South Africa – Mandela, Wild Animals and Flowers.

There is something wonderful about seeing animals wild in nature. So enthralling.

South Africa – white sand beaches, whale bones, rocks and dunes.

So fabulous to walk along the white sand beaches completely empty of people. The incredible sand dunes like snowdrifts under a hot sun, the warm sea, the bleached bones of a massive dead whale, flocks of sea-birds. Just us and nature.


Anthropocene Apocalypse – Population explosion in Sub-Saharan Africa.

overpopIbadan-streets overpop108962722_jpg_CROP_rectangle3-large hipo elephant

Uganda is typical of African countries in the region. They are experiencing unprecedented population explosions. Uganda presently has a population of 27.7 million. But with an average birth-rate of seven children per mother this is predicted to double to 56 million by 2025. The populations of Chad, Mali, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Niger, Burundi and Malawi (all among the poorest nations on Earth) and predicted to triple by 2050.

“What’s happening is alarming and depressing,” said Jotham Musinguzi, director of the population secretariat in Uganda’s ministry of finance, pointing out the clear correlation between high fertility levels and poverty. “Are we really going to be able to give these extra people jobs, homes, healthcare and education?”

Not only does this create a cycle of poverty but has a huge environmental impact. The need for food water and land destroys the natural environment. The wild-life is slaughtered for food and to remove competition.

When the next drought or famine comes along there will be a massive human tragedy.

The huge numbers, for whom there is no room, facilities, education, food or work, will be looking to migrate to Europe to gain a better life.

The poverty and despair create religious fanaticism and war.

This is a disaster waiting to happen for these populations, the environment and the rest of the world.

Surely this is a priority? It needs addressing.

1200 desperate human beings drowned trying to escape to Europe! The tip of a huge catastrophe that is about to hit us all!

refugee-23 refugees 2 refugees

In the last few days over 1200 desperate people, including women and children, have drowned trying to escape Africa and seek sanctuary in Europe.

They are fleeing war, poverty, starvation, disease, unemployment and despair.

Who can blame them? If we were in their plight we would do the same.

It is better to risk your life in a rickety, overcrowded boat, for days at sea rather than stay in the country of their birth.

Unfortunately this is the direct result of political decisions, greed, foreign policy, selfishness and deliberate exploitation and is driven by ignorance.

Western wars in Libya, Despotic madness in Eritrea, the insane barbarity of ISIS, the lawless nightmare of Somalia, endless conflict in Palestine and the civil war in Syria have conspired to create desperation.

How much of this is due to direct Western policies? To overthrow Gadafi? Invade Afghanistan and Iraq? Allow the Palestinian situation to fester? Exploit Africa for cheap labour, oil and resources?

War, conflict and poverty create good business. You can sell lots of arms to all sides, exploit starving people for cheap labour, use the corruption in countries to gain land, resources and markets.

The wealthy like inequality. It creates better profits.

The powerful like conflict. They can set one side against another and sit back to watch them tear each other apart.

This world is being run for power and profit by people with vested interests. They are creating a powder keg of frustration, anger and resentment that is likely to explode in all our faces.

This is the tip of the ice-berg. The rampant population explosion in Africa is going to cause destruction and mayhem unless we deal with it quickly.

There are populations accelerating out of control; families of twelve or more children. There is starvation, war, disease and no jobs. What are they going to do?

It is obvious. They are going to try to get to somewhere that is safe, secure and with hope for the future. They will do anything to escape the butchery, disease and hopelessness.

As intelligent apes it is time we looked globally and took steps to sort this mess out. Opher has the answer:

  • Reduce world population substantially (birth control programmes, sickness benefit, old age pensions)
  • Stamp out corruption
  • Create a fair equal world where there s a fair distribution of wealth
  • Stop all wars through the United Nations intervention
  • Make health, clean water and sufficient food a right for everyone
  • Counter the religious madness that is causing war and 3encouraging people to breed like rabbits
  • Stop the greed and selfishness that is making many billionaires at the expense of millions
  • Bring in global standards to protect the environment, stop pollution and prevent people and multinational exploiting the weak

If we solve the problems on a global basis we will not have war, starvation, disease, overpopulation and unemployment that leads to mass migration.

If we do not tackle the overpopulation crisis and environmental disaster we will have a terrible future for everyone and every other living thing on this planet!

We need a fairer world!  Vote Opher for World Governor!