The Ice-Queen arrives with a splash of doom!

The silly experiment throws the country into ruin!

Truss’s arrogance has already cost us tens of billions, and will hit prices, jobs and mortgages with a vengeance.

In a few short days she’s plunged us into the abyss.

Johnson was bad enough with his constant lying, buffoonery, gluttony, law-breaking and greed but I think we’ve finally hit the very dregs of the Tory Party.

Anything to keep Power!!

Greed is an addiction. Power brings wealth. Power corrupts. They’ll do anything to stay in power.

They do not care about us at all.

Over the last twelve years, they have systematically cut public services and thrown millions into extreme poverty while giving huge amounts of money to the wealthy.

Now, digging themselves in a hole with their lies and arrogant abuse of power, they are desperately trying to hang on to power. It’s all about the election and winning votes. They are behind in the polls. They have stolen Labour’s policies.

Partygate – Resignations – as more aides accused of telling the truth!!

BREAKING NEWS…… .PM says more resignations to follow as aides are accused of telling the truth.

Boris Johnson has said today that anybody in his party who deliberately tells the truth will be asked to leave their posts with immediate effect.

“Party policies cannot be broken willy nilly,” Johnson said.”Telling the truth and being accountable for our actions simply will not do.”

“what will our voters think if we keep our promises?” he laughed.

“Peppa pig wouldn’t have any of this nonsense, and nor shall I” he retorted.

Rees-Mogg – Arrogance personified.

This man represents everything that is wrong with Britain. His overprivileged upbringing has left him with a sense of entitlement that is arrogance personified. He has personally gained millions out of both Brexit and Covid. He moved his firms out of Britain before Brexit and sits back as the money rolls in.

It should be illegal to campaign for something you stand to make personal gain out of.

HURRAH!!!! A last a breath of fresh air!!! A chance for common sense!!! Election outcomes!!

The election has produced a hung parliament. That is a great move forward even though we still have the Tory madmen at the helm. There are a lot of great things that have come out of this:

  • We have to negotiate a soft Brexit that is good for the country – that is tariff free and buys into environmental protection, human rights and worker rights
  • There is a rejection of Tory cuts to the NHS, Schools, police and Social Services
  • There is a rejection of Tory theft from pensioners
  • There is a rejection of austerity
  • There is a rejection of Grammar Schools, Free Schools and Religious Schools
  • There is a rejection of the return of Fox Hunting
  • People have seen through the hysterical lies of the Tory Press
  • There are millions of energised young Labour voters who need addressing
  • Jeremy’s policies have to be taken seriously by the media
  • There has to be more respect for Corbyn by the media
  • The Labour Party will come together behind Jeremy’s popular policies
  • The Labour Party has cemented its Left-wing credentials and moved away from the watered down toryism of Blair
  • This is a slap in the face for May and her arrogance
  • This is a slap in the face for the Right Wing of the Tory Party and their arrogance
  • Now we have to have consensual politics, to work together to produce sane policies that represent all the country.
  • Scotland has let the Tories back in. They need to drop the idea of breaking away from the Union.
  • UKIP is thankfully dead.
  • We need investment and now we have a chance
  • We need housing and now we have a chance
  • We need to take into account the majority of people and not just the rich
  • We need another election soon so that we can elect a Labour Government and sort this mess out

The Tories never change. They are always the Nasty Party who represent the wealthy and steal from Public Services and the poor. Their arrogance is their undoing. They used Brexit as a smokescreen but people saw through it.