Let me tell you a little about my books.

I am a writer. I started writing way back in 1971. I completely my first book in 1973 – a very weird composite of cartoons, poetry and narrative in a surreal sixties style. I thought that I had created something original and unique. The publishers thought that it was probably too unique. It never saw the light of day.

As I had a young family I had to get a day job. But that did not prevent me from writing. Late at night, after the kids and wife were tucked up in bed, I would get down to some serious writing. On my old type-writer I produced volumes of work, typing until two or three in the morning as the ideas flowed and the ecstasy of creation buoyed me along. For weeks I would manage on four hours sleep and though greatly fatigued I would be energised by the stream of thoughts, the wonder of writing and the complexity of the story. All through the day new ideas would come into my head and I’d write them down. I’d wake up in the night with a new one and scribble in the dark. It was all-consuming.

I wrote what I was inspired to write on whatever I wanted – as the inspiration hit. Sometimes it was a novel, sometimes a poem or short story, sometimes it was a memoir and occasionally it was an account. It made no difference to me. I was writing for myself.

Over the years I accumulated the manuscripts, all my babies, conceived in the fertility of my mind. They sat on shelves gathering a patina of age.

I was nowhere near as motivated to market them.

I promised myself that when I had time I would work on them more, send them off and get them published.

That time came when I retired. I found myself with time and began rewriting my masterpieces and editing them. Self-publishing gave me an outlet. I could finally transform those old typed manuscripts into real books. I could also write new ones – because time gave those drives more impetus.

At this moment in time I have produced a series of forty odd books, and odd they are – a body of work encompassing Sci-fi, Rock Music, Education, Art, Experimental Novel, Novels, Memoir, Anecdotes, Poetry, Antitheism, Environment and Travel.

I will stop writing soon. At least I will stop rewriting. I will have copied up my back catalogue. The plan is then to look for a standard publishing outlet and market.

I’m not there yet. I’m still writing.

If you are tempted to give my work a read then I would be delighted. A writer without an audience is like a play being performed in an empty warehouse. My work is available on Amazon.

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Elsewhere in the world please check out your local Amazon.

Thank you for supporting an Indie Writer.

Writing – What do I need?

green- cover

There are a lot of things that I need right now.

Let me count the ways:

  1. I need the time and energy to complete my writing projects
  2. I need a Literary Agent to appear on a great stallion with contract in hand – which says ‘Have no fear. I will take on all the rotten parts and make the stink of proof-reading, editing, marketing, selling and business all melt away’ – Sign here.
  3. I need a publisher to arrive unbidden on a spaceship with a contract in hand which says – ‘Sign here in blood. I am desperate for sixty novels from a strange quirky man who refuses to do things the normal way, who writes about whatever comes into his head in any genre, style he likes but is authentic.’
  4. I need clever souls who will want to read my books, proofread and edit to make them perfect. (Volunteers?)
  5. I need hundreds of people to write brilliant reviews on Amazon.
  6. I need thousands of people to buy my books and provide me with the audience I crave.
  7. I need to hold my fifty precious babies, feel great about them, proud and happy, and know they are being properly cared for in new homes all over the world
  8. I need to feel that I have contributed to a positive zeitgeist and helped change the world for the better.

That’s all. Not much to ask. Is it?

Writing – Marketing my books – the difficulties and tribulation, dilemmas and aggravations.


I am a writer – not a marketer.

I write in many forms and have accumulated a large catalogue of books in different styles and different genres.

I have written nearly fifty and published about half. There is the dilemma.

I enjoy writing. I do not enjoy marketing. I do not have the time. At present I have eight projects on the go. I’m juggling and loving it. It is the writing that I enjoy.

There does not seem much point in writing if you don’t have an audience. You do not get an audience if you do not market. My only marketing is this blog. Yet I am aware that there is a balance. People who like my blog do not want to be bombarded with sales talk.

I am not seeking wealth or fame. I want to write and I want to influence things that I care about. I am a serious writer. I do want to have an audience and I do need feedback about my writing.

I believe in myself, the quality of my work and the content I put in. I have had sufficient glowing feedback to know that others enjoy it and it is marketable.

So do I take time off from what I love doing to spend weeks marketing? Or do I put my energies into getting a publisher so that they handle all that? Or do I continue along and have the books dribbling along.

Is writing valid if the audience is severely limited?

I am torn.

In the meantime – please leave reviews so that others can see that you have enjoyed the books and send through the feedback. I feed off it.

Thank you to all of you who have left the ‘likes’, encouragement, support and bought my books. You give me hope.

Isn’t the process of reading and writing incredible? Just think about the process for a minute!

Reading and writing is absolutely amazing. I sit in my room with my computer and a keyboard. With the aid of a keyboard of twenty six symbols and maybe a dozen punctuation symbols I am able to put my thoughts, ideas and stories into symbols.

Somewhere in the world, in the 119 countries where the hundreds of people who read my blogs live, people of all ages, races and beliefs can study those symbols and extract the ideas, thoughts and stories I codified. They can read my mind, recreate the pictures I described, understand the ideas and know what I am saying. I can open my mind and they can look in.

When I read a book my eyes look at the symbols and my brain converts them to pictures, thoughts and feelings. I am able to see and feel what the author was describing. The symbols are universally understood. Each word has a meaning and I am able to see it in the way the writer intended. We communicate though we have never met.

All the greatest minds, ideas, stories, thoughts and feelings of humanity have been collected in symbols and I have the power to extract them and marvel at them.

The human brain is incredible.

The persons who invented writing and reading were amazing.

The process of reading and writing is probably the greatest human invention.

The Books I have published – all available on Amazon.

At present I am working on rewriting some of my older books and writing new books.

These are the books I have published on Amazon:

1.      Pornographic Syndromes

2.      Destination self

3.      Hallucination

4.      Nosedive

5.      Green

6.      Intergalactic Rockstar – Star turn



14.  Goofin’ with the cosmic freaks

15.  53 & imploding

16.  Reflections from a ditch

17.  Farther from the sun

19.  The apartment

20.  Torture


21.  Antitheists Bible

22.  Book of Ginny

23.  Antitheists dictionary

24.  Diary of a 60s freak

25.  Poetry Vol 1 – Prose & Cons

27. My Art & Outpourings

Rock Music

40.  In Search of Captain Beefheart

41.  537 Essential Rock Albums pt 1

44.  Tribute to Rock Geniuses Vol 1


47.  Headship – a passion for education

 48. Anthropocene Apocalypse


I have three others that are ready for publication:

Ruminating on Roy Harper

Ebola in Eden

Rock Streams

and one that I have a first draft of and am presently working on with Nick Harper – Nick Harper The Wilderness Years.

If you would like to try out something different; if you have read my blogs and enjoy my writing, why not try out an Opher book. I might become your life-time favourite writer. Who knows?