Well done Ireland!!! A great Yes Vote!!

It was great to see Ireland moving forward into a modern mentality and beginning to shake off the claustrophobic shackles of the Catholic Church. Well done Ireland!!

Sour faced women and dour men represent the old ways. The new is vital and alive!

Women have the right to decide! That is right! It’s a personal choice!

I believe the Catholic Church, which has strangled the vitality of the Irish for long, is finally on the wane.

Too many priests have been found abusing children.

Too many nuns were guilty of great cruelty and callousness to unmarried mothers.

There have been too many bad policies on things such as tampons, contraception and sexuality.

Those have all undermined the authority of the church. How can anybody believe when it is obvious that the clergy do not?

The Catholic church is looking to overrun the world with kids. That has to stop. The population is far too big. We need to reduce it.

I am not a great believer in abortion. I think it is a difficult decision. I do think that both the baby and the father have to be taken into account when making that decision. But I do believe that it is right of the mother to have the final word. It is not for the church, or any pressure group, to dictate.

I would suggest that the best way forward is readily available contraception and the morning after pill for mistakes is far preferable to having an abortion.

With sex goes responsibility!

Now it is time to get all Irish children out from Catholic indoctrination! Get the church out of schools!! 90% of primary education is from the church!! That should never be allowed!! They just want to get their hands on children and indoctrinate them. I think that is child abuse in itself!

8 thoughts on “Well done Ireland!!! A great Yes Vote!!

  1. You said it Opher.
    Ireland takes it’s first tentative steps into the 21st century.
    Bet there’s some amount of angry sermons tomorrow!

  2. “With sex goes responsibility!” Why is it that is so hard for people to get through their heads? There is such a cavalier spirit about the whole abortion thing that you don’t hear about in the news. But I worked at a crisis pregnancy center for two years and saw it first hand. I wanted to really get on those girls about just using protection for cryin’ out loud…

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