Paestum – Greek Temple complex outside Naples

Paestum has an amazing complex of three temples and amphitheatre a couple of hours drive from Naples.

The temples are better than Athens Acropolis IMO but the setting is not as spectacular.

It was great to walk around as there wasn’t huge crowds.

See for yourself:

The three temples are dedicated to Hera, Athena and Poseidon. Not too many people worship them anymore but once they were considered universal with powers over everyone.

17 thoughts on “Paestum – Greek Temple complex outside Naples

  1. They are beautiful. Accentuated more by the absence of tourists (nearly said druids then). I was thinking about Terry Pratchett’s gods, who die when people cease to believe in them. I think there is still a glimmer of light as there are still supporters of the pre-Christian deities.

    1. Safar – yes – there are a few supporters who linger on – perhaps the gods have a glimmer of life left in them. They were beautiful. I don’t know why they aren’t better known.

      1. My thoughts on that is that they are hard to find your way around, as many Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods seem to be synonymous, an individual deity can be known by more than one name. They are written about differently and then there’s the problem of lost in translation. I like to use ancient deities for writing inspiration, but one name could have me researching for days.

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