Today’s Music to keep me NEAS in Isolation – James Brown

The mighty man of R&B from the 50s with the hottest band around in the Blue Flames! Jagger was supposed to have based his early act on James Brown dance moves.

I just love that early, punchy R&B, then he had his Pop phase and then Funk.

So today I’m gonna be visiting my James Brown collection!

Oph & Mike’s 1950s R&B Radio Show

We have just recorded our third Radio Show. we are getting used to a recording studio now. Our programmes go out on hospital Radio. So we have a captive audience.

I am assured that it encourages the patients to leave hospital and go home!

I am sure that they only play it to the intensive care patients – the others can turn it off!

Anyway, this week it was fifties R&B. We had a great time writing, rehearsing and recording. If you like 1950s US black R&B this might be the show for you. We love it. It was the stuff that turned on the Beatles and Stones.

Have a listen: