Religious Schools – an anathema!!

The Tory policy of increasing the number of Religious Schools is shown to be a terrible idea.

An Islamic school has been judged in breach of basic human rights by segregating boys and girls.


I do not think it is right that religious people in this country have the right to have their children indoctrinated in religious schools. Schools are about education not brainwashing. They should be multicultural, mixed sex and open to all creeds – just like the rest of society. If we do not learn to get along together and integrate we are not going to have a harmonious future. We have much to learn from each other. We can only do that by mixing.

I say shut down religious schools and integrate our children.

2 thoughts on “Religious Schools – an anathema!!

    1. And it is a smokescreen that hides what is really going on as curriculum is narrowed, arts and humanities are sidelined and all that matters are exams.

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