Brexit – the view of a friend of mine who is distraught by the ethos of Brexit.

She put these heartfelt words together to explain why she feels so utterly devastated by this decision:

On the day it becomes clear the UK is heading for a hard Brexit I wonder how many families in the U.K. are feeling like mine? How many families regret Britain’s rejection of Europe, its cultural home? How many people abhor the fact that immigration in this country is seen as a more important issue than prosperity and opportunity for future generations?

My British born parents had four grandchildren. Here are their global stories and this is why today I feel utter despair. My parents’ grandchildren have used the world to make their way forward in life. Yet in 2017 at the age of 70, I look at my own four much loved grandchildren and fear for their future.

My parents’ eldest grandchild married an American. This couple lived in India for several years. Their first child was born in America, their second in Germany where they lived for 10 years and where their two bilingual daughters were educated in German speaking schools.

The second grandchild has a partner who was born in South Africa and now lives in the U.K.

The third grandchild married an Italian whom he met when she was on Erasmus at University here. They live in England, have two bilingual children who were born in Italy and have dual nationality.

The fourth grandchild after travelling the world married an Englishman whose brother and Irish partner live in Australia and Aunt and family live in Spain.

To a family like mine immigration isn’t a problem. The world is there for the taking. I have no idea what nationality my two Gt nieces are. To me they are citizens of the world with an English father, an American mother with one child born in the US and one born in Germany. They now live in England. What does their citizenship mean to me? Their citizenship to me means that these two refreshingly, well – travelled, intelligent youngsters have adopted the very best of European and American culture with an Asian influence.

Theresa May I cannot understand why after supporting Remain you are denying these wonderful opportunities that have enriched the lives of my family to others. You are putting up barriers between nations. You are making it harder for future generations to move around the world as freely as we have had in recent years. You are encouraging hate in the populace by following discriminatory policies against EU citizens living and working here.

Surely the reason we have had immigration was an indication our economy was thriving? That the very best academics in Europe saw “Cool Britannia” as the place to be when it came to Research and Development. It was also a reflection that our population is ageing and we needed more people in our work-force doing the jobs rejected by indigenous British.

A hard Brexit is a road to tragedy, a road to lost opportunities and to a poor future. To me and my family it is devastating where the opportunities of cultural diversity are so apparent.

Thank you Cathy

96 thoughts on “Brexit – the view of a friend of mine who is distraught by the ethos of Brexit.

  1. Obviously poor old confused Cathy isn’t the brightest spark in the box.
    I’m delighted to know her parent’s 4th grandchild (her parent’s?!) married an Englishman who has a brother in Australia and an Aunt in Spain.
    What has any of this got to do with anything?

    Her laughable confusion over some music journalist’s jingoism as in 1990s “Cool Britannia” – how did this get mixed up with academics?

    I suppose this is a good example why we need primary care mental health workers out in the community. There are a lot of people like Cathy struggling.

    1. Always good to hear your uncaring belittling of anyone who doesn’t share your views Andrew. It illustrates the callous arrogance of Brexiteers rather well.
      The idea of today’s focus was to help people understand how others feel. But you are not interested in that at all are you? You have your view and cannot see anybody else’s position at all. What they feel is of no consequence to you. That is part of the problem. The Remainers, like me, do not wish to be associated with this rather unpleasant arrogance that is exhibited by such a demeaning paucity of spirit inherent in many nationalistic right-wingers.
      What you say and the way you say it is all too reminiscent of the mean-mindedness of Farage.
      I know Cathy very well and can assure you that there is nothing wrong with either her intellect, education, mental state or compassion. I’m sorry you simply don’t get it at all. Perhaps that is not so much Cathy’s problem as your inability?

      1. If you care to actually read what I said above, you will not find any callous anything. I suggested she needed help.
        I recognised she needed help, which is a fucking long way from where you were coming from. You wanted to use and abuse this women’s fragile mental health as ammunition for your argument.
        How low are you prepared to go to in order to prop yourself up?
        That was a cheap shot at the expense of the vulnerable and you disgust me at times.

        I understand your motive Opher,
        What I don’t understand is why you have chosen to forward the views of somebody who obviously is in a bit of emotional distress. Distress that perhaps may not be manifested solely by the subject of Brexit. I think she has other mental health issues as it’s evident that she is not entirely rational.

      2. That is pathetic Andrew. Cathy is a very good friend of mine – an intelligent caring, highly qualified person – not to be disdainfully written off as some vulnerable woman with mental health problems. That’s sexist, arrogant garbage. She is perfectly rational and reflects the views of millions of other intelligent people who despair at the callous arrogance of Brexiteers who do not care. It’s a shame that you are unable to understand.
        Where you are coming from is complete bullshit. You should be ashamed.

      3. How is it pathetic when the only thing that is evidently pathetic here is her state of mental health.
        What’s sexist about it?
        Are mental health issues governed by one’s sex?
        Is this what you suggesting?
        Either way, I reckon you’re slightly off with any rational thought here.

        Perhaps you can enlighten us all with some help and guidance with her “perfectly rational” comments regarding her parent’s 4th grand child’s partner who is English, having a brother in Australia and an Aunt in Spain.
        Please do so with a straight face. I bet you can’t!

        Do the woman a favour, Opher, and get in touch with Social Services.

      4. No the thing that is pathetic is your rudeness and the utter stupidity of your comments. You come out with a stream of utter crap; talking as if you can diagnose someone’s mental health from their writing and then using an arrogant attack on them to deflect from any of the real issues. It is a standard tactic of yours. You have three main ones:
        a. belittle and abuse the person’s character so to not address the substance
        b. Deflect on to minor issues to take the discussion away from the original issues
        c. Come out with a string of accumulated ‘facts’ as if they are the be-all and end-all of all discussion

        I have you completely sussed Andrew. You are transparent. But good entertainment.

        Hence all these accusations of childishness and admonitions to grow up coupled with abuse. That is a childish response.
        I would suggest that it is you that needs to grow up. Put aside all these silly abusive put-downs and address the issues in a mature adult way – discuss and put your knowledge to effect rather than tantrums, expletives and rants. You tell me you held down a responsible post – not if you behaved in this manner you didn’t. I think you were lying about it. Nobody with such lack of control could command respect. If you treated your staff in anything like the manner you use on here they would either mutiny, laugh in your face, snigger behind your back or smack you one. End of.

      5. Opher, you are so far behind me that the only thing you have sussed is that you are still behind me.

        I’m sorry about your woman friend.
        She’s obviously not very well.
        Please try and help her rather than using her as a donkey’s ass for other people’s amusement.
        I’m sorry that the thought had never previously occurred to you that the women’s comments might shed some light on her mental health. Quite how you fail to see that she is in difficulty is remarkable.

        I’m not one for laughing at the afflicted and I had expressed by concern for her well being quite demonstrably.
        Obviously my comments may not suit your original intentions or agenda, suffice to say that was perhaps an oversight on your part.

        I think it’s you who has shown the utmost of immaturity here and despite my protestations to the contrary, you are intent of making a further fool of the lady by standing by her, exclaiming that there is nothing what so ever wrong with her.

        What’s actually at the bottom of all this, is ignorance, Opher.
        In the woman’s opening paragraph, she asks the question “How many families regret Britain’s rejection of Europe, its cultural home?”
        Can we stop right there and rewind = “it’s cultural home”!
        Sorry, but is this woman buttoned up the back?
        What cultural home do we have in Europe?
        We have 28 countries in the EU, that’s 28 different cultures.
        Where is this singular entity that Britain is affiliated with.

        She obviously doesn’t have a clue about immigration laws and rights for foreign nationals married to British nationals.
        These laws and rights never did have anything to do with the EU, and to suggest that they would not exist without the EU is utter bullshit. Leftist, scaremongering, ignorant bullshit.

      6. Obnoxious, arrogant and stupid as usual Andrew.
        I take offense at your rudeness. If we are talking mental illness I think there are obvious conclusions one could make about your own state of mind.
        We are obviously culturally European. Get real. The English language is a hybrid german/Danish with smattering of Dutch French and Celtic. We are settled from the continent – German, Norwegian, Italian, French – do I really need to go on?
        You talk utter silliness with a foul mouth.

      7. Opher,
        Look what you wrote!
        All I did was bring to your attention that I didn’t think the old lady was very well and needed help.
        “Obnoxious, arrogant and stupid as usual Andrew.
        I take offense at your rudeness. If we are talking mental illness I think there are obvious conclusions one could make about your own state of mind.
        We are obviously culturally European. Get real. The English language is a hybrid german/Danish with smattering of Dutch French and Celtic. We are settled from the continent – German, Norwegian, Italian, French – do I really need to go on?
        You talk utter silliness with a foul mouth.”

        This? coming from a semi-educated, left-wing, working class, under-paid, little oik like you?
        Opher, your lack of knowledge of anything to do with the EU is nothing short of fucking laughable.
        You NEVER lived there. You NEVER worked there. You NEVER did business there. You sat on your fat arse in Hull and talked about it. What personal experience qualifies your opinion? You haven’t got any qualifying attributes.

        We are NOT obviously culturally European.
        There are many, many examples of differences.
        What we do have is an insidious generalisation and dumbing down process taking place in many of our cities where the social norms have been stripped down to that level of the lowest common denominator. Sometimes that LCD factor are immigrants that have marauded an entire area or town, such as Luton.
        We have nothing like enough European culture present in our society for you to make such bullshit claims.
        We all too often are made aware of beliefs possessed by people who have very little idea of what the EU is about.

        Just the way we lead our very basic day to day lives is indicative of many differences.
        One of the most obvious is:
        We do not work 6 days a week.
        We do not operate with just one day off from work per week.
        We have a completely different legal system.
        We have a completely different legal system for cases going to trial.
        We have different laws regarding criminality.
        We have different transport regulations.
        We have different road regulations.
        We have different rules and regulations regarding the purchasing of property.
        We have different rules and regulations for building.
        We have different rules and regulations regarding Limited Company law.
        We have different laws regarding criminality charges appertaining to perceived fraudulence under Ltd Company law.
        We have different licensing laws.
        We have different licensing regulations where we have very severe restrictions.
        We have different drug laws.
        We have different distribution of drug regulations.
        We have different entertainment laws.
        We have different public gathering laws and restrictions.
        We have different regulations regards opening times of public offices.
        We have different regulations regards access to public information.
        We have different rules regarding education.
        We employ a different time-table regarding education.

        There are a million and one different aspects to how the UK compares to the EU, and anybody who thinks the similarities are of no consequence is nothing short of ignorant.

        Who cares where exactly bits of our language came from.
        You’ve only just scratched the surface with where you think the origins of our language come from. But history was never a strength of yours.
        Our language makes no difference to us, and its us that expect other Europeans to learn English, because we have little interest in learning any of their languages.

      8. Our culture is and always has been European. There are many differences between countries and cultures. But the over-riding culture is European. That is obvious to any fool.
        For someone who claims to have lived in Asia I am amazed that you didn’t see it. Living in America brought it home to me. We share a language but we have far more in common with Italy Germany and France than we do with American culture.
        I do not know the laws relating to who stays and goes, who has citizenship and who doesn’t. I haven’t looked into it. But that letter was written by someone who probably has and is scared silly by what is happening.
        Why have you so little empathy and compassion? Why always so abusive and nasty?

      1. I did attack the argument. You just conveniently chose to ignore that.
        Anything and everything you don’t like, agree with or simply don’t know about you chose to ignore.

      2. Ah, I see you’re back Safar.
        Tell me, did you ever get anywhere in relation to finding out a bit more about Jo Cox?

        I’d be interested in any further conclusions that you may have drawn there.

      3. To me, you formed the conclusion based on the following propositions: the use of personal experience to express her dismay at the handling of Brexit, has complex family ties, and perhaps used a cultural reference out of context are symptoms of mental illness and needs help. Because of this, what she has to say about how she feels is to be discounted. The reason I’ve stopped responding to what you say is that you do resort to personal attack. Similarly you accused my readers of showing signs of feeblemindedness for following a mindfulness suggestion arising from a different cultural perspective. A psychoanalyst might suggest that you are projecting.

        “Ah, I see you’re back Safar.
        Tell me, did you ever get anywhere in relation to finding out a bit more about Jo Cox?

        I’d be interested in any further conclusions that you may have drawn there.”


      4. No Safar, you’re getting far too deep and complex and looking for an analysis that really doesn’t exist.
        Basically, having read what I read, I simply thought the person wasn’t in the best of mental health. And I said as much. Period.
        However, given that the old lady is a friend of Opher’s, apparently she was supposed to given an elastic amount of reverence, that wasn’t forthcoming from myself. Opher took that very personally indeed. Tough, too bad.
        I couldn’t care less who she is. She still needs help regardless.

        My reference to Jo Cox was to do with a previous post that you had made a week or two ago, where you had used Jo Cox as some form of back-up to a point you were making.
        I had suggested that you should find out a bit more about Cox and some subsequent events and perhaps you might think twice about using her name as any kind of example in future.
        But obviously you didn’t bother to do so otherwise you wouldn’t be asking now.

      5. Sorry Andrew, but I’m with Opher, your comments on this thread are completely out of order. I happen to feel that a blog is like someone’s home and they at least deserve respect from visitors they entertain. As for Jo Cox, I appear to have missed the thread and apologise if so. However, I’ve only ever expressed the impact her death had on the community in which I live. Fate had it that I crossed paths with her twice. The seriousness of the event isn’t diminished by her past.

      6. No Andrew – I simply don’t like rudeness. You demonstrate a remarkable lack of empathy or compassion. Your comments were rude and totally out of order, and wrong.
        Cathy certainly has no lack of intelligence or problems with her mental health. I suggest you learn to adopt a more civilised manner.

      7. I don’t agree with you at all. I really couldn’t care less what the woman thinks. I thought she was ill. Apparently she isn’t.
        I refuse to engage in any bleedin’ broken hearts club like you people are doing.

        It’s worth a look into some of the other aspects of the Cox case.

      8. You can’t justify cold, heartless rudeness, lack of compassion, lack of empathy, lack of understanding and a nasty streak. You reveal your inner self every time you write. It is not so much why we have pot-washers (done that job) and billionaires – it is why we have tyrants, genocidal maniacs, psychopaths and victims.

      9. I must be ill too, as I am completely unable to comprehend why you don’t see that an apology is the appropriate response here. But then again, I’m proud to have a heart, although I’m fairly sure it’s not bleedin’ broken. I wish I could love and care as much as Cathy does for her family.

        Over and out.

      10. I don’t think you are ill, Safar.
        Just a little too easily led and too cozy in the belief that what you get told is what you should believe.
        Hence, why I suggested it would be a good idea to delve further into Cox and her White Helmet activities.
        And the activities of the White Helmets.
        And maybe also some of the reports from witnesses to her murder that were not reported at the time. And maybe also a look at the legal process that unfolded thereafter and who was behind it and what it entailed. Etc, etc.

    2. Opher, you’re some guy, all cock-sure’d, but doesn’t actually know what the actual rules of UK residence are.
      That’s remarkable.

      Opher, you said, quote:
      “Our culture is and always has been European. There are many differences between countries and cultures. But the over-riding culture is European. That is obvious to any fool.”

      Opher, quite obviously you have never been to most of the EU in the last 20 years or so.
      Just because you visited your son playing rugby in Holland for 2 days, as you previously made a point of mentioning, doesn’t really add up to much experience of or knowledge of European culture.
      One of the many major differences can be found within our food.
      And one thing you know very little about is foreign food.
      This is of course was one of my principle vocations in my working life and I sit here for the rest of my life talking about the cultural difference between our food habits here in the UK, versus those of the other 27 nations in the EU. But that would be boring, even for me.
      We have in some cases extreme differences of cultural issues from the majority of Eastern Euro countries. We could not possibly bring many of them into our culture.
      Unless of course, one relishes the opportunity of eating Horse Penis for their Sunday roast.
      I’ll refrain from describing what they do with the testicles as there maybe a female or 2 reading this.
      I wouldn’t recommend it.

      You also said, quote:
      “For someone who claims to have lived in Asia I am amazed that you didn’t see it. Living in America brought it home to me. We share a language but we have far more in common with Italy Germany and France than we do with American culture.”

      Asia has got nothing to do with it.
      I was in Asia for 9 years, Opher. I got it. Trust me, I got it.
      What you know about Asia, I could write on the back of a postage stamp.
      You obviously know very little about Italy, Germany and France.
      We have vast cultural differences from all three of these nations.
      Just as one example – where in the UK can you walk into a bar at 2am and buy yourself a drink?

      You also said, quote:
      “I do not know the laws relating to who stays and goes, who has citizenship and who doesn’t. I haven’t looked into it. But that letter was written by someone who probably has and is scared silly by what is happening.
      Why have you so little empathy and compassion? Why always so abusive and nasty?”

      I doubt they very much that they do know about the laws of rights of residence, otherwise they wouldn’t be bleating on lika a lost sheep.
      It is unfortunate that you don’t in fact know anything about them either, which doesn’t exactly give you much credibility towards the point of exchange.
      How can you be expressing suck cock-sure’d diatribe when you are not familiar with what is quite basic stuff such as this.
      Why don’t you know about this?
      That’s pathetic that you don’t, isn’t it?

      I think I made myself clear from the beginning that I felt she needed some help. That was n’t being either abusive or nasty.
      That element was all of you own doing.
      You took exception because this lady is apparently your friend.
      Does that make her statement different? Does she get special dispensation for being your friend.
      I couldn’t care less who she was, she still needs help as she is obviously psychologically damaged.

      1. Being born here of UK parents I’ve never had the need to check out the vagaries of law regarding rights of residency unlike the EU workers who have lived here most of their lives and are now filled with fear and dread. I acan understand that all too well even if you can’t.
        I could fill a book or two on the differences but I was focussing on the overriding culture. We are and always have been European.
        You should read what you write – accusing people of being mentally ill just because they are emotionally upset over Brexit is abusive. It is a rather unpleasant way of avoiding the real issues – attack the person.
        Not a nice trait.

      2. Being born wherever, is no excuse for ignorance.
        If you don’t know, then bloody well find out before making abusive remarks towards others.

        Why are EU residents filled with fear and dread?
        It’s tin-pot little Hitler’s like you left-wing idiots all shouting nonsense that’s left some people with perhaps a few questions. But there is certainly no concrete evidence. Nobody has to leave except illegal immigrants, those who sneaked in under false pretenses, and those who will be automatically deported come term end of their imprisonment.
        Other than that, nobody.

        I doubt very much if you could come up with very much of a list of the differences, simply because you don’t believe that there are many, therefore, how the hell would you be equipped to identify them.?
        Where would you know where to look?
        Would you have to see them with your own eyes?
        I think you would seriously struggle.

        We have not always been European.
        You obviously don’t know enough about the UK!
        FFS, only a fucking moron would have said what you just said.
        The only thing we have in common with most of EU – I can’t speak for a few States as they are somewhat backward – is we don’t eat children.
        Other than that, the differences begin to appear from one to countless thousands.

        I didn’t attack the person, Opher.
        I actually identified a need. It’s called Pro-Action.
        You look into a matter and deal with it before it rears its head. Quite obviously the lady needs help.
        That is not anything other than a statement of fact.

        Unlike yourself who majored in Re-Action, whereby you looked back at past mistakes and tried to figure out how to not make that mistake again and to involve all the people who had been involved in any such misunderstanding to understand the consequences of their actions upon others.
        That method was seldom of much use in my business life.
        We were always ahead of the state of play, therefore, Retro-Active management principles were seldom applied.

        It’s a bit like what you’re doing here right now.
        You are making complaint out of something that you should have seen staring you in the face long ago.
        That’s Retro-Active.
        I really cannot recommend it, Opher.

      3. Perhaps Andrew, as was intended with the post, you should listen to the genuinely concerns of extremely worried people. Even if you don’t agree you can at least understand why they are feeling so upset and frightened. But no. You have to go off on one and come out with abuse and claptrap. Now we find, as per usual, that you are the definitive expert on this as with everything else.
        Perhaps you could use your wonderful, perfect expertise and knowledge to help people and solve some of their worries?
        But no.
        You are really wanting them all kicked out. There is no empathy or compassion. Just the same selfishness and self-centred ego.
        I suspect that the people in the maelstrom of this uncertainty know a bit more about the reality of deportation than you do. They are the ones threatened.

      4. Don’t be thick you stupid little leftist trash fuckwit, I’m absolutely not racist.
        This is exactly what I was saying about you lot earlier.
        You do it all the time.
        When the shit hits the fan for them, they play the victim card.
        Out comes all the ‘ist’ and ‘ic’ shit.
        The only victims are themselves and their horrid socialism.
        Retarded fucking knuckle-draggers.

      5. No there’s none at all.
        And if you think there are that is because you don’t actually know what a ‘knuckle-dragger’ is.
        Which obviously gives you a problem…

      6. You really do have a problem but are too narrow minded to even begin to realise what it is.
        Basically, I couldn’t give a toss what this person, this supposed friend of yours thinks. It’s not my problem that they are insecure and have a fragile yet fertile imagination.
        They probably feel the same about a whole host of other things going on in their lives, too.
        The reason that people like this are upset is because of people like you. Immature people like you that have been feeding them all these fear factors.
        Go figure…

      7. or could it be that decent peoplrare angry, frightened and worried because people like you are condoning the arrogance, lies and reckless behaviour of a man who is shaping up to be a tyrant?

      8. Wrong subject matter, Opher.
        This is about Brexit….not Trump.
        It’s really no wonder that your friend is so confused if she’s been given information by yourself.

      9. I got that the instant I read her.
        And she, as well as yourself, has completely forgotten about why the situation spiraled out of control in Europe.
        Coupled with her exclamation about May “denying these wonderful opportunities” – when in fact, May hasn’t done anything of the sort.

        Your friend, she’s got different perspectives and priorities alright, Opher.
        Her own. Just her own.

      10. Even a knuckle-dragging Cretin could think, too.

        I wouldn’t put too much on your belief of millions.
        There’ll be very few like yourself, who would be unable to (given what they know) not hate Hitler.
        I don’t think too many people, least of all millions, would actually need to meet and greet Hitler, to form the opinion that they did in fact hate him for what he did and for what he represented.
        You expressed that because you did not meet him, you therefore, could not hate him, which indicates some really deep rooted psychological issues of some sort.
        Particularly given the hysterical rant that you repeatedly expose regarding Trump.

        Last night they showed the biopic film about the makers of the Adolf Eichmann Trial.
        You would have remained entirely unmoved because you didn’t actually get to meet the man in person who conceived of the transportation of six million to death camps.

      11. An interesting idea. Hatred is something I usually apply to doctrines. I certainly despise everything Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot did and stood for. When it comes to hating him as a person I’m not sure if hate is the right word.

      12. I’m not quite sure what you actually find “interesting”?
        Personally, I’d be more concerned about having reached that conclusion never mind getting concerned over a particular word.

        I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with an appropriate word in due course.

      13. What I find interesting is the psychology of someone who is so desperate to find something to criticise, pick on, argue with, ridicule and object to in such a puerile, pedantic manner.
        What’s the definition of trolling? Perhaps you should ask yourself what your motives are? That’s interesting.
        Your love of Trump and Brexit must run deep. It has twisted you. You cannot bear anybody to have a different view to you on anything.
        I find that interesting. Narcissism? Or is that too Greek?

      14. It’s really not complicated.
        Reader reads piece written by old confused person.
        Reader identifies a fragile state of mind and states old confused person needs help.
        Reader receives grief from cold and calculated left-winger who was so busy being left-wing that he didn’t notice the huge glaring holes to found in the written piece by the old confused person. The cold and calculated left-winger is more interested in defending the right to be needing help than the actual act of seeking to obtain such help.
        This is why we have billionaires and why we have pot-washers.

  2. What going on 42 years ago, the UK decided to join the then “Common Market”, I did not want to be part of that Common Market but I had no choice, the democratic Vote was “Yes” to joining, so those of us opposed to being part of Europe had no choice, we just had to get on with it, and we did. I made my own protest by not purchasing any French goods for years. I did not go out on the Streets, I did not shout I did not moan and moan and moan like a boring “old” excuse my word “Fart” which is what all those now moaning and moaning by not being in Europe are.

    There was a democratic choice in this Country last year, you either stay IN or your get OUT, and Out we came. My advice to Cathy and all those boring “old farts” who keep on and on and on and on (get the message) you are so desperate to be in Europe, go live there, if you want to stay here “get on with it”. You people who are never happy if you don’t win all you want prove yourselves to be pathetic, vicious individuals.

    1. We do live there Anna. This is Europe.
      We are getting on with it. There is no doubt that we will be out. It is the way it is being done that is causing most problem and the attitude being expressed and the attitudes being expressed.
      Another mean-minded burst of nastiness from you. I wonder who the boring old fart is here? Who is the pathetic vicious individual?
      Because I did not read anything that was a personal attack or a vicious attack in what Cathy wrote. I read concern and fear for the future.
      The Britain being made by this nasty-minded arrogance is the worst aspect of all this. Your outburst makes you sound like an unpleasant person.

      1. Stop acting the Teacher. I am not the one who Hates This One and That One. Your Hatred of people is so worrying, why do you Hate so much. Your words your opinions of me no longer get to me, you can say what you like, twist my words to suit yourself you are rather good at that aren’t you. Everything is fine with Opher as long as one agrees with Opher, disagree and oh dear we no longer tow the line we are expressing opinions of our own and that will not do. This is Opher’s site. You don’t even read correctly what I put, I apologized in advance for using the word “fart” you make no mention of that, and did I say it was aimed at you, thats your guilty conscience, it was aimed generally but you must twist it. Therefore, get on board and agree with you.
        Well I annoyed you some time ago by not agreeing anymore on things like the new President Donald Trump – another one you Hate, and Brexit and Theresa May – there we go two more you say you Hate, I spoke up and that did not go down well, you were determined to belittle me, go ahead. You have a guilty conscience because you take things I say and make out I have aimed them at you, your self importance. Call me all the names you want, unpleasant person that I am, the mug who spent £60 on your books the Charity shops won’t even take. Now you can call me more names on that too.

      2. No Anna – you were exceptionally rude to my friend Cathy. What you said was unpleasant.
        I despise Trump. I can’t say hate because I don’t know him. But I despise all the things he stands for, says and does. He’s a fascist bastard.
        I despise May, Gove, Fox, Davies, Rees-Mogg and all the unpleasant right-wingers busy peddling their dogma to the detriment of ordinary people.
        You keep accusing me of hate but it is you spilling out the abuse. Cathy is a very nice, caring person who is extremely distressed by what is happening and the direct effect on her family. Not that you are at all understanding or care less. You were exceptionally rude.
        I have always taken a stand for fairness and equality and against anything that is against that – and you don’t get much ore extreme than this Tory bunch.
        Unfortunately you’ve aligned yourself with the fascists like Marine Le Penn and are blind to the chaos and costs of Brexit. Somehow you think it will all come right in the end. There are real victims here and you simply don’t care.
        My concern is not for me. I will not be hugely affected though I will be paying through the nose for goods, holidays and petrol. My concern is for the environment and the animals. You say you care for the plight of the animals under threat and then support a bastard like Trump who is a climate warming denier who is intent on removing all constraints, breaking treaties and trashing the planet.
        I despair of you Anna.

      3. It’s your rude personal manner that always detracts from the content. When you pepper your replies with abuse the content is diminished.

      4. You put words in my mouth again Anna. I did not call you a racist. You keep wanting me to but I don’t believe you are. I don’t think you’re a fascist either even though you align yourself with them. The Right-wing Le Pen and Wilders are gleeful about the Brexit vote and Trump election. They are energised.
        To suggest that I think all people who voted Brexit or voted for Trump are racist is plain daft. They aren’t and I have never, ever suggested they were. That is all in your head. I can see perfectly valid reasons why people voted for Trump and for Brexit. I think they were mistaken but I can see reasons. Most were simply gullible and manipulated by an exaggerated threat of terrorism and fear of migration (both of which need dealing with but not by destroying the country in the process).
        You do not get more right-wing than Trump – who I believe is a fascist. The half a million women marching yesterday and the protests at least give some hope that there will be opposition to his grotesque policies.
        You keep on about this hate. That is difficult. I don’t hate Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot or Stalin either. I’ve never met them. I might hate them if I met them face to face. I do hate what Trump, Gove, May, Fox, Davies and the other right-wingers stand for. Their principles are rotten. I hate elitism. I hate the effect it has on society and the victims it makes of people. I hate fascism and right-wing policy.
        It seems to me that if you’d been around in the thirties you would have been one of those supporting Hitler or Mussolini. In fact Trump with his strutting arrogance reminds me of Mussolini.
        You keep on about loving nature and the poor plight of animals yet actively support people whose policies are going to cause immense environmental problems.
        You go over the same old ground time and time again and nothing anyone says gets through. You are set in your groove. Once you have made up your mind all reason goes out the window. Time and time I refute and explain and still nothing gets through.
        Once you thought, or should I say pretended to say, that what I stood for was exciting, free-thinking and real. Then with you got in a paddy over Brexit and Trump and did not like what I had to say. I don’t forget the duplicity and hypocrisy. What was it – you flatter men in order to make fools of them.
        Be true to yourself Anna. Don’t try to pretend friendships in order to hurt people.

  3. First of all I do not need your despair. Secondly I was not “exceptionally rude” to a woman I have never met or was talking to, I was talking to you generally but as always you twist the words to make yourself obtain the sympathy as the “poor victim”, I have seen you do it time and time again. All of a sudden you don’t Hate Trump or Theresa May or the rest, what a joke you are – all along its been “Hate, Hate, Hate” from you, like you were far too busy to watch the Inauguration you made clear to me the other day when I suggested you would be watching it you assured me you would “be far too busy”, and yet there you were watching it, now I don’t have a problem with that because I knew you would be watching it making notes “to have your say”.
    The following I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry or be annoyed, do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound in stating that “Unfortunately you have aligned yourself with the fascists like Marine Le Pen” (by the way its one N in Le Pen) oh Opher really, do you expect me or anyone that truly knows me to believe that crap, why don’t you go the whole hog and say what you have been hinting at for over a year, why don’t you call me the Racist you have been trying to get me to admit to. Well, Opher you want to think that you go ahead and think it, I don’t care. I know the truth, people who really know me know the truth, your opinion counts for nothing.
    Anyone who voted for or liked Donald Trump, anyone who voted Brexit, anyone who liked Theresa May, anyone who liked any policy of the Tory Party is a Racist, even now you are calling the President of the United States a “Bastard”, is he illegitimate is that what you are hinting at? Do you have any inclination how obscene it is to call someone a “Bastard”, no I doubt you do or even care. You a Teacher, someone who was supposed to have taught amongst other things, one would hope, Respect and Discipline. Here you are calling me a Racist and a Fascist, and you claim you “despair of me”, that leaves me really concerned.
    Considering I liked and unlike you, a Paid up Member of The Labour Party, Corbyn – have you forgotten Corbyn and his pal John MacDonald, IRA Sympathiser and all round dangerous man, what exactly they both believed in, never mind hypocrisy is part of you isn’t it.
    Now excuse me while I go and Fly my Racist Flag and my Fascist Flag, while I am at it I might as well go and Fly the Russian Flag and the Stars and Stripes, what other Flag do you suggest I should Fly.
    While you are dishing the dirt, you have the gall to talk about President Trump and Women and what he said about them, yet you wrote in your books about women plus a little girl in the most disgusting terms I have ever read. You as a youngish boy found it so funny with a young girl friend of yours – both children – to drag her little sister out of her bed pull down this little girl’s pyjamas to look at – well I won’t use your disgusting terms, and that was a little girl you did this to, you gave no thought to the long term effects that could have on that child. I wasted £60.00 on your books, how many books did your friends individually purchase? I was embarrassed when the two Charity Shops turned down the books because of the “obscene nature” as they put it, and you run down Donald Trump!
    Excuse me whilst I return to my Fascist/Racist Handbook, won’t you. My goodness I have just noticed you called the President of the United States a “Fascist Bastard” in the second paragraph of your reply to me, what excellent company I appear to be in, we are both “Fascists”, although I am lacking the “bastard” bit.

  4. Opher – did you really just say in your above post that you don’t hate Hitler (and all he stood for) because you never met him?
    Did you really just suggest to Anna that were she around in the 1930’s she would probably have been a supporter of Hitler and / or Mussolini?

    I think you are a borderline case.
    Whatever, something isn’t quite right with you.

    I think you just crossed a line there with Anna. I think you’re a pretty fucked up angry little bastard who needs muzzled.

    You throw accusations at others – only those that don’t agree with your extreme left-wing 19th century ideology – and if you get any back, you resort to inflammatory insults.
    Very typical left-wing behavior that we witness all to frequently.

    1. Andrew, thank you so much for the above comments. A Gentleman, and there are not many of them around especially here. As for Opher suggesting I was around when Hitler was and would have been a Supporter, then Opher was around too because at times he denies he was born the same year as me 1949, that from the start he claimed was his year of birth. You have to have a Good Memory to be a good liar and he certainly does not have a good memory. When caught out, he will come up with the most embarrassing statements that they make one cringe.

      Thanks again Andrew, an old fashioned Gentleman and that I love. As for Opher, I really do need to get my Nazi/Fascist/Racist Flags flying.

      1. Anna it does not sound as if you know what a gentleman is. You obviously like people like Trump and Andrew who dish out personal abuse to everyone. Some gentleman.
        I did not say you were around with Hitler at all. I said if you had have been around in the thirties you would likely have supported him (quote – It seems to me that if you’d been around in the thirties you would have been one of those supporting Hitler or Mussolini). You love misquoting and misrepresenting me for your own ends. People who support Trump in my book are in the same camp as those who supported Hitler – and for similar reasons. He blamed the Jews though. For heavens sake get your facts right and stop distorting things.
        I was born in the same year as you – 1949.
        I think it is sad that you are so attracted to abusive people.

    2. Yeah right Andrew.
      My extreme left-wing ideology? Right. Grow up Andrew. Left-wing I am in that I believe in fairness, equality and freedom. I don’t go supporting fascists or siding with Trump, Le Pen and Wilders. I wouldn’t be so gullible or foolish. Neither do I support extreme left organisations or people.
      There is no having a sane argument with you. Everything is either personal insult or trivia selected facts. The issues are of no interest. All you do is subvert.
      If anyone is the angry little bastard coming out with the personal shit read your own posts! You’ve been coming out with a non-stop stream of rudeness and snide personal remarks.
      You and Anna go off and side with the fascists. I say things how I see them.
      I’m not after agreement. I do not mind debate but the arrogant insults have been coming from you Andrew.
      If you support right-wing causes then maybe you should own up to your allegiances!
      There is much to discuss and one thing I note is that when someone has a pop at you then you go apeshit.

      1. You are typical of the left-wing trash that we have running riot. Ramming their abusive little fists down everyone’s throats who don’t agree with their slovenly low-life excuses of standards of governance.
        I can’t be doing with their concepts. They are just too awful for me to contemplate. I hate their mediocrity.
        Mediocrity is the inertia of the common working man and stifles all creativity, freedom and diversity of choice.
        The left-wing extremists are the neo-Fascists of the 21st century. They excrete hate and abuse at every juncture. They twist, swerve and manipulate a pool of lies and deception to the advantages of their own inverted traits of selfish greed that so frequently have been abused by their so-called spokespersons and leadership.
        Most of us have had it with them.
        Even their large swathes of their lowest common denominator supporters took a careful close watch of their lot and walked away.

        I suggest that you go down to Marseilles. Don’t take the wife – as it’s way too dangerous. But go down there yourself and hang out for a week. Then come back and tell me Le Pen is completely wrong. You’re somewhat naive, eh?
        It’s lunatic left-wish Fascist bastards that have got the EU into such a stinking mess in the first place.
        Why the hell did they have to go and do what they did?
        Enough already. They are all over. France and Germany have come to their senses and will lose these leftist fucks asap.
        Same in USA. Same rules apply.

      2. Firstly I don’t know too much about left-wing trash as I don’t hang out with any of them. My left-wing values are not about dogma and isms. They are about fairness and equality. Don’t you read my blog?
        Secondly I would agree that there are major problems all around the world that need sorting out. They are caused by people with your attitudes. The racism, inequality and lack of opportunity create a dispossessed. What is needed is an eradication of poverty, racism and inequality. Good education, housing and work.
        Your answer is bring in the fascists and stomp the bastards.
        Very revealing of your own politics and feelings. A typical right-wing knee-jerk response. Create an unjust society and blame the ones at the bottom for not feeling part of it.
        I’d rather find positive practical solutions other than turning to fascism.

  5. When will you understand, Opher?
    I could not care less about this silly woman’s bleats.
    Upon my first comment I had asked 2 questions which for some reason you chose to ignore.

    I said:
    1. I’m delighted to know her parent’s 4th grandchild (her parent’s?!) married an Englishman who has a brother in Australia and an Aunt in Spain.
    What has any of this got to do with anything?
    I also said:
    2. Her laughable confusion over some music journalist’s jingoism as in 1990s “Cool Britannia” – how did this get mixed up with academics?

    So, was your intention from the off to simply expect people to read her words and to sink into an all consuming barrel of tears and pity?
    I think it was.
    How bloody naive you can be sometimes.
    You actually went on to state this thoroughly amusing addendum:
    “Cathy needs no input from me. She is exceptionally well versed on Brexit thanks. She’s made it her business.”

    Did I really read the term “exceptionally well versed”?
    Are you still blind to her obvious confusion?

    1. Fine. You seem incapable of either understanding or being pleasant. So why don’t you just drop it? What point are you trying to make? You just come across to me as a bully.

      1. A bully? Because I read her confusion and commented on it?
        Why did you publish it for comment if you didn’t want comment?
        Why are you covertly trying to influence other people’s views (not mine obviously) with this sort of bleedin’ hearts crap?
        This is what you leftists do all the time.

      2. Nothing to do with disagreeing. I like good argument. I like and listened to reasoned criticism. What I don’t like is rudeness and bullying.
        It’s the way you arrogantly and disrespectfully talk to people. You immediately lose all credibility.

  6. You hate good argument. You cannot tolerate one iota that your subjective views can be destroyed. Sometimes it’s all too easy because you effectively bought the cheap seats and didn’t take the time to gain more information of a subject that you want to complain about.
    I’ll give you 2 very recent examples.
    Your claims about Trump going to be building a pipeline, and your claims about Trump going to be building a wall.

    1. No Andrew. I have an open platform and like to debate. Even when I don’t agree with people I give them a platform and interact. You’ll find my exchanges, with two exceptions, have been congenial and respectful even in disagreement. I love arguing.
      What I don’t like is arrogance, bullying, disrespect and rudeness – a big difference.

      1. So I’m rude and wrong for not wringing my hands in pity and worry on behalf of your friend.
        So be it.
        At least I’m being honest with myself.

      2. Well if that is how you honestly feel then I feel sorry for you. But even if it is then you should find a way of expressing yourself that is more civilised and less rude.

      3. Opher, please never feel sorry for me. I’m not the one who is under the misguided delusion that her entire family is going to slip off the surface of the earth.
        I really can’t be doing with your sanctimonious diarrhea.

      4. I don’t think anybody is under the illusion that we’re about to slip off the face of the earth. We just know that living in a country full of racism and hatred, fear and ignorance, where the environment and world are not respected, with no jobs and worse public services is far from the ideal. I was after something better.
        You voted for the shit and try to justify it. Your fear of immigrants has clouded your mind.

      5. What would you know about immigration living stuck out on a limb in the middle of nowhere?
        You probably live in a place where you neighbour’s first language is more than likely going to be English.
        Many of us don’t.
        You have zero understanding of the issues for many people.
        I’m not speaking for myself – I can chose to live wherever I want to, within reason – but many people have some serious problems.
        You have to start thinking differently from this pastoral image that you have.
        Start thinking enclaves of thieves. Enclaves of drug dens. Enclaves of gangs stealing your car every week. Enclaves of robbers robbing your house.
        And I take it you know the difference between a burglar and a robber? Well you have a look at the latest crime stats for house robberies and tell me what the fuck is going on there.

        Its total lunatics like your leftish trash that allowed all this Euro trash in here and I really don’t give a fuck what your excuses are, but come the day when there maybe a case for some of you people to answer for it, I hope the bullet hurts.
        To tell the truth, I would gladly pull the trigger or lever on any idiot bastard that was party to any of this.

      6. What a pleasant little tirade. Do you have a drinking problem?
        Trash this and trash that and you’d pull the trigger. No wonder you vote for a scumbag like Trump. He talks the same exaggerated language.
        Your world is a nightmare. Shame it’s not real.
        I’ve family policing in Liverpool but they don’t blow things out of proportion like you.

      7. Erm, it may have escaped you Opher, but I didn’t qualify for a vote in the US elections because I don’t qualify.
        But what choice would I have had were I given a choice.
        On one side I have an unknown, but very successful business tycoon and on the other there’s a greedy, lying, manipulative, highly influential and dangerous tyrant, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, who sells Uranium to dangerous countries, who threatens to attack a dangerous and volotile country using a nuclear weapon, who takes many, many millions of dollars as a payoff from Saudi Arabia.
        So, what sort of choice did people have?
        You dead certain of a right and a wrong here?

        This is where you leftist’s go tits up.
        You watched for countless years Tony Blair making magnitudes of mistakes after mistakes to the extent that it just became the norm for you people.
        You looked on with half-interest at millions of peoples flooding in happy in the knowledge that it was all in the good name of ‘cultural diversity’.
        And then the tank filled up and exploded.

        Why don’t you ask this family member in the police in Liverpool (how could they make 2 such fundamental errors in judgment) how much of their working life they spend picking garbage up off the streets that originate from the eastern sector of the EU.
        I already know the answer to that.

      8. You see that is where your racist assumptions go tits up. Most of the trouble in Liverpool comes from homegrown white scousers who live on the estates, don’t buy into the system and see drug dealing as a lifestyle choice. They are a nasty violent class of yob. It’s not the immigrants causing the problem.
        Assumption after assumption, crap choice after crap choice, unpleasant conclusion after unpleasant conclusion. You’ve pickled your brain. I’ve seen it happen so many times. It turns people into foul-mouthed, paranoid idiots. I should have seen the symptoms earlier. Lax of me.

      9. Yes Opher, Liverpool too has its fair share of yobs.
        The bigger the city, the more yobs there are.
        However, that wasn’t the point in question was it?
        It was, however, crime levels committed by EU immigrants.
        The crime stats are lies are they?
        The percentage imprisoned for crimes that merit a custodial sentence are false are they?

      10. No I certainly haven’t seen any evidence that the immigrant population is responsible for a higher level of crime than the indigenous one. If one takes into account the incipient racism and likelihood of things proceeding to prosecution I would imagine it is considerably less.
        The migration observatory – A rise in A8 migrants as a share of the population is associated with a 0.4% fall in property crime and has no relationship to violent crime.
        Depends what stats you choose to access doesn’t it? Lies and damn lies. You just seek to justify your position.
        I think you’re wrong and the British criminal class know the system and exploit it. Crime is mainly equated with financial situation.
        So many factors to take into account. Your right-wing blank and white crap holds no water. You’d have us all believing that all the crime is committed by syndicates of eastern Europeans and Arab immigrants – pure bollocks.

      11. There’s only one fool here – the one who thinks he knows everything but is a stereotypical, rude and extremely biased person. The drink talks Andrew.

      12. What drink? I very seldom drink in the house. I never have.
        Drink was never of much interest to me. Too working class.
        I always preferred fine wines with dinner. Somewhat more sophisticated than propping up a public bar with the chavs.

      13. You’re kidding. Nobody is as out of control and obnoxious without a chemical input and brain disruption. You’ve been out of your head. Mind you I reckon you have to be to support Brexit and Trump. You are obviously an alcy.

      14. Ha ha .
        Wasn’t it yourself who stood in the same school for four decades taking shit ? Getting paid shit? And taking more shit?
        You must have been chemically neutered to do that.
        You must have had the nearest thing to a lobotomy.
        At least they gave you a vote…

        You’re just too much of a wee pansy closet case to be able to handle some relative conjecture thrown back at you.
        And here’s you thinking it’s ‘out of control and obnoxious’!
        FFS, I haven’t even started.

      15. Sozzled again I see.
        Let me explain again slowly – my career in education was varied, fulfilling and fun. I was doing a useful role and I loved it. You could not even remotely understand. You do not have the imagination or empathy. I wasn’t some greedy bread-head flunky sucking up to rich guys.
        It is great to hear from and meet my ex-students.
        I could have done a thousand things but would not have swapped any of it.
        Now I can see it is hard for you to get things into your head. In fact I don’t think you’re capable. You are like a needle in a groove.
        My life now is equally great and I certainly would not want to swap any of it with yours.

      16. Yes that was me. I was having a fabulous, worthwhile and thoroughly enjoyable career while you were brown-nosing rich people in some useless money-making, futile life.
        Right now I’ve got my health, a great wife, a fabulous life-style, good friends, a brilliant new house, four great kids all doing good stuff, five grandchildren, plenty of music, plenty of gigs, books, travel and the time to write and do what I like. Pretty idyllic.
        I’ve lived in some shit-holes but now I’m living in a beautiful part of the country.
        What’s not to like?
        Compared to your lifestyle and situation I seem to have made good.

      17. Your life was anything but fabulous! How does that figure?
        You spent it in a rundown forgotten town. A place that if memory serves had very near too, if not the cheapest property prices in UK. That in itself marks it off as a no-go area.
        You had to wait 32 years, yes 32 years before you got your hands on the reigns! FFS couldn’t you have applied yourself a lot more and have a move up to Head years and years before? Couldn’t you have applied for jobs elsewhere?
        I just cannot understand that.
        You did not apply yourself to the best of your abilities. You waited and waited and waited, and because of that, you wasted many years and missed out on many things. Not only that but you missed out on better pay, too. Silly, silly man that you are.
        But it’s plain for all to see exactly what you did and the reasons for it.
        As I’ve said before – you are a creature of habit.
        You are the sort of person who will make the very same mistake again and again.
        You are not a particularly well organised person.
        You operate on a level of half-fluster and half-chaos.
        You probably (to use the term) ‘wing-it’ a lot.
        You don’t operate the 5 ‘P’s policy, that’s all too obvious and I’ve said that numerous times to you.
        What happened to you was quite simple really and not particularly unusual as I have a few friends who suffer from exactly the very same malaise in life.
        You got comfy where you lived. You got comfy where you worked. You quite liked the fact that there wasn’t too much pressure put on you. You could walk out the door at 4pm and kiss goodnight to it all until tomorrow. You didn’t want to upset that equilibrium and just settled in to a life of complacent non-objectivity.
        However, after some years of this you were met with too few challenges, therefore, this is why you filled up empty vacuous hours with union rep stuff.
        It gave you something more to do and more importantly gave you the self-satisfaction that you were ‘somebody’ after all. You weren’t just some normal-Joe nonentity. You actually had aspirations of self-improvement after all. This was your first step up on the ladder of being noticed, of being included, of being someone that maybe others could look up to and respect. This is what you craved.
        However, the number of years let slip on this ladder to success is unfathomable to the likes of me.
        I could not have tolerated that snail’s pace of career acceleration for one moment.
        Basically, you spent years doing the same thing over and over again and going nowhere.
        Frankly, I don’t know how you got out of bed come Monday morning.

        Quite how you can sit there crowing of your achievements is beyond me. You are a walking loser.
        When you were 50 years old, I’d be about 40 and making about 3 times your take home pay. What the fuck were you doing? You’ve only got one life. There’s no dress rehearsal. You did not take every opportunity that was available to you.
        Basically you were a lazy little bastard. You didn’t apply yourself. You settled for 2nd best, probably 3rd best, meanwhile the world whirled past you. Someone should have given you a wake-up call years before. But I suppose they don’t have careers guidance officers for the people that actually teach in schools. Yet these same teachers seem to think that they are qualified to be handing out careers guidance advice to the pupils. There’s got to be something wrong with that equation.

        It’s fine by me Opher, if you want to sit on your smug ass and gloat in self satisfaction. But trust me, there’s a hell of a lot of other people whom wouldn’t be quite so easily satisfied.

        Despite me explaining to you some general outlines of what I did, I don’t think you got it. I wasn’t standing at a desk like a flunky taking orders.
        For the most part of my career I was involved with the development, planning, opening and operations of large scale hotels and affiliated business. Coupled with business rescue work of hotels that had been opened badly and mistakes had been made. I was an excellent problem solver. That’s because of my seriously good training and business acumen. That’s why I was in the top 10% of such capable people in the world. Not fucking Hull, Opher, but the world.
        That’s why I worked with 3 of the best companies in the world. That’s why I got paid what I got paid.
        You could never have done what I did because you don’t possess the organisational skills and 1,001 things all going on simultaneously. You couldn’t cope with when on any given day the plane lands and all 4,000 marble stone slabs destined for the foyer of the hotel you’re opening in Dubai in 4 weeks have been found to be cracked. And at the same time the another hotel you’re opening in Delhi has just had half the construction workforce go on strike over some religious and cultural issues.
        Yes Opher, I can see you fitting in very easily in that sort of work environment. What would you have done? Read poetry? Played a rock ‘n’ roll record?

        That’s why today I can do what the fuck I like and when I like.
        I go to concerts in France, Germany (most often) and Italy very regularly. That’s how I spend my life now, in casual transit on leisure pursuits.
        However, I’m spending too much time hanging about airports and train stations willing the hours away with stuff like your blog. Who designs these places? They don’t half do a bad job with giving people enough to do when there’s a few hours to kill between flights.
        I can see why most people would hate my life.

      18. You come across to me as a lonely little guy with a big drink problem, a lot of time on your hands, an attitude towards women, Muslims, gays, English and immigrants, extreme views, a foul mouth and a big chip on your shoulder.
        Shame really. We have a lot in common in terms of music but you don’t seem to understand the sentiment it contains at all. Never mind.
        Thanks for the erudite, intelligence, insightful comments. They were most entertaining and will find a creative outlet in the future.
        The day after tomorrow my blog goes dormant. What will you do then? Find another person to troll?
        I suggest you visit the doctor and see if they can set up an empathy and compassion transplant to make you human again.
        Thanks for everything Andrew. I’ve enjoyed it. But my life is worth fifty of yours. It shows.

      19. Opher, we ALL have families. I’m just like a lot of people, divorced. My fault I was never ever cut out to be with the same person all the time. I don’t think most of us are.
        But you’re a creature of habit, hence why you probably don’t even think about that.
        Plus 30 years of my lifestyle, let’s just say I had slightly more opportunity by virtue of the nature of the business I was in.
        Let’s just say that very, very few of the women to be found within that business carried out pursuits such as female rugby. Their life interests did not involve smelly dressing rooms and scraping mud from their boots. However.

        You live on a state pension. You therefore have limitations.
        I don’t know if you are aware or not but I chose to live where I live because of what it has to offer. Having previously lived in dozens of other cities around the world there is nowhere quite like where I am today, where all the amenities that I need are within touching distance.
        That said, I would quite like a property in Venice, but I’m just short of that extra million or so.

        I’m not too sure what you mean by ‘plenty of gigs’. In Hull?
        I wouldn’t bet on it. Hull seems to be seldom visited by any of the bigger name acts. If you just read the back pages of Mojo or Uncut and read all the ad’s for upcoming shows, who the hell plays Hull?
        Where I live I’m spoiled rotten as everybody who is anybody plays here.
        Right now we have Celtic Connections – a whole number of gigs over a few weeks. Nothing else like it in the world.

        What do you mean by ‘compared to your lifestyle and situation’?
        You haven’t got a ‘lifestyle’! Don’t make me laugh!
        Wasn’t it yourself who recently described how he was moving house by loading up his car (seriously?) and doing multiple trips back and forth, back and forth.
        You call that a ‘lifestyle’? Haha bloody haha.
        What that indicates is that you were doing it on a shoe-string.
        Nobody and I mean nobody moves house in their car like that unless money is an issue.
        Couldn’t you just have rented a big fuck-off transit van, loaded up and done it once?
        See, I told you Opher. You just aren’t organised.

        My lifestyle is superb. I told you, I can do what I like.
        My situation? What situation? There is no situation.
        The only ‘situation’ I have going on right now is when to book my plane flights for when I go to my house in Portugal for 5 months in the summer. I definitely can’t go before May, because Dylan is coming then and I’m waiting for confirmation of a couple of other tours, which many or may not determine whether I go here or if they reach Portugal (doubtful) or I travel to Spain.

        What was your point again?

      20. FFS Opher, wake up!
        This is what you just said!
        “You come across to me as a lonely little guy with a big drink problem, a lot of time on your hands, an attitude towards women, Muslims, gays, English and immigrants, extreme views, a foul mouth and a big chip on your shoulder.”

        I’m at Gatwick waiting. Again. My friend’s plane is 30 mins delayed. I won’t be quite so lonely upon its arrival.
        I’m 5ft 11ins. I tower above you. I am 7 inches taller than you. That is a considerable difference. You’re quite close to being termed that of a ‘Midget’.

        I don’t drink. Never have. Only drink when I’m out socially.
        So you’re so far off the fucking radar there.

        My attitude to women? Rest assured Opher you will not have known 1,000th of the number of women that I have known in my like.
        But I’m not too keen on big, butch, burly types. I tend to avoid them. And funnily enough they tend to avoid me too. Which may indicate a certain type of persuasion to be found within this particular type of female person. But that’s only my guess, having never made any further inquiries.

        Muslims? I was married to an ex-one once, way back in the 80’s. I worked with thousands for at least 10 years.
        You’re a monkey’s uncle for even trying to pin such shit on me. Typical leftist shite.

        Gays? Not my scene at all. Can’t stand them. Any guy who gets off fucking another guy up the ass is really not of interest to me. You’re welcome to them. Just make sure you wash your hands afterwards.

        English? Most are semi-educated whining left-wing cunts.
        There are a few that are top people. I’ve met some through my work. I don’t think they had much in common with the vast majority of semi-educated whining left-wing cunts either.

        Immigrants? We’ve got loads. We call them semi-educated whining left-wing English cunts.

        Foul mouth? Am I in some sort of religious order? Am I under the auspices of some left-wing puritanical fascist mind-fuck where I can’t chose to say what I want to say?
        This is again another of the tactics from the loony left liberal brigade. They start throwing tantrums when you are forced to call them a cunt because its the only fucking word they understand.

        Big chip on my shoulder? Are you serious? You’ve been carrying that huge back of chips around with you since birth!
        Or at least ever since you woke up to the fact that you were living in the exclusion zone. Hence your politics.
        Whereas I never had that struggle.
        I’ve never had to worry about money too much. At least I always knew there was more forthcoming. Which is why I never bothered with political crap. I didn’t have to fight for rights or fight for anything.
        If I wanted anything I worked for it and bought it.
        I didn’t go through life with a begging bowl sitting on my ass saying ‘gimme’ like millions of people.

        You suffer from what’s termed ‘first instance discovery syndrome’. You have become very badly affected by all the inconsistencies and seemingly unjust scenarios that you encounter. The trouble is you’ve never quite fully understood why they occurred in the first place. Hence, the overt bleeding heart stuff that flows forth.
        Had you lived and worked in some of the cities that I have and seen for yourself what goes down and why it goes down you would have a better understanding of the mechanics of things.
        Basically Opher, as you will agree we have far too many people on the planet. You were in part party to this problem, but decided for your best interests when challenged to excuse yourself with some bullshit along the lines of “things were different back them”, which is a big whopping fucking lie, isn’t it? Back then you knew not to stick your hand in a boiling pot, so why didn’t the same rules apply to your cock?
        You fucking sanctimonious people make me barf. The ever growing ‘Everybody’s out of step except our Jack’ brigade.
        We can see you coming.

        As for the remainder of your bull. ZZZzzz.
        What do you do with it other than bury yourself away like a wee gnome and scurry about pissing people off with your pathetic and terribly naive lousy left-wing ideology?
        Your life would bore me to death and be my idea of living hell. Especially if I had to live like a retarded left-wing fascist with all that terrible mediocrity you people wallow in.
        But some people are too easily pleased and you’re one of them.

      21. Hull, York, Scarborough, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds – I get around. I even pop along to London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. I’ve even popped up to Edinburgh. I don’t see the point of flying off to some other country for a two hour gig. Too much hassle for two little. Might consider it for the Stones. But I get enough.
        Nothing compares to seeing them all in their pomp in small clubs for next to nothing.
        My pension is a teaching pension – a headteacher’s one at that – it is good enough for me. It gives me all I want. I have exactly the lifestyle I want.
        Yes we went back and forth when we moved. I didn’t want my vinyl, CDs or books moved by the removal men. I wanted them safe where I could see them.
        I don’t like wasting money. I think too many people are suffering to warrant extravagant spending. My lifestyle is extravagant enough.
        The big lesson you have to learn is that it isn’t about money, or what you own, or how important you think you are, or what a big wheel you’ve been – it’s about people, caring and the love you create. Family, friends and good times.
        Happy jet-setting in first class.

      22. Ha ha that’s funny. How about personality disorder? How does that fit?
        Control yourself Andrew. You’ll have a stroke going epi like this!

      23. Hardly, you thick chump.
        People who work for good companies and do a good job tend to get paid decent money.
        People who chose to sit and scratch their arse working for local council educational authorities tend to get paid a lot less. That’s the way the cookie crumbles and always had and always will. Why, did not nobody tell you this?

  7. Hull, Scarborough = getting around? Please.
    You don’t see the point of flying ‘off’, because it never entered your world of pursuits. It’s way out of your orbit. Plus you’re on a state pension. You will have limitations.
    Neither will I just be going to one show – no, a few at least.
    I’m not too sure about who you refer to ‘in their pomp in small clubs’ – unless you think everything revolves around old stuff from the 60’s or something? No Opher, it’s a big world out there with a huge menu, most of which will be well off your extremely closeted radar. There’s a huge amount of stuff we like that comes from well after the 60’s. Besides my girlfriend of 8 years now is 13 years younger than me. She hates Roy Harper and some, I can tell you. So do all but one of my closest friends. So I’m often on my jack jones at Harper gigs.

    Yes Opher, your pension would be a teaching pension because you were a teacher. I wouldn’t expect you to be getting a plumber’s pension.
    There’s no such thing as ‘gives me all I want’. Never was, never will be. Unless you allow your lifestyle to be dictated by the mediocrities of left-wing parameters. You so obviously have. You decided to continue to live in near Hull. But as housing is very cheap, I suppose it’s a case of needs must,

    My point about your ability to organise your moving had nothing to do with any trust factors with removal people. It was the manner in which you conducted it. You made a hard job out of a simple job. You did the repetitive mistake scenario thing again. You did not plan properly.
    That was my point.
    You wouldn’t have lasted up until morning coffee in my business with that kind of mentality.
    I think you’re only fooling yourself thinking otherwise.

    You would not like wasting money because you have no money to waste!
    You’re on a state pension, remember?
    The big lesson you didn’t learn is that you needed as much money as possible.
    Money dictates everything you can do, how you do it and how often you can do it.
    That’s your left-wing mediocrity again that has stifled any further development with such attainment for you. You settled into ‘oh well, that’s how it is’ mode. Fuck that.

    Yes Opher, we all have family and friends. There’s exclusion with this.

    As for 1st class? No, not now as I’m on my own ticket, nobody else is picking up the tab anymore. But if it’s long haul, I might go business class as quite often it’s not that much more.
    I’ve got it organised that I can only gain access to a certain amount of money each year, otherwise I know I’d go mental on spending sprees. It’s my own self-imposed safety measure.
    If I told you how I used to squander my money when you were struggling with a mortgage, raising children, wearing cast off dead man’s clothes etc, you’d be sick to your back teeth.
    I never once had such hardships to endure, OK, maybe I had to wait 2 days before I got paid now and again, but I learned the hard way. Easy money is easy lost.

    1. I can believe you behaved like a dick. You still do. But you are totally wrong. Money does not dictate everything you do. One can live very well and extremely happily on very little. I’ve done that a number of times. Having a lot of money just enables you to become a greedy prick but does not make you fulfilled or happy. The Beatles discovered that one very early on. You’re still learning.

      1. What are you talking about?
        Money dictates your every move in life! You stupid, stupid little man.
        Please define “live very well and extremely happily on very little”? For how long? Define “very little”?
        I’ve absolutely NO doubt that you will have done that a number of times.
        I would suggest you have more or less lived your entire life in such poverty.
        You have never ever actually had any money as such, so how the hell would you ever know?

        You are the fucking tube who was so fucking poverty stricken that he was forced to walk about in his wife’s dead father’s old clothes. A guy in his 30’s wearing some old dead geezer’s threads! Seriously, are you kidding me?
        Do you really think that is in any way an aspirational way to live?

        The Beatles?
        Are you mad? Are you out of your tiny fragile mind? Have you any idea just how much money they had earned by 1966?
        Have you ever seen any of the properties that they bought?
        Have you any idea how much money Ringo Starr is reckoned to have squandered on property, parties and drugs?
        Have you any idea what Lennon’s Dakota apartments are worth?
        Did you have any idea how often Lennon and Yoko used to travel around the world?
        Have you any idea how much they would spend on the best suits in these hotels?
        Have you any idea how many staff they had looking after their every whim?
        Have you any idea what Harrison’s massive home in Henley-on-Thames is worth?
        Have you ever seen it?
        Have you any idea how many staff the Harrison’s had/have at that home?
        If you care to listen to or read any of Harrison’s interviews where he does discuss his home life, you will find him talking in glowing terms about just how happy he is in his 100 room mansion home, with it’s underground tunnel system which he’s got all fitted out with lighting and a sound system, where he and his pals could paddle about in canoes.
        Where his parties that lasted for several days on end allowed for so many guests to visit.
        Where he had magnificent gardens with a whole team of full-time gardening staff.
        You stupid tube, Opher, Harrison lived there for 32 years.

        You really are talking out your fucking arse here Opher.
        Seriously, you have not got a clue about what you are talking about.

        You have made the age old typical hippy mistake of confusing “bread-head” mentality with material wealth.
        One can quite easily have huge material wealth as long as one does not publicly talk about money. The code of decorum is to remain silent about it. It is a non-topic for discussion.
        Perhaps you may not have noticed or even thought about it because it will be so far off your paltry socialist radar of mediocrity.
        Today, Sir Paul McCartney has a personal wealth valued at somewhere around £850 million. It maybe more than that.
        Try taking it off him. See how far you get!

        You don’t actually know what real money is, do you?
        You stupid old hippy tosser.

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