Brexit – Where are we now?

Brexit – Where are we now?

Well at the Brexit juggernaut trundles down the narrow country lanes following its out of date Satnav which now tells it it’s off the road and heading for a nonexistent destination it is time to ask where the hell are we.

So where the hell are we?

Nobody knows.

So perhaps it is time to look at what we do know.

  • Theresa May is in a blind panic trying desperately to cling on to power like a crushed limpet. Behind her the Tories are hopelessly split in two and pulling in different directions. As a Remainer, in order to gain power, she had to nail her colours to the extreme right of her party and she’s now stuck with them while the more moderate side are beginning to find their voice. She is so desperate to stay in power that she is actually pleading with Europe to give her a break – probably threatening them with Boris or Rees-Mogg if they don’t help her out.
  • The moderate Tories were ousted and jumped ship to take up highly lucrative jobs elsewhere and thumb their nose at the chaos they created.
  • We are negotiating a massive divorce bill that is large enough to make the eyes water and make all that extra money promised for the NHS look risible. We’re going to have to pay through the nose to get out.
  • We don’t know whether we want into the market or out – a hard or soft Brexit. Either way our economy is buggered.
  • Firms are already fleeing the country. The bottom has dropped out of the London housing market because of the tens of thousands heading across the channel taking the money with them. The future economic prospects look grim and our credit rating dropped.
  • The Labour Party is also split and can’t make up their mind. Corbyn hates Europe but can see that we’re buggered economically if we leave. The only ones making sense on Europe are the Lib-Dems and they’ll be lucky to make double numbers in the next parliament.
  • An army of bureaucrats and lawyers are gleefully pocketing huge sums of money as they pick their way through the complex legal frameworks that have become so interwoven with Europe that disentangling takes an army of ‘experts’ all paid for at tax-payers expense.
  • The economy is still flat-lining while the rest of Europe is beginning to forge ahead.
  • The pound has dropped through the floor making all imports more expensive so we’re paying more for most things and inflation is setting in.
  • David Davies is now taking a GCSE in negotiating skills so that he can learn the rudiments of how it’s done – seemingly shouting at foreigners and taunting them (a la Farage) is not working.
  • Hate crime has gone through the roof as the far-right groups have been emboldened by Brexit and Trump and feel it is now fine to display their xenophobia and racism.
  • We are regaled with nostalgia for the days of Empire when Britain was Great in an age of wonder that never was. My Mum talked of those terrible times with families starving, sewn into their clothes for winter and going to school, in classes of fifty plus, with rags tied round their feet in the snow because they couldn’t afford shoes. Some great times they were. No NHS, low wages, extreme poverty and toffs in mansions. Is that where we’re heading? Aah but at least we have the resolute Dunkirk spirit and know how to handle a Blitz.
  • The country is divided like never before with both sides stridently entrenched and unwilling to listen to the other side’s arguments at all. Reason has gone out the window. There is no rational debate. This is partisan politics; it’s emotional not cerebral. All that is important is that they win at all costs. What happens to the country or future generations is immaterial. We hear about derogatory shouts of brainless Brexiteers and Remoaners but nobody is taking an intelligent, objective look at the mess.
  • There is a huge mass of intricate cooperative legislation and institutions that now need teasing apart and nobody has a clue how it is going to be done or how much it will cost to do it and what it will look like when it’s done. We don’t know if the planes will fly, if the environmental protection will continue, what trade will take place, the antiterrorist cooperation will continue, the atomic energy will work, the migrant workers can get in, the human rights legislation will be in place, the workers’ rights will be protected, farm subsidies, Interpol, treaties, joint projects, science funding, the European funding of projects for deprived areas, the rights of our EU citizens living in the UK or UK citizens living in Europe, visas, borders, passports, customs and a thousand other things. It’s a complete shambles. Presumably there are people working on all this. All I know is that it is not going to be cheap. We’ll have to reinvent a lot of it, negotiate with Europe for a lot, set up huge amounts of infrastructure, employ tens of thousands of people doing more bureaucratic rubbish and at the end of the day everything will be worse, harder, slower and more costly. I do know they are putting into place huge car and lorry parking near the ports because they are expecting massive delays.

When the dust has settled and we are out of Europe, in whatever form that takes, all I know is that we will be poorer, as a society we will be worse off emotionally, and the gleeful nationalists who sparked this all off will have made a killing and be sitting pretty.

As Laurel and Hardy were prone to saying – “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”

50 thoughts on “Brexit – Where are we now?

  1. Hey Opher, Namaste 🙂

    I love the bullet-point presentation: very easy to read your well-written discussion. UK Politics is an absolute disgrace fallen into a black-hole of confusion, delusion, illusion, and lies. No-one understands just what is going on, least of all Theresa May, who at the end of the end doesn’t have to give a rat’s arse because she ad her husband are already millionaires, and she will walk away richer and remorseless for her failure of the UK electorate. The Law allows these selfish people to do just what the hell they like with impunity from prosecution for their self-indulgence. And they call this a democracy.

    With so much confusion is it little wonder that the World Health Authority declares 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience Mental Health disorder…and that includes Politicians. Personally I think Politicians should declare openly when made an MP their mental health state so that the UK electorate know they are stable. The confusion that reigns in European and UK Politics would strongly suggest otherwise. It is like a pile of spaghetti – heaven only knows what the inside of this shambolic tatty Tory government’s head looks like.

    Why doesn’t UK Politics draw a line and start again from scratch. Brexit is the perfect opportunity to just stop, reset the clock and start again by doing it all the right way, and the right way is to have the electorate fully represented in a Politics focused on people-centred policies.

    Enjoy your Sunday dude, take care.


    1. Thanks for that lucid contribution Dewin. I agree. The country is in a mess. Happiness is out the window. Politicians are messing it all up and everyone is sick of it and getting sick.
      We need some common sense!!
      Enjoy your Sunday too. I’m working on the house taking blinds down. I thought that was appropriate. When it comes to the blind leading the blind the Tories excel. Except that I think I know what they are really doing – they are getting richer!

      1. You have a wonderful wit good sir 🙂

        If only the House took their blinkers off, drew the blinds and cleaned the windows, life would be radiant with sunlight.

        Only darkness prevails in the Commoners room,
        Desperation and despair symbiotically bloom,
        Political depression within Whitehall’s gloom,
        Dysfunctional government steering passage to doom.

        Namaste 🙂


      2. Hey Opher,

        Down in Whitehall where no human goes,
        Are foes hording riches between clawed toes
        Ignorant fellows! Only Alchemists dare declare boldy,
        Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi!

        lol 🙂 Happiness is golden

        Namaste 🙂

        The Alchemist DN

  2. Hey Opher,

    I thought I’d make it known in case any other bloggers are experiencing similar problems accessing their Word Press Dashboard. I run a blog site for the Homeless people of Wales and the UK and I do not have access to post on my Blog. I have not received any reason from Word Press. Are others experiencing problems?

    Namaste 🙂


      1. Thank you for checking. I will keep trying: accessing the account and posting has been temperamental for a couple of weeks now, and yet my Dewin Nefol Blog has no problems whatsoever. Hmmm, curiouser and curioser said Alice.

        Cheers dude 🙂 DN

      2. P.S: Problem reslved. I found a way in! And just posted a new post on the Blog 🙂

        Yahoo!! System beaten lol 🙂 Small victory though it may be.

        Namaste 🙂


      3. The feeling of liberation when I knew I could post was indefinable: something akin to Apollo 11 taking off 🙂

        Love and Peace dude 🙂

        The Artful Scribe DN

      4. 😀 lol boom boom!

        Indeed ALL artists who value the true worth of artistic expression and freedom of expression through the arts MUST come forward carrying their Pencils, Pens, Laptops, Brushes, Camera’s as if staffs of redemption against the mockery of democracy!

        Freedom for all Artists!


      5. I totally agree Opher 🙂

        Transparency in Politics is long, long overdue. Unless it is a matter of national security all political debate and meetings should be televised or recorded for public broadcast. If governments have nothing to hide why would they not agree to this?

        Hoping the blinds are down and the light-streaming like rays of gold 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


      6. I totally agree Opher.

        Artists are the true visionaries and guides of human consciousness: the creative act in its most fundamental state is a commitment to Love. It is the Artists Way to have gnosis of the spiritual dimension of life. It is they who see further, understand more deeply and find a language of form to express what is inexpressible but intuited and felt. Artists are the redeemers of humanity: always have been, always will be.

        Namaste 🙂


      7. That is absolutely fine with me Opher…all colours of the rainbow take equal precedence within the one colourless form of Light 🙂

        I am personally biased in that Venus and her Red Star shine as the apex of my Spiritual Life. For me she is Beauty, Harmony, Grace and Love embodied in the scared symbol of a real Star. My Lady of Grace she rises every dawn to welcome me back within her embrace. I met her once when reclining on a cloud with her beside me, but that’s another story for another day.

        Keep it abstract and liminal dude 🙂


  3. It looks like Canada may follow you guys into the abyss when Donald Duck tears up the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). I’m pretty sure he’ll do that too and give his idiotic base something to cheer about. Of course, the Republicans in the Senate might refuse to approve that move. You guys need another snap election to get rid of the Tories!

    1. Yep John – the world has gone mad. We need an election and a new government and we need it quick before these Brexit talks create an abyss between us.

  4. Perhaps Aaron Banks who bankrolled the Brexit campaign, can donate the funds they promised for the NHS. Perhaps some one should issue proceedings against them for breach of promise… where is the extra millions for the NHS?

      1. Sarah – I think we need the politicians to stand up and put the country first. They know the damage it is doing. They could vote it down.

      1. Hey Opher, Namaste 🙂

        Crowd-funding to support prosecution of Ministers is the next big thing….Big Blame Hunting should be a national pastime. I hope every man woman and child in the UK (if not across the world) contribute sufficiently to launches legal campaigns against fascist governments and despotic dictatorship across the world…and that obviously includes America and the UK. I’d love to see Tory Ministers weeping and begging for public mercy whilst they shit themselves fearing what will happen to them when they are locked up with the big boys. It cannot happen soon enough…you, me and the rest of the UK loathe these blood-sucking parasites and wish they’d buy one-tickets and feck off for good.

        Keep fighting, keep loathing, keep it Red dude 🙂

        Love and Peace, Namaste 🙂


      2. I like that – Big Blame Hunting – there’s a few that are in my sights. They should be held accountable for their actions. Lying and deceiving should be made criminal offences.

      3. Hey Opher, Namaste 🙂

        I totally agree with you because without opportunity to prosecute politicians they will continue to act with impunity in order to satisfy their own wicked ends. Vile and diseased the mentality of Tory politics is a crime against humanity for which sentencing should be for life…after-all there have been hundreds if not thousands who have died (or taken their own lives) as a consequence of government policy. Those individuals putting signatures on life-threatening policies that have led to suicides, deaths, suffering and utter neglect of people deserve everything that is coming their way. I hope it leaves those responsible destitute and Homeless, starving and slowly dying freezing to death on some lonely city street whilst the public walk on by ignoring their pitiful bleating and their filthy demeanours. Tory politicians despots and tyrants are loathed as an obnoxious pestilence, a plague, a disease, and it is long past the time for them to go.

        Keep up the good fight Master Jedi: we shall prevail and see Evil cast asunder by the humble and the righteous. Talking of which when was the last time the Church of England came forward and publically berated fascism under the Tories? I would have thought they’d be first to lead campaigns against the government on humanitarian grounds promoting the sanctity of life whilst demonising the wickedness of self-serving Tory politics. However I am forgetting of course that the Church is an incredibly wealthy organisation with assets worth billions who would not wish to compromise themselves by preaching hypocrisy.

        Red Power to the People! Namaste 🙂


      4. I’ll go along with that. Tory policies cause inequality, hardship, poverty, poor education, poor health, starvation and death.
        The wonder is that millions are persuaded to vote for them. What a machine the Tory media is.
        People should answer for the misery they cause. Profit before people.

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