Once Again Theresa May Puts Party Before Country!!

In order to hang on to the threads of power Theresa May is throwing more raw meat to the extreme right of her party in order to keep them on board. They only have to start baying for her blood and she folds like the jelly she is.

So now we are heading for a Hard Brexit despite the huge costs to the country. The obsequious Rees-Mogg, Fox and Davis call the tune. The Hard Right hold sway.

What a sad state of affairs. They make Cameron look liberal.

Brexit – Where are we now?

Brexit – Where are we now?

Well at the Brexit juggernaut trundles down the narrow country lanes following its out of date Satnav which now tells it it’s off the road and heading for a nonexistent destination it is time to ask where the hell are we.

So where the hell are we?

Nobody knows.

So perhaps it is time to look at what we do know.

  • Theresa May is in a blind panic trying desperately to cling on to power like a crushed limpet. Behind her the Tories are hopelessly split in two and pulling in different directions. As a Remainer, in order to gain power, she had to nail her colours to the extreme right of her party and she’s now stuck with them while the more moderate side are beginning to find their voice. She is so desperate to stay in power that she is actually pleading with Europe to give her a break – probably threatening them with Boris or Rees-Mogg if they don’t help her out.
  • The moderate Tories were ousted and jumped ship to take up highly lucrative jobs elsewhere and thumb their nose at the chaos they created.
  • We are negotiating a massive divorce bill that is large enough to make the eyes water and make all that extra money promised for the NHS look risible. We’re going to have to pay through the nose to get out.
  • We don’t know whether we want into the market or out – a hard or soft Brexit. Either way our economy is buggered.
  • Firms are already fleeing the country. The bottom has dropped out of the London housing market because of the tens of thousands heading across the channel taking the money with them. The future economic prospects look grim and our credit rating dropped.
  • The Labour Party is also split and can’t make up their mind. Corbyn hates Europe but can see that we’re buggered economically if we leave. The only ones making sense on Europe are the Lib-Dems and they’ll be lucky to make double numbers in the next parliament.
  • An army of bureaucrats and lawyers are gleefully pocketing huge sums of money as they pick their way through the complex legal frameworks that have become so interwoven with Europe that disentangling takes an army of ‘experts’ all paid for at tax-payers expense.
  • The economy is still flat-lining while the rest of Europe is beginning to forge ahead.
  • The pound has dropped through the floor making all imports more expensive so we’re paying more for most things and inflation is setting in.
  • David Davies is now taking a GCSE in negotiating skills so that he can learn the rudiments of how it’s done – seemingly shouting at foreigners and taunting them (a la Farage) is not working.
  • Hate crime has gone through the roof as the far-right groups have been emboldened by Brexit and Trump and feel it is now fine to display their xenophobia and racism.
  • We are regaled with nostalgia for the days of Empire when Britain was Great in an age of wonder that never was. My Mum talked of those terrible times with families starving, sewn into their clothes for winter and going to school, in classes of fifty plus, with rags tied round their feet in the snow because they couldn’t afford shoes. Some great times they were. No NHS, low wages, extreme poverty and toffs in mansions. Is that where we’re heading? Aah but at least we have the resolute Dunkirk spirit and know how to handle a Blitz.
  • The country is divided like never before with both sides stridently entrenched and unwilling to listen to the other side’s arguments at all. Reason has gone out the window. There is no rational debate. This is partisan politics; it’s emotional not cerebral. All that is important is that they win at all costs. What happens to the country or future generations is immaterial. We hear about derogatory shouts of brainless Brexiteers and Remoaners but nobody is taking an intelligent, objective look at the mess.
  • There is a huge mass of intricate cooperative legislation and institutions that now need teasing apart and nobody has a clue how it is going to be done or how much it will cost to do it and what it will look like when it’s done. We don’t know if the planes will fly, if the environmental protection will continue, what trade will take place, the antiterrorist cooperation will continue, the atomic energy will work, the migrant workers can get in, the human rights legislation will be in place, the workers’ rights will be protected, farm subsidies, Interpol, treaties, joint projects, science funding, the European funding of projects for deprived areas, the rights of our EU citizens living in the UK or UK citizens living in Europe, visas, borders, passports, customs and a thousand other things. It’s a complete shambles. Presumably there are people working on all this. All I know is that it is not going to be cheap. We’ll have to reinvent a lot of it, negotiate with Europe for a lot, set up huge amounts of infrastructure, employ tens of thousands of people doing more bureaucratic rubbish and at the end of the day everything will be worse, harder, slower and more costly. I do know they are putting into place huge car and lorry parking near the ports because they are expecting massive delays.

When the dust has settled and we are out of Europe, in whatever form that takes, all I know is that we will be poorer, as a society we will be worse off emotionally, and the gleeful nationalists who sparked this all off will have made a killing and be sitting pretty.

As Laurel and Hardy were prone to saying – “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”

Brexit – the view of a friend of mine who is distraught by the ethos of Brexit.

She put these heartfelt words together to explain why she feels so utterly devastated by this decision:

On the day it becomes clear the UK is heading for a hard Brexit I wonder how many families in the U.K. are feeling like mine? How many families regret Britain’s rejection of Europe, its cultural home? How many people abhor the fact that immigration in this country is seen as a more important issue than prosperity and opportunity for future generations?

My British born parents had four grandchildren. Here are their global stories and this is why today I feel utter despair. My parents’ grandchildren have used the world to make their way forward in life. Yet in 2017 at the age of 70, I look at my own four much loved grandchildren and fear for their future.

My parents’ eldest grandchild married an American. This couple lived in India for several years. Their first child was born in America, their second in Germany where they lived for 10 years and where their two bilingual daughters were educated in German speaking schools.

The second grandchild has a partner who was born in South Africa and now lives in the U.K.

The third grandchild married an Italian whom he met when she was on Erasmus at University here. They live in England, have two bilingual children who were born in Italy and have dual nationality.

The fourth grandchild after travelling the world married an Englishman whose brother and Irish partner live in Australia and Aunt and family live in Spain.

To a family like mine immigration isn’t a problem. The world is there for the taking. I have no idea what nationality my two Gt nieces are. To me they are citizens of the world with an English father, an American mother with one child born in the US and one born in Germany. They now live in England. What does their citizenship mean to me? Their citizenship to me means that these two refreshingly, well – travelled, intelligent youngsters have adopted the very best of European and American culture with an Asian influence.

Theresa May I cannot understand why after supporting Remain you are denying these wonderful opportunities that have enriched the lives of my family to others. You are putting up barriers between nations. You are making it harder for future generations to move around the world as freely as we have had in recent years. You are encouraging hate in the populace by following discriminatory policies against EU citizens living and working here.

Surely the reason we have had immigration was an indication our economy was thriving? That the very best academics in Europe saw “Cool Britannia” as the place to be when it came to Research and Development. It was also a reflection that our population is ageing and we needed more people in our work-force doing the jobs rejected by indigenous British.

A hard Brexit is a road to tragedy, a road to lost opportunities and to a poor future. To me and my family it is devastating where the opportunities of cultural diversity are so apparent.

Thank you Cathy

Brexit does not mean Brexit! Let Parliament decide! That’s Democracy! So Democracy or Tyranny?

Brexit means Brexit.

What a stupid thing to say!

Just as there were a whole range of reasons in peoples minds for voting to get out of the EU there is a spectrum of ways of going about it.

The two ends of the spectrum are:

A soft Brexit – in which we break ties with the EU but stay in the European Market.

Or a Hard Brexit – in which we break all ties with Europe.

Theresa May is assuming that the British people voted for a complete break. That is rubbish. The question was never put to them. She is making gross assumptions. I am convinced that the vast majority of people in this country do not want to completely break the country financially, throw away their grandchildrens’ future in the process and cut themselves off from European culture.

The cost of a soft Brexit (according to treasury estimates) will be around a staggering £116 Billion. The cost of a hard Brexit will be double that – 8% – an eye-watering £232 Billion. It sure makes our £8.5 Billion contribution look miniscule. So much for extra cash for the NHS – £350 million a week. What a lie! I know who will be the ones suffering! It won’t be the bankers!

The country was duped and voted out. I am sure that a good percentage of the Brexiteers consider the cost (socially, culturally and financially) worthwhile. I know a lot more will think it a hard Brexit is not what they voted for.

We have voted. We are going out of Europe. I personally think that is a disaster but democracy has spoken.

However – how we go out is yet to be decided and I am not in favour of a hard right government, with the likes of Fox, Davies and May, taking us on a path to ruin.

I want democracy – I want the sovereignty of parliament to vote and decide which deal we go for. That is democracy. The opposite is tyranny!