Tory Education policy in an absolute mess!

What a complete cock-up the Tories are making of education! As an ex secondary school Headteacher I am appalled.

  1. All schools underfunded resulting in wholesale redundancies.
  2. Teacher pay cut drastically and pensions slashed resulting in demoralisation.
  3. Workload through the ceiling causing stress and illness.
  4. Best teachers leaving, taking early retirement or changing profession.
  5. Free school gimmick a fiasco – many so badly run they have shut after only a few years at huge expense. Unqualified teachers, religious indoctrination, poor education standards, unfit buildings, unfit management – a complete farce!
  6. Religious schools set up to indoctrinate children and create segregation instead of integration. Breeding grounds for the next round of terrorists? British values of democracy, tolerance and pluralism?
  7. Grammar schools with kids being stressed to pass tests at eleven or go through life as a failure. Serving the top 10% at the expense of 90%. A two tier system of success and failure paving the way for another generation of secondary modern horrors.
  8. The politicisation of Ofsted.
  9. Teaching my numbers with a mantra of a standard three part lesson and tick-box culture strangling creativity of teaching in the classroom.
  10. A greatly reduced curriculum causing the Arts to wither on the vine and student creativity to be stunted.

What an indictment!!  Education cannot be trusted in Tory hands. It is the same old story. They only value the wealthy and private education.

All the time the Tories try to deflect away from the gross underfunding behind their strategy by bringing in gimmick after gimmick. If this carries on much longer they will have destroyed all that was good about it.

If you want to read how to run a school to an outstanding level while focussing on a child-orientated, creative, caring curriculum check out my book –

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