Anthropocene Apocalypse – Population explosion in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Uganda is typical of African countries in the region. They are experiencing unprecedented population explosions. Uganda presently has a population of 27.7 million. But with an average birth-rate of seven children per mother this is predicted to double to 56 million by 2025. The populations of Chad, Mali, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Niger, Burundi and Malawi (all among the poorest nations on Earth) and predicted to triple by 2050.

“What’s happening is alarming and depressing,” said Jotham Musinguzi, director of the population secretariat in Uganda’s ministry of finance, pointing out the clear correlation between high fertility levels and poverty. “Are we really going to be able to give these extra people jobs, homes, healthcare and education?”

Not only does this create a cycle of poverty but has a huge environmental impact. The need for food water and land destroys the natural environment. The wild-life is slaughtered for food and to remove competition.

When the next drought or famine comes along there will be a massive human tragedy.

The huge numbers, for whom there is no room, facilities, education, food or work, will be looking to migrate to Europe to gain a better life.

The poverty and despair create religious fanaticism and war.

This is a disaster waiting to happen for these populations, the environment and the rest of the world.

Surely this is a priority? It needs addressing.

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  1. I blame the nutters of god Roman Catholic missionary, that’s done a thoroughly good job of brain washing. I witnessed it first hand when I worked in Nairobi, the streets are packed with it’s converts praising the lord and hosanna. More worryingly, for those that have a job, 10% of their income is “donated” to the church, yet their preacher’s drive Mercedes Benz cars and children starve. Services are broadcast all Sunday on national TV, and their preachers spouting the utmost psycho babble make the likes of Jimmy Swaggart look like he’s just a trainee. It’s a cauldron of insanity.

    1. Quite agree. Though there is also that stupid attitude that ou’re not a man until you are churning out hundreds of kids. I hate that macho stupidity.

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