Theresa May – Mrs Wibbly Wobbly

What the Tories want you to believe is that she is a strong leader who will negotiate a good deal over Brexit!


It couldn’t be further from the truth. She is weak weak WEAK WEAK.

  1. She voted Remain yet has given in to the right-wingers to change her mind, do a U-Turn and go for a catastrophic hard Brexit. Why was she so scared?
  2. She refuses to go on TV and debate face to face with Corbyn. What is she scared of?
  3. She refuses to go out and meet the public. All her campaign has been stage-managed in front of selected Tory audiences and set-up scenarios. What is she scared of?
  4. She has panicked over the disastrous policies put out in her manifesto – robbing pensioners, the dementia tax, and robbing the poor and disabled while giving tax cuts to the wealthy. Running scared again.

What mess would this weak PM make when confronted with the beasts of the EU? She’ll probably do a Heath and throw in the Crown Jewels. They will eat her alive!!

2 thoughts on “Theresa May – Mrs Wibbly Wobbly

  1. Well Corbyn has no chance with the EU Commission. He couldn’t even hold his own in PMQs. Read the article by the former Greek Finance Minister then you will understand why a massive majority in the election will make no difference to the stance of the EU Commissioners. They are not elected and don’t care about democracy.

  2. See Guardian, 18th May with Corbyn also derided.
    The EU Commissioners are not only not elected, but all personally very wealthy and they themselves decide upon their salaries.

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