Today’s Music To keep me SsSAaaAnnNneeEE in Isolation – Roy Harper – Stormcock

I was in need of some sustenance. This is probably the best album that has ever been recorded.

Today I shall sit back and delight in this wonder of poetry and music! A classic!

Roy Harper, Stormcock (1971; Full album) – YouTube

Recommended Albums – Roy Harper – Stormcock

I thought this was appropriate to put out along with the news about the book!

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537 Essential Rock Albums cover

Andrew came up with the idea that I should have a recommended album section. So here it is. I like the idea. But it is no use me just putting up my own views. That would be pointless. It would be great if we were to share our best albums. So if everyone put forward a view of what they love. I’ll put them up here for everyone to share. I’ll have a page of recommended albums (with connections to You Tube where possible).

Now it just so happens that I’ve already done this with my book 537 Essential albums. It was also a bit of synchronicity that Andrew suggested Stormcock as Stormcock is also my number one album of all time.

So that is a good place to start (This is an extract from my book 537 Essential Albums). This is my number one recommended album.

  1. Roy Harper –…

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Roy Harper – Me and my Woman – One of the best tracks ever recorded. A song of idealism.


Roy and Tracy at the Baltic 2010

This song starts with the opening line – ‘I never know what kind of day it is on my battlefield of ideals. But the way she touches and the way it feels must be just how it heals’ – which seems to sum up how I feel most days. This is one of those epic tracks that covers a wealth of ideas, has a tremendous range and is at once thought provoking, compelling and a masterpiece of both lyrical and musical design. It is mesmerising and haunting.

I was fortunate enough to be in the studio when this album was recorded and it was a magical experience. There is no doubt in my mind that Stormcock is one of the best albums ever recorded. It is a great shame that it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Give it a listen and marvel at the scope and beauty, the strength and technical brilliance. It has everything.

Roy Harper – Stormcock – Is this the best album ever made?

I was playing Stormcock again yesterday and was once again absolutely blown away by the beauty, scope and depth of the album.

Musically it is complex and put together with such expertise and skill. The sound is gorgeous. The melodies and structure is superb. There is such variety and yet it is accessible.

With musicians such as Jimmy Page and Keith Moon involved it could not fail to be a gem. Roy was absolutely at the top of his game.

Lyrically it covers such a range and depth. The poetry is exceptional.

It is an album to get lost in. I go back to it time and again.

So I pose the question – is it the best album ever recorded?