Today’s Music to keep me IiiiINnnnnnSssssaaaaaAnNnnNeee – Pink Floyd – Interstellar Overdrive

Originality, improvisation, experimentation, psychedelia, – sheer genius!!

Remembering ROBERT JOHNSON on the day he died: May 8th 1911 – August 16th 1938

If only he had lived to perform in that concert in New York in Carnegie Hall! If only he had gone on to produce fifty years more music! What a performer. What a songwriter. What a guitarist. Even with such a limited number of songs recorded on portable equipment in hotel rooms he knocks the socks off nearly everyone! Genius!

If only that landlord hadn’t poisoned him!!

Pete Smith’s Cartoons of Genius – Science should be a celebration!

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We both felt that our Biology course was dire. Our Science education was reductionary and all about dissecting and breaking things down.

Science education should be about illuminating the wonders of the universe, celebrating life and the joy of living. Science is about investigating the mysteries. It should be life-affirming and joyous.

Looking at dead things through microscopes was a million miles from the happy life Pete and I had experienced in our childhood, wading through ponds and streams, climbing trees, lying in meadows while the dynamo of nature hummed around us and infinity was all around.

We wanted better education – better science!! More Wonder and Awe!!

Pete Smith’s Cartoons of Genius – The future lies within

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A baby girl is born with all the eggs she will ever have – about 400,000. Not all of them will become eggs. Most will wither away.

A boy is born without a single sperm and won’t produce any until he reaches puberty. Then he begins to make up for lost time. He can produce more sperm in an hour than girls can produce eggs in a lifetime.

But inside us all is the DNA that is the future of the race – that gives rise to future generations. We all have the future generations of life within our bodies.

Malvina Reynolds – Opher’s World pays tribute to a genius.

Malvina is another of those quaint Folk singers who produce the songs that we all take for granted. She penned Little Boxes. On the face of it a simple little ditty but when you think about the content it has real barbs. Pete Seeger made it famous.
Malvina was a feisty little old lady who stood for fairness and equality. I can’t imagine her ever being young but she must have been quite a force to reckon with. She stood up to the might of the Klu Klux Klan. She wrote songs against the inequality of the capitalist system.
On the surface she was a quaint, soft-spoken, polite old lady. Underneath that façade she was a passionate social revolutionary.