I’ll Tell You What I Want – What I really Realy Want!!

  • I want an education system that works for everyone, that is properly funded, with excellent motivated staff, good support and without all the distracting, expensive gimmicks of Free Schools (with unqualified Staff), Religious schools (separation and indoctrination), Grammar Schools (for the few at the expense of the many) and Academies (Political instruments for undermining Local Authorities).
  • I want an NHS that is properly funded, without nurses needing food banks, without doctors working long hours, without creeping privatisation and with motivated staff.
  • I want a police force that is well funded and puts police in the community to get a handle on terrorism and crime.
  • I want counter-terrorism well funded and working with the EU to solve the terrible scourge of ISIS and religious fundamentalism.
  • I want a Social Care system that cares for the elderly and disabled and doesn’t rob them of their savings.
  • I want a more equal society where globalisation and automation doesn’t create paupers out of the many and billionaires out of the few. I want a progressive taxation system that addresses that balance so that the rich contribute more.
  • I want public servants paid fairly for the hard work they do and not have their pensions slashed so that billionaires and multinationals and bankers and ex-chancellors can keep more of their ill-earned loot.
  • I want a fairer society that works for everyone!!!

All those things, in one of the world’s richest countries, are perfectly affordable.

Under the Tories we have had austerity for the majority while the rich have become inordinately richer. But then, that is what the Tory Party was founded for. That is what it always does. It robs the poor to give to the rich!!!


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