The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

I believe there is truth. It might not be absolute but it is near enough.
Science has brought us an amazing advancement in technology that has altered the world and transformed our lives. Some of that is for the best and some of that is far worse. Mostly it has improved.
We are always very keen to seize the fruits of this work – transport, energy, computers, medicine, materials, gadgets……… but we are keen to bash scientists and experts if they are not one hundred percent certain.
We have gone from the horse and cart and oil lanterns to nuclear fusion and space stations in no time at all.
So we will place our trust in the latest jet-liner but will reject evolution. We will try the latest cancer drug treatment but deny climate change.

And science is still in its infancy.

The truth? What is that? It has many levels. Is it a factual concept of what has occurred, how it has occurred and how that operates?
That is what we are investigating. We are in the infancy of science. We have understood so much so quickly. We still have a lot to learn. But we have made great progress. Scientists and experts have a pretty good handle on what is going on – far better than any of the ‘public’ or politicians.

I contend that Social Cohesion is much more important than the careers of politicians.

We need to put an end to this politicisation of information – both the perversion of science and the constant crying of Fake News and Project Fear. It is tearing apart the fabric of society.

Populism is destroying cohesion. It is tearing our societies apart and playing into the hands of those who want us to fall.
It’s time we put more faith into scientists and experts. They do not all talk rubbish.
Species extinction is real.
Climate change is real.
Evolution is real.
Brexit will badly damage our country.
Trump is actively causing division and hatred.

A healthy scepticism is one thing. Total rejection of all the evidence is something else. We are throwing the baby out with the bath water and allowing the religious lunatics and political extremists to spout their stupidity unopposed.
Look at the lunatics that are raising their heads with their fundamentalist claptrap!


Medieval – a poem



Medieval customs;

Beliefs passed down from ages past.

Medieval costumes:

From the splendid to absurd.

Medieval superstition;

Posing as the rational.

From the Dark Ages

Into the darkness of thought.

Shackling our breath

To a system that counts for nought.

Medieval thoughts

From medieval minds

Masqueradinf as sense.

Medieval values

From prescientific times

From there to thence.

Mass hallucinations

Reinforcing a multitude of sins.


Opher – 28.12.2018


I wrote this a year ago for all those who follow fundamentalist religions. Their intolerance is abhorrent. Their intransigence is exclusive.

They seem stuck firmly in the ancient past. They need to move on.


Asia Bibi – The Intolerance of the Extreme Muslims.

The whole business with Asia Bibi has displayed the rank intolerance of the Extreme Muslims in Pakistan.

For a supposedly civilised country this has been an appalling display of intolerance and injustice.

What started as a minor dispute was escalated into a death sentence. Asia is a Christian and was working with in the fields Muslim women from her village. These women refused to drink from a water bucket that Asia had touched because they claimed it was now unclean. They demanded she convert to Islam and she refused. In the heated argument that followed they claimed she insulted the prophet Muhammad.

Asia was arrested under blasphemy laws and absurdly sentenced to death.

This is not the only travesty of justice. In 2009, politician Salman Taseer was shot dead by his own bodyguard, Mumtaz Qadri, after he spoke out in support of Ms Bibi and openly condemned Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. The loathsome Qadri was celebrated as a hero!

She has now served eight years in prison before an appeals court released her.

Now we have thousands of extreme Muslims taking to the streets demanding her execution!

What is going on!! These religious extremists need locking up!! The blasphemy laws need repealing!!

No civilised country can allow this extreme violence and mob rule!! Intolerance of this nature cannot be permitted!!

It is time for Imran Khan to use the army to stamp down on this appalling extremism!

Pakistan needs to move into the 21st Century. Religious intolerance cannot be allowed to exist.


The Story of Religion

The Story of Religion

Once upon a time there was god. He came from nowhere spontaneously, or was always there. He existed, all powerful, in the midst of nothing for all time. He was powerful beyond all human understanding. He was also inherently kind and loving.
He decided that he would make the whole universe of more galaxies than the human mind could comprehend and so he did.
He thought it and it came into being out of nothing, just like he himself had done before.
He made the whole universe, with its zillions of galaxies, each made of trillions of stars, just so that he could place some humans on a small planet in an average galaxy that was in itself completely insignificant.
These humans were the focus of everything. They were the purpose for the existence of the whole universe and gave god a purpose too.
He gave them free will but warned them that if they did not obey his instructions and commands to the letter, (despite the fact that he was loving and kind), he would cast them into everlasting agony. But then he told them that if they did obey his every demand to the last full stop, they would have everlasting joy in heaven – for god had a purpose and a plan for them that was beyond their understanding.
Then god proceeded to allow different versions of his often confusing and contradictory instructions to be distributed to different people in different parts of the world all purporting to be the only truth – the holy word of god.
It created fear and confusion but god did not interfere.
Some people believed that god was manifest in rocks, trees, sun and moon, while others believed that he was a series of gods and goddesses living in the sky, while others thought he was three and some that he was one.
The only thing they all agreed on was that all the other versions were wrong, heretical and evil and had to be eradicated; that any deviation from the word of the script was to be punished with death.
The different tribes fought and killed in the name of their own god. They fiercely brought up their children to believe in their version and fight fiercely in his name. They were determined to enforce the version of the rules they had been given.
God watched as they butchered, slaughtered, sacrificed and tortured.
He had an unknowable plan.
Perhaps the suffering and death was all part of it?
It would all work out in the end. All the tribes had faith – different faith – but faith none the less.
God did nothing to intervene – not a word.
He had given humanity the universe, a place of wonder and awe, created out of nothing, but he was nowhere to be seen, doing nothing.
This is the story of religion.
It all makes perfect sense to me.

Ban the Burka??? Burn the Niqab???

Hijabs, Niqabs, Burkas, religion, misogyny and modesty.


I have a dilemma when it comes to the clothing restrictions made on women in Islam.

I do not like it. I think it is misogynistic. I do not believe it is Islamic; it is pre-Islamic. I see it as a process of subordination and oppression of women that stems from the Arabic, Abrahamic tradition; straight out of medieval tribalism.

I do not think women should be treated as sex objects. I think they are equal. But they should be allowed to express their sexuality. I do not like repression in any form.

I despise the imposition of dress codes on women and become furious when I read of women being whipped or beaten for not complying.

I feel it is grossly unfair when I see men walking around free to wear what they like while their women are constrained.

I know that some women want to wear these costumes from long ago. They say it gives them confidence and they do not like men’s eyes on them. I can understand that.

I know some women feel that it is a religious duty to comply.

I know that some women wear hijabs that are highly decorative and that it is attractive.

I do not find it so. I find it a symbol of repression, control and un-emancipation. It is like a woman is being forced to wear shackles.

It stinks.

I have enough trouble with the absurdity of religion without the primitive, sexist, misogynistic overtones.

Then I hit the dilemma.

I also believe that people should be free to wear what they like, dress how they like and believe what they like.

I just wish that women in this country would appreciate the plight of their disenfranchised sisters and show a bit of solidarity! We have a culture of equality, tolerance, freedom and democracy.

I believe that costume challenges those values.

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My Best Antitheist Books – Please Take a Look!!

I have written a number of books about religion. I do not think religion has been a positive force in human history. I believe it to be a fiction created by man to try to explain the mystical, spiritual and unknown aspects of the universe, life and death.

They are, in my opinion, mysteries that are not captured by the dogma of any religions. All religions have been used for power, hate and accruing of wealth. They are not among man’s best ideas.

These are my best Antitheist Books:


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The Antitheists Dictionary


A humorous set of definitions of religious terms.


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The Antitheist’s Dictionary


A humorous set of definitions of religious terms


The Book of Ginny


A novel about a religious cult.


Well done Ireland!!! A great Yes Vote!!

It was great to see Ireland moving forward into a modern mentality and beginning to shake off the claustrophobic shackles of the Catholic Church. Well done Ireland!!

Sour faced women and dour men represent the old ways. The new is vital and alive!

Women have the right to decide! That is right! It’s a personal choice!

I believe the Catholic Church, which has strangled the vitality of the Irish for long, is finally on the wane.

Too many priests have been found abusing children.

Too many nuns were guilty of great cruelty and callousness to unmarried mothers.

There have been too many bad policies on things such as tampons, contraception and sexuality.

Those have all undermined the authority of the church. How can anybody believe when it is obvious that the clergy do not?

The Catholic church is looking to overrun the world with kids. That has to stop. The population is far too big. We need to reduce it.

I am not a great believer in abortion. I think it is a difficult decision. I do think that both the baby and the father have to be taken into account when making that decision. But I do believe that it is right of the mother to have the final word. It is not for the church, or any pressure group, to dictate.

I would suggest that the best way forward is readily available contraception and the morning after pill for mistakes is far preferable to having an abortion.

With sex goes responsibility!

Now it is time to get all Irish children out from Catholic indoctrination! Get the church out of schools!! 90% of primary education is from the church!! That should never be allowed!! They just want to get their hands on children and indoctrinate them. I think that is child abuse in itself!

Asia Bibi and the Pakistan Blasphemy Laws – sentenced to death for drinking water!

There is a war going on in Pakistan regarding the insane blasphemy laws. Hard line clerics have called out masses of people to protest that the laws are being diluted.

Diluted!!  They need chucking out!!  The blasphemy laws are barbaric!!

Asia Bibi is a Christian. She was out harvesting berries with a group of Muslim women. They protested about her drinking water from the same bowl as them and accused her of insulting the prophet. In 2010 court found her guilty and sentenced her to death by hanging.

She is still in prison awaiting death. Violent fanatics have threatened her family and say they will kill Asia if she is released.

This is the madness of fundamentalist religion!!

Jerusalem – The Church of All Nations – Photos

I love art and religion sure bought in some experts to produce some great works. I found them all quite wondrous to look at. They are built to impress and Jerusalem is not short of impressive religious works of art. We have 3 religions all trying to outdo each other – to show that they are the real ones and the other two are rubbish. The result, for an atheist such as me, is spectacular.

The Church of All Nations – built in Gethsemane was very impressive.

Favourite Religious Quoutes gathered by Michael B.

Some of my favorite religion quotes:

“I have no faith in Faith, and don’t believe in Beliefs.”
Neal Peart

“The religious persecution of the ages has been done under what was claimed to be the command of God. I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do to their fellows, because it always coincides with their own desires.”
Susan B. Anthony

“One’s religion is whatever he is most interested in.”
J.M. Barrie

“Religion is the most malevolent of all mind viruses.”
Arthur C. Clarke

“Die Irreligiösen sind religiöser als sie selbst wissen, und die Religiösen sind’s weniger, als sie meinen.”
Translation: “The irreligious are more religious than they themselves know, and the religious are less so than they think.”
Franz Grillparzer

“The cosmos is a gigantic fly-wheel making 10,000 revolutions a minute. Man is a sick fly taking a dizzy ride on it. Religion is the theory that the wheel was designed and set spinning to give him a ride.”
H.L. Mencken