Religious Schools – a recipe for disaster.

Religious Schools – a recipe for disaster.


The whole concept of religious schools is a throwback to the Dark Ages. They should be abolished. I have two huge objections:

1. Integration

The key theme of our society should be integration to shared values.

I cannot think of anything worse that separating children into different schools to be brought up apart with a biased, partisan ethos. It is poison to the whole concept of integration, understanding and shared values.

We have seen the effects in Northern Ireland and we are seeing it in the rest of Britain.

2. Brain Washing

To have religion in schools is disgusting. To have it forced into young minds before their brains have developed sufficiently for them to rationally refute the logic of religion is brain washing.

As the Jesuits used to say ‘Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man’. It works for girls too! Once the insidious seeds have been psychologically planted they take root and destroy the ability to rationalise.

We see this taking place with Jews, Christians and Muslims. Probably the Jewish and Muslim go to the extreme with their enforced reciting and memorising of religious texts but the Christians have had their day.

I do not give a damn if the results are better. The social outcomes are disastrous. The abuse of our children and the effect on their psychology is permanent. They are being damaged for life.

This is nothing short of child abuse!

There should be a law against it!

2 thoughts on “Religious Schools – a recipe for disaster.

  1. When i was very young we lived in Ireland. Back in the 70’s. My older brother had to go to a strict Catholic school run by nuns.
    They would beat him for using his left hand up until he hit a nun with a chair.
    We never forgot this and can laugh about it now, it must have been horrendous for him at the time. He is quite a gentle soul so for him to get to that point shows how extreme it was.
    He is right handed now, but never forgot.

    1. I can imagine. That does sound horrendous. You wouldn’t believe that such prejudice still exists. The left hand was the devil’s hand. Babies were killed for being left-handed (probably why there is such a skewed population?). Sinister!

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