Once Again Theresa May Puts Party Before Country!!

In order to hang on to the threads of power Theresa May is throwing more raw meat to the extreme right of her party in order to keep them on board. They only have to start baying for her blood and she folds like the jelly she is.

So now we are heading for a Hard Brexit despite the huge costs to the country. The obsequious Rees-Mogg, Fox and Davis call the tune. The Hard Right hold sway.

What a sad state of affairs. They make Cameron look liberal.

8 thoughts on “Once Again Theresa May Puts Party Before Country!!

  1. You would have thought that the nation would have had second thoughts about Brexit, tried to reverse or limit the decision. But no. Similarly, you would have thought in the US that Trump would be quickly impeached.

  2. She has been in politics for a long time-Theresa May has always served herself. She elected herself and now she’s serving herself.

    1. She is at least consistent. She has always, as you rightly point out, put her own lust for power first, followed by that of her party, then their wealthy backers and a long way behind that the country.

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