Integration? Religious Schools? Muddled thinking?

Once again we have politicians pulling in two different directions. They want more religious schools. They want more integration.

They want Muslims being taught in segregated schools. They want Muslims integrated into British society with British values and language. Aren’t the two wishes counterproductive.

Surely the best way to integrate people is to teach them alongside each other rather than keeping them apart?

Haven’t we seen this in Ireland with Catholics and Protestants being educated apart?

Surely it is time to take all religion out of schools? Why do we want our children being brain-washed?

I find it repugnant.

What reasons do religious groups have for getting their hands on our kids? Isn’t it obvious?

The government is looking to get education subsidised by religious people without caring about their motives.

Surely our children are too precious to be abused in this way?

4 thoughts on “Integration? Religious Schools? Muddled thinking?

  1. Can I just correct you on one point, you have not seen problems in “Ireland with Catholics and Protestants being educated apart”. That is the case in Northern Ireland, separate education. Ireland, as you state is Southern Ireland, the Irish Republic – now I am not saying it is all Catholic Schools there because it is not. My First Cousin, her Son is a Headmaster as it happens a Catholic School. Ireland is separate from Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland which as you know, is part of the UK.

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