Religious Schools – an anathema!!

The Tory policy of increasing the number of Religious Schools is shown to be a terrible idea.

An Islamic school has been judged in breach of basic human rights by segregating boys and girls.


I do not think it is right that religious people in this country have the right to have their children indoctrinated in religious schools. Schools are about education not brainwashing. They should be multicultural, mixed sex and open to all creeds – just like the rest of society. If we do not learn to get along together and integrate we are not going to have a harmonious future. We have much to learn from each other. We can only do that by mixing.

I say shut down religious schools and integrate our children.

Tory Education policy in an absolute mess!

What a complete cock-up the Tories are making of education! As an ex secondary school Headteacher I am appalled.

  1. All schools underfunded resulting in wholesale redundancies.
  2. Teacher pay cut drastically and pensions slashed resulting in demoralisation.
  3. Workload through the ceiling causing stress and illness.
  4. Best teachers leaving, taking early retirement or changing profession.
  5. Free school gimmick a fiasco – many so badly run they have shut after only a few years at huge expense. Unqualified teachers, religious indoctrination, poor education standards, unfit buildings, unfit management – a complete farce!
  6. Religious schools set up to indoctrinate children and create segregation instead of integration. Breeding grounds for the next round of terrorists? British values of democracy, tolerance and pluralism?
  7. Grammar schools with kids being stressed to pass tests at eleven or go through life as a failure. Serving the top 10% at the expense of 90%. A two tier system of success and failure paving the way for another generation of secondary modern horrors.
  8. The politicisation of Ofsted.
  9. Teaching my numbers with a mantra of a standard three part lesson and tick-box culture strangling creativity of teaching in the classroom.
  10. A greatly reduced curriculum causing the Arts to wither on the vine and student creativity to be stunted.

What an indictment!!  Education cannot be trusted in Tory hands. It is the same old story. They only value the wealthy and private education.

All the time the Tories try to deflect away from the gross underfunding behind their strategy by bringing in gimmick after gimmick. If this carries on much longer they will have destroyed all that was good about it.

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Tory Education Policy an absolute scandalous mess! Why it’s wrong and what should be done.

As an ex secondary Headteacher I have a very good handle on education.

In my view the last six years of Tory education policy has been an absolute disaster. They have brought in Free Schools, Religious Schools, Academies and Grammar Schools. All of which are hugely expensive and have siphoned funding away from mainstream schools causing all manner of damage. Not only that but all of the new initiatives have been abysmal. They have reduced pay and pensions for teachers, demoralised the staff, brought in layers of bureaucracy, unwanted change, politicised Ofsted and wasted money right, left and centre.

Free Schools

An attempt to get education on the cheap that has backfired. The Free School programme has allowed any idiot or person with vested interests to set up their own schools. We have had religious nutcases, political and business interests all wanting to get their hands on our children.

They are expensive to set up and many have already gone bust and shut due to mismanagement.

Of the ones that are still running there are many totally undesirable people looking to indoctrinate our children with their religious beliefs or strange views.

They employ unqualified staff, provide dubious teaching stands, and substandard education.

What an absolute horror of an idea. You couldn’t make it up.

Religious Schools

They are promoting more religious schools. Yes I’m sure religious communities want that but do we really want our young children indoctrinated? Do we want them segregated from other children and brought up apart? Or do we want them integrated and educated to think?

Education should not be indoctrination. We do not want Muslim, Jewish, Catholic or Protestant children isolated from the broad society outside, Surely that isolation leads to separation and fanaticism? Are we sowing the seeds for a future generation of terrorists?

I think integration is desirable.

Segregation through religion leads to trouble. So short sighted.


Schools were bribed with promises of extra funding to become academies. What a mistake. The funding promises did not materialise. They were lied to.

The true purpose was political – to undermine the power of the local authorities.

Academies are left without support or a network and with a huge extra burden of bureaucracy and extra work. They have to go through processes of buying in the services previously provided by the local authorities. They have changed schools into businesses. But education should not be a business. Children’s education should not be run as a business.

Grammar Schools

Selection at eleven (or 13) is a terrible thing to put our children through. It creates winners and losers and scars many children for life. If you pass you are great. If you fail you are useless.

The successful become arrogant. The failures become demotivated.

10% are successful. 90% fail. How can that possibly be good?

Of course it panders to the Tory voters, the more affluent. They pay for private education or tuition. They put in the cash to ensure their children pass the exam. It is not a level playing field.

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Integration? Religious Schools? Muddled thinking?

Once again we have politicians pulling in two different directions. They want more religious schools. They want more integration.

They want Muslims being taught in segregated schools. They want Muslims integrated into British society with British values and language. Aren’t the two wishes counterproductive.

Surely the best way to integrate people is to teach them alongside each other rather than keeping them apart?

Haven’t we seen this in Ireland with Catholics and Protestants being educated apart?

Surely it is time to take all religion out of schools? Why do we want our children being brain-washed?

I find it repugnant.

What reasons do religious groups have for getting their hands on our kids? Isn’t it obvious?

The government is looking to get education subsidised by religious people without caring about their motives.

Surely our children are too precious to be abused in this way?

Religious Schools should be banned!!


I have always been extremely concerned at indoctrination of children. To seed young, impressionable minds with faith ideas at an early age, prior to them being able to reason, I consider to be an abuse.

I can see why the religious are keen on the idea. They know that if they can instil those ideas into a child’s head at an early stage they will have hooked them for life. They will have been psychologically impregnated with religion. They will never be able to remove it. It becomes hard-wired.

Most people see nothing wrong with this. They think of religion as benign, even beneficial; it instils moral values.

I believe it is much more sinister than that.

It is only with the rise of fundamentalism that people are waking up to the harm. We are seeing young children being drilled in religious doctrine, learning tracts by rote, and being taught not to question the whole doctrine. Some of these children are now going on to become fundamentalists and extremists. And we are surprised!

I am a multiculturalist. I believe we should respect other cultures and customs. But that does not mean that those cultures should displace British culture. I see them as an enriching and peripheral experience. I believe that people should become integrated into British culture if they chose to live here.

I am concerned when I find enclaves developing in Britain where people are recreating the culture of their ‘home’ country and making no attempt to integrate. That is not enriching for either party.

I believe that adults should be free to practice whatever religious/spiritual practices they desire. But they should not inflict these superstitions on children.

For these reasons I am opposed to all religious schools on principle. I do not believe they should be legal at all, let alone encouraged and resourced from the state.

My reasons are simple:

  1. We should integrate into British culture and not live in enclaves.
  2. We should never indoctrinate children.

Religious schools create separate cultures, prevent integration, prevent the assimilation of British culture and values, and facilitate the indoctrination of children which I consider to be child abuse.

I would also shut down Sunday Schools, Madrassas and other religious indoctrination programmes.

Religious Schools – a recipe for disaster.



The whole concept of religious schools is a throwback to the Dark Ages. They should be abolished. I have two huge objections:

1. Integration

The key theme of our society should be integration to shared values.

I cannot think of anything worse that separating children into different schools to be brought up apart with a biased, partisan ethos. It is poison to the whole concept of integration, understanding and shared values.

We have seen the effects in Northern Ireland and we are seeing it in the rest of Britain.

2. Brain Washing

To have religion in schools is disgusting. To have it forced into young minds before their brains have developed sufficiently for them to rationally refute the logic of religion is brain washing.

As the Jesuits used to say ‘Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man’. It works for girls too! Once the insidious seeds have been psychologically planted they take root and destroy the ability to rationalise.

We see this taking place with Jews, Christians and Muslims. Probably the Jewish and Muslim go to the extreme with their enforced reciting and memorising of religious texts but the Christians have had their day.

I do not give a damn if the results are better. The social outcomes are disastrous. The abuse of our children and the effect on their psychology is permanent. They are being damaged for life.

This is nothing short of child abuse!

There should be a law against it!