Oph & Mike’s 1950s R&B Radio Show

We have just recorded our third Radio Show. we are getting used to a recording studio now. Our programmes go out on hospital Radio. So we have a captive audience.

I am assured that it encourages the patients to leave hospital and go home!

I am sure that they only play it to the intensive care patients – the others can turn it off!

Anyway, this week it was fifties R&B. We had a great time writing, rehearsing and recording. If you like 1950s US black R&B this might be the show for you. We love it. It was the stuff that turned on the Beatles and Stones.

Have a listen:

Billy Bragg/Woody Guthrie – Way over Yonder in the Minor Key – lyrics about individuality and self-belief.

A great combination!

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Billy Bragg Bath3-Jun-2011-largeWoody Guthrie
I’m an individual. There ain’t nobody who can write like me.
When I was a kid my favourite track was the Kinks – ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’. I still love it.
My blog is full of whatever takes my mind. If it’s in there it will come spilling out. I live to write.
My books are full of my knowledge and imagination. I give it full vent.
Woody Guthrie is one of my heroes. Not just because of the brilliant legacy of songs that he left us – which are devastatingly brilliant and unique. He invented the topical song story – protest song and social commentary. I love him for it. But I admire him as much for his stance.
Woody stood for something and never held back. He said what he believed. He lived the way he spoke.
Woody believed in equality. He lived with the poor and blacks…

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Quote 7 – Woody Guthrie – This machine kills fascists

There’s still a lot of fascists out there that need a dose of education.

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Woody Guthrie rambled round in the thirties, forties and fifties in America. He travelled with black and white alike. He stood for fairness and justice. He stood on picket lines with working men striking for a fair wage and fair treatment. He opposed injustice, racism, sexism and elitism.

He wrote songs like nobody had ever heard before.

The quote I am going to give from him is the one he painted on his guitar –

‘This machine kills fascists’

Woody Guthrie

It is a simple concept for a complex issue. He was saying that you do not destroy poisonous ideology like fascism and fundamentalism with guns – you destroy them with music, with words, with education. You change the minds not blow up the bodies.

That has informed my life.

Music is a powerful tool for changing people’s minds and awakening their humanity and love of their fellow men and women. The…

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Oph & Mike’s Radio Programme – 50s US R&B.

Well this is radio show we recorded together yesterday!

We’ve got to go back and sort out a couple of glitches before it is complete – There’s a bit of a muck up around the intro to Hi-heeled Sneakers and Arthur Alexander but we’ll sort that.

I hope you enjoy this. Any feedback would be appreciated.

This will go out (when we’ve sorted the glitches) to local hospitals. As I said before – if we get it right they’ll take it off intensive care and into the other wards!

It’s great to have a captive audience. I’m very proud of the opportunity to give people an incentive to get better.

Although it’s the rough version – please let me know what you think!