Poetry – A Letter

There is nothing more devious and nasty than the Tory Party. Wealth and power is all they care about. They’ll stab anyone.

A Letter

As May takes her leave

They’re lining up to deceive –

Tories on their ownsome!

Representing all the rich,

Stabbing at the bitch.

Playing with their Johnson!

And they’ll say the right things

As they wait in the wings,

But they’ll do the other!

As they play the hypocrite

To the ones who have no wit,

As if they were their brother!

And their stinking Tory rags

Of Public schoolboy fags

Will scream their torrid lies.

As they bastardise the truth

And hurl their abuse

At the ignorant and unwise!

For now the race is on

And the rules are all gone –

Their weapons bloody!

Cometh the hour;

It’s all about power

Forget the country!

They’ll pose and they’ll curse;

They’ll promise the earth,

But never mean it!

They’ll sell their souls

To gain votes in the polls,

Then contravene it!

For the many – not the few!

From their lips it will spew,

As they mirror Corbyn!

While stealing from the poor

And kicking in your door

Like a Lord a-robbing!

Hard Brexit they support,

With barely a thought

For the workers!

It’s all British grit!

None of your foreign shit!

For they’re a bunch of shirkers!

So on with austerity!

Stuff you and me!

It’s all about the bankers!

Zero hours and low pay

Is what’s coming our way

From the Tory wankers!

They’ve robbed your pension

With hardly a mention

And lowered your pay!

But the profit zooms

As the future looms

And the wealthy get their way!

As they privatise your school

And sell off your pool

To the highest bidding!

All their investor chums

Are sucking on their thumbs.

You must be kidding!

Never had it so good

In your neighbourhood

As they screw you over.

Soon you’ll pay to breathe

For freedom you will grieve!


                Your Tory lover!

Opher – 27.5.2019

I’m just listening in to May’s resignation speech and the early days of the Tory leadership challenge. I cannot believe the hypocrisy and lies.

May stood on the doorstep and lied. She said about building a country for everybody and not just the privileged – when she’s been presiding over an extreme manifestation of the NASTY PARTY which has hammered the poor, disabled, mentally ill and public servants – while failing to stem the tax evasion of the wealthy and giving away huge tax cuts to corporations and the rich.

Her ineptitude, incompetent, obduracy and plain nastiness shines through.

I don’t know about tears! I wonder how much true despair, anguish and suicide her callous policies created?

She thinks we are all stupid!

She was crying over her loss of power – not out of caring for anybody else!

This is the person who had created the culture of ‘Hostile Environment’ which resulted in the Windrush scandal, in which immigrants are hounded, abused and deported in the most callous and brutal manner. Innocent people who have lived and worked here all their lives are being kicked out to places they have never even visited. It is scandalous, cruel and unBritish!

What a nasty piece of work she is!

Poetry – Not in May

Not in May

May is not for May,

May is for June.

Come the summer

She changes her tune.

Ineptitude, incompetence

And deceit.

Lying through

Her very teeth.

A one nation party

Who hammers the poor?

As austerity bites,

Incomes go through the floor.

Arrogance and elitism

Are bred into the blood,

As they trample the rest

Of us into the mud.

The Tories created the problem

And helped it along,

With belligerence and stubbornness

They got it all wrong.

Now we’re wallowing in a

Right Tory mess.

Promising us nothing

And giving us less!

Opher 24.5.2019

Once again I have to listen to some female Tory Prime Minister telling her lies.

She loves the country – which country? Which people does she include in the ‘one nation’?

She’s been working for us all??? Really???

Certainly she’s not been working for most of us – not the poor who she’s been hammering throughout her tenure. Not the public servants, the nurses, teachers, doctors, police, army, social workers, youth workers, librarians, carers and council workers who she has robbed. Not the immigrants who she has blamed and harried. Not the ones out of work who have been cut to the bone. Not the homeless out sleeping rough. Not the ones using hostels and soup kitchens. Not those waiting in A&E. Not those murdered on the streets.

So who are included into this ‘one nation’? The bankers, the business magnates, the wealthy who shove their money off-shore? The celebrities? Or is it the media chiefs who have been pushing them like mad?

One Nation – I spit!!!

Poetry – Grip and Grin

I wrote this three years ago. The legacy of May’s disastrous ploy of going in with the ERG is that we’re left with Johnson and this bunch of rabid extremists busily robbing up, wrecking the country and putting their extreme policies into practice.

Grip and Grin

Grip and grin,

May does cling

As power drains away.

Desperate spin

Fighting for her skin –

Should have done it another way.

It’s too late!

She sealed her fate

By joining the wrong crew.

It’s time to go!

We all told her so

As the feelings grew and grew.

You’ve made the dough

For the boys you know –

Not for the many but the few.

You’ve not been great

We’re in a state

Your policies turned the screw.

So Theresa May

You’ve had your day

You’ve done more than enough harm.

Goodbye adieu

Your race is through

Good riddance to your charm.

Opher 11.12.2018

As the Tory Party allow the country to fall into decay with every single service in crisis and the economy shot, they use Brexit as the smokescreen.

It’s ideological mayhem.

I’m just glad that the end is in sight and we have a chance to get rid of both the obstinate loathsome May and her bunch of extremist dullards.

Poetry – Dead Duck

A poem from its time!

Dead Duck

Dead duck floating

Duplicity totin’

What a mess she’s made!

Arrogant May

Has had her day

Leaving Britain in the shade!

Party before sense

With outcomes immense

The whole country has been played!

Opher 5.12.2018

I am so furious with the Tory Party who have selfishly got us into this costly mess.

First Cameron and Osbourne playing with fire, Gove, Farage and Boris were power-mad twerps and then May putting her own lust for power before anything else.

They’ve bungled, botched and buggered the whole country.

They have cost us billions and put our future in jeopardy.

I am also furious with the Brexiteers who have voted for such a mess. Part of me wants a hard Brexit so that I can sit back and watch them bleat as the economy dips, their jobs go and their wages get slashed. But I have my children and grandchildren to consider and they don’t deserve this!

Let’s have another vote and salvage it!

Poetry – Dead as a Duck

I wrote this for the hapless Theresa May. She threw her lot in with the ERG and went for a hard Brexit instead of looking for a compromise that would have taken a majority with her.

By the time she realised they were a bunch of lunatics it was too late.

They used her and flung her aside. They had what they wanted – the hardest Brexit ever!

Silly May played the wrong hand and lumbered us with the clown Johnson, an extreme Brexit and the most extreme right-wing government we’ve ever had.

Dead as a Duck

They won’t support the vicar’s daughter

Theresa May is dead in the water!

The rabid right with have its way!

On your bike Mrs May!

Unleashing the dogs of Nationalism

Set free the terrors of tribalism.

Cameron and Osbourne put party first

Now the Right for blood does thirst!

They’ve torn the country from bow to stern.

They don’t care and don’t seem to learn.

Mogg and Boris with fight it out!

Power is what it is all about!

Mrs May you chose the wrong way!

Inclusive is best – you threw it away!

Appeasing the nutters was never gonna work!

They made you look like a complete berk!

So Theresa May you’ve had your day!

You’ve thrown the whole country into the fray!

We’re all to hell in a handcart!

Watch as they pull us all apart!

Tory fools what were you thinking?

What mad potions have you been drinking?

It was ideology over common sense!

We’ll all be paying in a lot more than pence!

So long Theresa May!

I can hear the dogs bay.

They’re coming to rip

They’re coming to tear

Mrs May – you’d better beware!

What have you done?

What have you all done?

Stupidity rules

While you’ve been having fun.

The EU was the Achilles heel.

On our future it’s put the seal!

Rosy spectacles and outdated views

Destroying Britain so we all lose.

Opher – 15.11.2018

Every political career ends in failure. We wish for some more than others.

Power is ephemeral. It soon ebbs away.

Some people are so obsessed with power that they would do anything to hang on to it. So much more addictive than any narcotic.

Goodbye Theresa May the rabid limpet.

Theresa May Clings like a Limpet.

Theresa May clings to the edge of the precipice like a desperate limpet. Behind her the storms are raging as the hard right, under the dastardly Davis, Fox and Rees-Mogg, plot to prise her fingers loose and toss her into the abyss. Gove struts around like a gleeful golem and the knives are being sharpened. On the moderate wing they are also sharpening their talons as they begin to wake up and enter the fray. They want an end to austerity and the future of the country put before dogma, they want an end to the public sector pay cuts and the economy put first in Brexit talks. Some even want the government to fall. The battle has begun and the pounding breakers will undoubtedly dislodge May. The fight will be bloody.

Meanwhile the country waits as the Tory party shapes up to tear itself apart. In the land of sanity, where power isn’t the only currency, everyone watches with horror as the country lurches into chaos and a floundering future. As the full impact of Brexit becomes clearer by the day and the massive cost of extricating ourselves from the treaties and collaborations becomes transparent, we are being cast against the rocks by power-mad politicians who put themselves and their party first.

There is money for the DUP bung but not for the nurses, teachers and other heroes. There is always money to prop up the dogma and lust for power. If it comes to tax cuts for the rich or the corporations they simply rob the poor, disabled and public servants. They disgust me.

What a farce. I hope that buffoon Boris, whose lies, got us into this mess and is already costing us dear, is ashamed. He jettisoned his own principles, reversed his position, knifed his colleagues, and put his own lust for power before the good of his country and the party.

Brexit is a disaster. It will prove the costliest mistake in the long history of Britain and hasten our demise as a world power and major economy. It has sold our children into an uncertain future. All for vain glory and a harking back to Dunkirk (another disaster) and a time that never was.

I just wish that Jeremy Corbyn, who will shortly be Prime Minister, will come to his senses and put a halt to the madness. Brexit is a mistake. It needs stopping. The cost, in so many ways, financial and an array of others, is far far too high.

Tories incapable of displaying a caring attitude!!

With the immense anguish and suffering of the people of the Grenville Flats it was paramount that our government displayed compassion.

Theresa May went down and met with the Fire Chiefs and avoided the public.

Jeremy Corbyn went down and met with the people, heard the anger, saw the grief and expressed his sympathy.

Enough said.

The New York Times sums it up – Brexit and Trump – the decline of two great nations.

Click on the headline to open the link. I would advise everyone to read the article. It sums up the dire situation we are in and the stupidity that has led us here. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see it clearly.

I’ll Tell You What I Want – What I really Realy Want!!

  • I want an education system that works for everyone, that is properly funded, with excellent motivated staff, good support and without all the distracting, expensive gimmicks of Free Schools (with unqualified Staff), Religious schools (separation and indoctrination), Grammar Schools (for the few at the expense of the many) and Academies (Political instruments for undermining Local Authorities).
  • I want an NHS that is properly funded, without nurses needing food banks, without doctors working long hours, without creeping privatisation and with motivated staff.
  • I want a police force that is well funded and puts police in the community to get a handle on terrorism and crime.
  • I want counter-terrorism well funded and working with the EU to solve the terrible scourge of ISIS and religious fundamentalism.
  • I want a Social Care system that cares for the elderly and disabled and doesn’t rob them of their savings.
  • I want a more equal society where globalisation and automation doesn’t create paupers out of the many and billionaires out of the few. I want a progressive taxation system that addresses that balance so that the rich contribute more.
  • I want public servants paid fairly for the hard work they do and not have their pensions slashed so that billionaires and multinationals and bankers and ex-chancellors can keep more of their ill-earned loot.
  • I want a fairer society that works for everyone!!!

All those things, in one of the world’s richest countries, are perfectly affordable.

Under the Tories we have had austerity for the majority while the rich have become inordinately richer. But then, that is what the Tory Party was founded for. That is what it always does. It robs the poor to give to the rich!!!


Mrs Wibbly Wobbly dodges Women’s Hour too!!

Not only does she duck the political debate but she ducks a major Radio show too and sends in her deputy – the loathsome Justine Greening (her who is overseeing Grammar Schools, Free Schools, Religious Schools and Academies – a bunch of expensive nutty gimmicks).

What is she playing at?

The invisible woman seems quite content to hide among friends and do the stage-managed events, knock on the supporters doors and take the easy root.

She puts herself up as the tough guy but she is running scared.

No direct debate with Corbyn.

No confrontation.

No difficult public programmes.

No public meetings that are not carefully vetted.

Caving in to her Right-wing.

More U-turns than Hitler had U-boats.

Tough?? Tough as a plate of jelly!!

She makes belligerent noises from the side to put the EU negotiator’s backs up and will cave in like a jelly with an elephant sitting on it.

What we need is a different tone. Corbyn will get it right and get us the best deal!!