Let me tell you a little about my books.

I am a writer. I started writing way back in 1971. I completely my first book in 1973 – a very weird composite of cartoons, poetry and narrative in a surreal sixties style. I thought that I had created something original and unique. The publishers thought that it was probably too unique. It never saw the light of day.

As I had a young family I had to get a day job. But that did not prevent me from writing. Late at night, after the kids and wife were tucked up in bed, I would get down to some serious writing. On my old type-writer I produced volumes of work, typing until two or three in the morning as the ideas flowed and the ecstasy of creation buoyed me along. For weeks I would manage on four hours sleep and though greatly fatigued I would be energised by the stream of thoughts, the wonder of writing and the complexity of the story. All through the day new ideas would come into my head and I’d write them down. I’d wake up in the night with a new one and scribble in the dark. It was all-consuming.

I wrote what I was inspired to write on whatever I wanted – as the inspiration hit. Sometimes it was a novel, sometimes a poem or short story, sometimes it was a memoir and occasionally it was an account. It made no difference to me. I was writing for myself.

Over the years I accumulated the manuscripts, all my babies, conceived in the fertility of my mind. They sat on shelves gathering a patina of age.

I was nowhere near as motivated to market them.

I promised myself that when I had time I would work on them more, send them off and get them published.

That time came when I retired. I found myself with time and began rewriting my masterpieces and editing them. Self-publishing gave me an outlet. I could finally transform those old typed manuscripts into real books. I could also write new ones – because time gave those drives more impetus.

At this moment in time I have produced a series of forty odd books, and odd they are – a body of work encompassing Sci-fi, Rock Music, Education, Art, Experimental Novel, Novels, Memoir, Anecdotes, Poetry, Antitheism, Environment and Travel.

I will stop writing soon. At least I will stop rewriting. I will have copied up my back catalogue. The plan is then to look for a standard publishing outlet and market.

I’m not there yet. I’m still writing.

If you are tempted to give my work a read then I would be delighted. A writer without an audience is like a play being performed in an empty warehouse. My work is available on Amazon.

In the UK:


In the USA:


Elsewhere in the world please check out your local Amazon.

Thank you for supporting an Indie Writer.

5 thoughts on “Let me tell you a little about my books.

      1. You have to get into the groove where it consumes you. When I am in the groove I can write and write and not stop to eat, drink or sleep. It’s when your mind is in the zone. So fulfilling.

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