Poetry – Refugees and Ruins

Refugees and Ruins

Millions of refugees

                Desperately flee

                                On foot,

                                                By train, bus and car.



                                Of Russia’s

                                                Despotic Cazar.

They leave mass graves

                In their wake.

While maimed and broken

                In basements quake.

The Russian cannons roar

                And tenements crumble.

The voice of reason

                Lost in war’s evil rumble.

Putin and his Generals

                Should be in the front line.

If they were all wiped out

                Things might work out fine.

Millions of refugees

                Desperately flee

                                On foot,

                                                By train, bus and car.



                                Of Russia’s

                                                Despotic Cazar.

Opher -22.4.2022

It is almost inconceivable to me that in this modern age an army could invade another country and systematically reduce its cities to rubble, terrify millions and execute hundreds of thousands.

It is shocking to see the schools and hospitals deliberately targeted, the people hunted down, raped and coldly executed.

It is wicked to see the civilian houses intentionally destroyed.

What is worse is to hear the propaganda pouring out to justify this invasion with its wanton destruction and genocide.

The lies are the worst, poisoning minds, generating hatred and resulting in atrocities.

War reveals the worst of human nature.

We are the most depraved and vicious animals.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees – some random thoughts. What do you think?

It is obvious that we cannot allow an unrestricted stream of refugees and asylum seekers into the country.

We have to provide a mechanism to deal with this stream of people.

There are many reasons why we have such a large number of refugees (much of it due to our own fault):

War refugees (from Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and now Ukraine ….. wars that we created or sponsored);

Colonial refugees from the likes of China;

Political/Social refugees fleeing from tyrannical states from whom they might be persecuted, tortured or executed (for political, religious or social reasons – (such as being gay));

Environmental refugees fleeing countries suffering from intolerable heat, crop failures, drought etc.;

Economic refugees looking to move to a country that is more prosperous with more prospects for their family.

We have created a world that is hugely unequal. There are many reasons why that inequality has arisen – colonialism, conquest through war, economic exploitation, greed, privilege…… some of these issues are global. We have a wealthy, privileged class in most countries. These peoples’ greed means that they seize an enormous portion of the nations’ wealth resulting in mass poverty. Corruption in many badly run countries greatly exacerbates the problems.

In my view:

In the Short Term, we need a system to deal with this problem. Out of compassion, we need a system that provides sanctuary for certain people seeking asylum – historically we have always provided a safe haven for those persecuted people fleeing persecution. The criteria need to be legally described and a process put in place to apply these criteria fairly. I believe that has been done. Britain is a cosmopolitan, multiracial country and all the better for it.

We need to set up a rapid system where people awaiting processing can be properly housed and quickly processed.

We need to work with other countries (the EU and others) to enable all this to work smoothly.

We need to return unsuccessful applicants to the countries they came from.

In the Longer Term, we need to tackle the problems that are creating these huge migrations:

We need to put a stop to all wars!

We need to reverse global warming and climate change.

We need to provide global aid to all those suffering short-term catastrophes.

We need to reduce the world population so that we do not have massive population explosions that cannot be supported.

We have to reduce the obscene level of inequality so that we do not have these distressing levels of poverty and all people have a positive standard of living.

We need to globally address the environmental degradation that is leading to climate change and a crisis in biodiversity.

In my opinion:

Turning a blind eye to the situations we have created (through war, colonialism, exploitation and global warming) is immoral.

Trying to farm out the problem to other countries is immoral.

Sending refugees to some African state with very dubious human rights records (such as Rwanda) at huge cost is immoral.

Deliberately making it difficult to apply for asylum and making the process lengthy and difficult is immoral.

Deliberately creating terrible conditions for refugees (as a deterrent to others) is immoral.


This is a complex problem with no easy answers. Trying to sweep it under the carpet or using nasty tactics to dissuade refugees is not the answer.

17 of the ‘real people drowned while trying to reach a better future.

They are real people. They all had real reasons for having to risk their lives. They are not just ‘Refugees’. Who knows what terrors they were fleeing. They have families, friends ….. and they had a life with dreams.

I’m an atheist and I feel for them. It seems that many ‘religious’ people really don’t take on the message of their own religion.

Pics of 17 of the refugees drowned in the Med a few weeks ago. I think they deserve to be recognised and remembered as people rather than bedraggled bodies wrapped in rags washed up on a beach. Do pass it on.

I don’t even know what their names were. I’d list them if I could.

Poetry – We are all refugees

We are all refugees

We are all refugees,

Mutated chimpanzees,

Wandering afar

In search of better lands.

Exploring the earth in small bands.

Adventurous or fearful,

Curious or desperate,

Our reasons are disparate.

Tracking the herds

Through the seasons,

We all have our reasons.

Fleeing war or poverty

Desperate for a new start;

We appeal to you with all our heart.

We’ve left our homes

And all we own,

Our friends and family,

And throw ourselves on your mercy.

Once, maybe long ago, you were just like me –

A refugee.

Setting out on a fraught journey,

Seeking something better

For your family.

You settled here,

Worked hard and made it your home.

Now you want to be left alone.

But we have undertaken this flight

Out of necessity,

Seeking liberty and safety.

Look kindly on us and what we could be

For you were once just like me – a refugee.

Opher 22.6.2019

Nobody really owns the land. We are all passing though. We borrow it for a while.

None of us have a right to the land.

All of us, at some point in time, migrated out of Africa. Perhaps in search of better lives? Perhaps fleeing violence or starvation? Perhaps just curious and adventurous?

Long ago in the past we settled and set up home.

Now there are millions displaced by the ugliness of war or starvation, seeking escape, seeking a better life.

Do we drive them away? Do we ignore their desperation? Do we become tribal and harden our hearts? Do we address the causes of the problem – the climate changes, the wars, the poverty? Or do we lend a helping hand?

1200 desperate human beings drowned trying to escape to Europe! The tip of a huge catastrophe that is about to hit us all!

refugee-23 refugees 2 refugees

In the last few days over 1200 desperate people, including women and children, have drowned trying to escape Africa and seek sanctuary in Europe.

They are fleeing war, poverty, starvation, disease, unemployment and despair.

Who can blame them? If we were in their plight we would do the same.

It is better to risk your life in a rickety, overcrowded boat, for days at sea rather than stay in the country of their birth.

Unfortunately this is the direct result of political decisions, greed, foreign policy, selfishness and deliberate exploitation and is driven by ignorance.

Western wars in Libya, Despotic madness in Eritrea, the insane barbarity of ISIS, the lawless nightmare of Somalia, endless conflict in Palestine and the civil war in Syria have conspired to create desperation.

How much of this is due to direct Western policies? To overthrow Gadafi? Invade Afghanistan and Iraq? Allow the Palestinian situation to fester? Exploit Africa for cheap labour, oil and resources?

War, conflict and poverty create good business. You can sell lots of arms to all sides, exploit starving people for cheap labour, use the corruption in countries to gain land, resources and markets.

The wealthy like inequality. It creates better profits.

The powerful like conflict. They can set one side against another and sit back to watch them tear each other apart.

This world is being run for power and profit by people with vested interests. They are creating a powder keg of frustration, anger and resentment that is likely to explode in all our faces.

This is the tip of the ice-berg. The rampant population explosion in Africa is going to cause destruction and mayhem unless we deal with it quickly.

There are populations accelerating out of control; families of twelve or more children. There is starvation, war, disease and no jobs. What are they going to do?

It is obvious. They are going to try to get to somewhere that is safe, secure and with hope for the future. They will do anything to escape the butchery, disease and hopelessness.

As intelligent apes it is time we looked globally and took steps to sort this mess out. Opher has the answer:

  • Reduce world population substantially (birth control programmes, sickness benefit, old age pensions)
  • Stamp out corruption
  • Create a fair equal world where there s a fair distribution of wealth
  • Stop all wars through the United Nations intervention
  • Make health, clean water and sufficient food a right for everyone
  • Counter the religious madness that is causing war and 3encouraging people to breed like rabbits
  • Stop the greed and selfishness that is making many billionaires at the expense of millions
  • Bring in global standards to protect the environment, stop pollution and prevent people and multinational exploiting the weak

If we solve the problems on a global basis we will not have war, starvation, disease, overpopulation and unemployment that leads to mass migration.

If we do not tackle the overpopulation crisis and environmental disaster we will have a terrible future for everyone and every other living thing on this planet!

We need a fairer world!  Vote Opher for World Governor!