Poetry – A Letter

There is nothing more devious and nasty than the Tory Party. Wealth and power is all they care about. They’ll stab anyone.

A Letter

As May takes her leave

They’re lining up to deceive –

Tories on their ownsome!

Representing all the rich,

Stabbing at the bitch.

Playing with their Johnson!

And they’ll say the right things

As they wait in the wings,

But they’ll do the other!

As they play the hypocrite

To the ones who have no wit,

As if they were their brother!

And their stinking Tory rags

Of Public schoolboy fags

Will scream their torrid lies.

As they bastardise the truth

And hurl their abuse

At the ignorant and unwise!

For now the race is on

And the rules are all gone –

Their weapons bloody!

Cometh the hour;

It’s all about power

Forget the country!

They’ll pose and they’ll curse;

They’ll promise the earth,

But never mean it!

They’ll sell their souls

To gain votes in the polls,

Then contravene it!

For the many – not the few!

From their lips it will spew,

As they mirror Corbyn!

While stealing from the poor

And kicking in your door

Like a Lord a-robbing!

Hard Brexit they support,

With barely a thought

For the workers!

It’s all British grit!

None of your foreign shit!

For they’re a bunch of shirkers!

So on with austerity!

Stuff you and me!

It’s all about the bankers!

Zero hours and low pay

Is what’s coming our way

From the Tory wankers!

They’ve robbed your pension

With hardly a mention

And lowered your pay!

But the profit zooms

As the future looms

And the wealthy get their way!

As they privatise your school

And sell off your pool

To the highest bidding!

All their investor chums

Are sucking on their thumbs.

You must be kidding!

Never had it so good

In your neighbourhood

As they screw you over.

Soon you’ll pay to breathe

For freedom you will grieve!


                Your Tory lover!

Opher – 27.5.2019

I’m just listening in to May’s resignation speech and the early days of the Tory leadership challenge. I cannot believe the hypocrisy and lies.

May stood on the doorstep and lied. She said about building a country for everybody and not just the privileged – when she’s been presiding over an extreme manifestation of the NASTY PARTY which has hammered the poor, disabled, mentally ill and public servants – while failing to stem the tax evasion of the wealthy and giving away huge tax cuts to corporations and the rich.

Her ineptitude, incompetent, obduracy and plain nastiness shines through.

I don’t know about tears! I wonder how much true despair, anguish and suicide her callous policies created?

She thinks we are all stupid!

She was crying over her loss of power – not out of caring for anybody else!

This is the person who had created the culture of ‘Hostile Environment’ which resulted in the Windrush scandal, in which immigrants are hounded, abused and deported in the most callous and brutal manner. Innocent people who have lived and worked here all their lives are being kicked out to places they have never even visited. It is scandalous, cruel and unBritish!

What a nasty piece of work she is!

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