Poetry – Dead Duck

A poem from its time!

Dead Duck

Dead duck floating

Duplicity totin’

What a mess she’s made!

Arrogant May

Has had her day

Leaving Britain in the shade!

Party before sense

With outcomes immense

The whole country has been played!

Opher 5.12.2018

I am so furious with the Tory Party who have selfishly got us into this costly mess.

First Cameron and Osbourne playing with fire, Gove, Farage and Boris were power-mad twerps and then May putting her own lust for power before anything else.

They’ve bungled, botched and buggered the whole country.

They have cost us billions and put our future in jeopardy.

I am also furious with the Brexiteers who have voted for such a mess. Part of me wants a hard Brexit so that I can sit back and watch them bleat as the economy dips, their jobs go and their wages get slashed. But I have my children and grandchildren to consider and they don’t deserve this!

Let’s have another vote and salvage it!

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