Roy Harper – In A Beautiful Rambling Mess

Another one from Roy’s second album. A whimsical look at the fires of a setting sun. A vehicle for reflection.

Roy Harper – You Don’t Need Money

This was probably the first track that a lot of people heard of Roy’s as it was out on a sampler ‘The Rock Machine Turns You On’. It was also the B’side of a single as well as being the second track on Come Out Fighting Ghenghis Smith – Roy’s second album.

It is quite a comical look at the life of a bohemian busker in August. I love it.

Roy Harper – Committed – a track from the first album

For all those who think of Roy as an acoustic folkie, this clearly demonstrates the folly of that view. Roy utilises a full spectrum of styles. On this first album, there is an example of psychedelia as well as this mad romp.

I’m not sure who is playing on this. Ritchie Blackmore is in there! If anybody knows – let me know!

This always makes me laugh. It is about Roy’s experience in a mental hospital where he was treated with drugs and given ECT.

it obviously worked!

Roy Harper – Big Fat Silver Aeroplane

I was writing my Roy book and playing this song from his first album. It is really nice to reacquaint myself. Such a great album and song.

This is a song about Roy’s rejection of the values of society – the capitalist greed and acquisition of wealth instead of experiencing life.

It’s full of such interesting drug references. A poetic song of social comment. It’s good to have songs full of imagery, meaning and observation.

Meanwhile, the polystyrene obelisks rule.