal Rights!!!