Poetry – May is Standing Down

It is quite interesting going back to read these poems about the hapless May and the Tory ERG just a few years ago. What a callous cynical opportunist Johnson was. What an extreme incompetent rabble the ERG are.

May is Standing Down

She’ll be off to write her memoirs

To make a bob or two.

Describing what a wonderful job

The Tories always do.

Just like Cameron and Osborne

We’re all in it together,

Except some of us use soup kitchens

And sleep out in all weather.

‘Brexit means Brexit’,

She’ll happily explain.

We know the many forms of it

All end up causing pain.

Not for the privileged few

She’ll lie through her teeth

While shitting on the poor

Who are sitting underneath.

It seems incompetence

Was not the skill

To carry out

The peoples’ will!

Opher – 24.5.2019

Good riddance to the most divisive, incompetent Prime Minister we’ve ever had!

While the country has gone to rack and ruin under the shambles of the Tory Brexit they have quietly been privatising, cutting and throwing people on the slag heap!!

Now we’re staring down the barrel of the most extreme Tory leadership in history!!

What a bloody mess!!

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