The real reason for Brexit!!

This is the real reason for Brexit!!!

These are the type of people who are backing Brexit. They are all going to make a killing!!

Brexit is all about putting huge money into rich peoples’ pockets even if it ruins the country and screws everyone!

They are funding the propaganda machine of lies!!


Give me the EU no more war! – a poem

Give me the EU no more war!


My Dad fought in Italy against the fascist scum.

My Grandad fought in Germany against the rampant Hun.

Down the rungs of history the bloody carnage reigns.

Never a generation is free of nationalistic pains.


Countless sons and whole families

Have been thrown upon the pyre

Of nationalistic madness, greed

And the building of Empire.


Now we have industrial slaughter

With which to swallow cities.

Mass murder by the millions

Wipe out whole communities.


So give me the EU and no more war!

And give me the UN too!

I want us talking, economically connected;

I want some social glue!


No more violence and misery

As the psychopaths take control.

A future of peace and love

That keeps our cities whole!


We build them up. We knock them down.

And terrorise the population!

No more mutilation and madness!

Let’s build a global nation!


So give me the EU and no more war!

And give me the UN too!

I want us talking, economically connected;

I want some social glue!


Opher – 20.5.2019



I’m so lucky – the first generation not to be sacrificed in some stupid geopolitical struggle. That’s just how I want it for my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren too!

We have short memories.

After the terror of the first and second world wars we swore it would never happen again. We put together the United Nations, built up the European Union and created NATO.

Now mad nationalists have risen up again and are trying to tear these institutions down.

The fascists are on the attack! Time to fight back!

These institutions have kept the peace for over seventy years! They need to be stronger – not pulled apart!

Brexit Brexit Brexit – a poem!

Brexit Brexit Brexit


Brexit Brexit Brexit

Who cares what happens next?

Brexit Brexit Brexit

We’re getting very vexed!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Just get out! Leave! Goodbye!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

We don’t care if we die!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

We’re just sick and tired!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

If you object – you’re fired!


Brexit Brexit Brexit

The madmen are in control!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

They’ve dug us in a hole!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

A bunch of fascist thugs!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Treating us like mugs!


Brexit Brexit Brexit

They’re stoking up division! They’re stoking up the hate!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Peddling their ‘No Deal’ and pissing on our fate!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Xenophobia, nationalism, racism and extremes

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Someone’s making money! It’s never what it seems!


Brexit fucking Brexit

Another Tory mess! Another Tory dire fiasco!

Brexit Brexit Brexit

Courtesy of Cameron, Osborne, Farage and co.


Opher 12.9.2019

Brexiteer’s Rant – a poem

Brexiteer’s Rant


Give me rationing and the spirit of the Blitz

Let me live in an Anderson shelter and get ready for some hits!

Let me stockpile my medicines and watch the lorries queue!

I’m looking forward to poverty like all good Britons do!


I want to be ruled by a bunch of Eton toffs

Rather than the bloody foreigners to which our caps are doffed.

Who cares if our power wanes or the economy takes a dive!

We’ll be a banana republic but at least we’ll be alive!


Yes, we’ll lose some jobs and our kids won’t be able to roam.

We’ll put up all the barriers – we’re better off at home!

For we are all British! We’re bred pure and true!

For God, Queen and Country! – Nothing else will do!


Opher – 13.9.2019

It’s Scary!!!

Laws are broken,

Lies are told,

Division is stoked,

Democracy stifled,

Populist policies prevail,

The minority government ignores parliament,

We are now in a dictatorship,

Nobody oversees the government,

But the mad juggernaut careers forward

With support from a segment of society.

It is madness!!

This is Britain!

The mother of parliaments

The upholder of law and justice

Has become a laughing stock!

If a minority government can ignore the courts,

Ride roughshod over parliament

And not be subject to any checks

Where does this end?


Brexit – a country hopelessly divided – a government stoking up the division for personal gain!

I’m a Remainer – but I will not go into that now!

I am sure that all Remainers and Brexiteers have very good reasons for voting as they did.

It seems to me that both sides think they are right and have entrenched themselves. It has grown to the level of Civil War. Neither side is speaking to the other; families have fallen out; friends have fallen out, there is abuse hurled and even violence.

The politicians, for political gain, are busy throwing petrol on the flames in the hopes of getting elected. It is all political posturing.

Who the hell is trying to bring the country together.

The country voted to leave. It was a binary decision. There was no vote on how we should leave and the margin of the vote was paper-thin. If it had been done the next week it might well have been different.

A few things are clear:

We voted to leave by a narrow margin

There is no mandate for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit (indeed we were told it would be the easiest deal ever)

Half the country have been branded ‘Bad Losers’

Nobody is looking dispassionately at the actuality of leaving

Nobody is looking at ways to heal this rift and mend the country

There has already been damage to the economy and social structure


As a Remainer I would like to see us remain in the EU as I think that is by far the best for the economy and social structure of the country. But we had a vote to leave.

I would like to have a second referendum because I believe we were lied to and now a lot of people have woken up to the immense damage leaving will have on our economy, our relationship with our EU neighbours, collaboration and trade and our world standing. I think the country no longer want to leave.

However, I accept that there is damage to the whole idea of democracy if we do not leave.

At present we are being ruled by a bunch of extremists who are set on the most extreme form of leaving possible.

I would accept a compromise which would meet the democratic mandate from the country and do the least harm to our economy and social structure.

My compromise would be to leave the EU but to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union.

That is not what the extremists on either side want but I believe it is what the majority of the people voted for and want, and would settle for as an intelligent compromise!

Surely now is the time for compromise and a sensible way forward!

We don’t have to have extreme views and winners and losers. We can behave like adults!

I now live in a country ruled by tyranny! Is democracy dead?

As our unelected Prime Minister, who has no mandate from the people, himself ruled by a bunch of elitist extremists, flouts democracy by suspending Parliament in order to force through a highly damaging No-Deal Brexit, I find that I now live under a dictatorship.

I have just watched Boris Johnson openly lie on Television – telling the people that the proroguing of parliament is not about Brexit when it patently is! THE MAN IS AN HABITUAL LIAR!

I would now ask a number of questions:

Apart from Rees-Mogg (who will make millions out of this) which other of these imbeciles pushing for a No-Deal Brexit stands to make a lot of money?

Is a big factor in this the election of the Tory Party? A crass example of putting party before country?

Is Boris Johnson’s lust for power going to destroy the country?

Is democracy dead?

Are the Brexiteers mad and stupid enough to wreck the country out of some jingoistic, nationalistic, emotional nonsense founded on propaganda preaching fear of Islam and some outmoded notion of Britain’s greatness?

Will the people now take to the streets to demand their voices be heard? Are we moving towards a revolution?

Are we ruled by morons or cynical self-servers who don’t care about us at all?



Predatory USA Corporations want to break up the EU!

Corporate USA want to get their fingers in all our pies. They think they can scam us for big profits!

The EU is too big and powerful for them to intimidate. They want it broken up so they can get their greedy fingers into every corner.

They’ll pick us off one by one because we will be weak and desperate.

Drugs for the NHS, Chlorinated chicken and GM grain will all be heading our way as they start skimming off the profits.

No wonder Trump is pushing hard for Brexit. He represents those greedy bastards. All they see is the bottom line. People don’t matter!

Boris Johnson – ingenious new way of financing the disastrous No-Deal Brexit!

Boris Johnson has an amazing plan to save the day! Realising that Brexit is a complete disaster for the economy and that he has somehow got to finance all the public services that the Tories have destroyed during their term of office, Johnson has come up with a cunning plan! He has to raise tens of billions to cover the huge cost of a No-Deal and also find more tens of billions to mend all the services the Tories have wantonly broken in the last ten years! Where can he possibly get those huge sums of money? Particularly as the economy is due to shrink dramatically and the pound crash following the exit from the EU?

Don’t worry Johnson has a contingency plan!!

Always the man with his finger on the pulse he has noticed that Trump is feeling sore after being snubbed by Denmark. Trump had his sights set on buying Greenland but for some obscure reason Denmark don’t want to sell. In the process they called Trump’s proposal ‘Absurd’ which has really upset the American President – so he has taken his bat home and declared them rude!

This was Johnson’s great opportunity. He is planning to step in and sell both Scotland and Ireland to the USA. This will get rid of a bag-load of problems with the troublesome Irish nationalists and annoying SNP. It will raise enough cash to fund Brexit and plug the holes in the public services that austerity has created, will secure a majority in Parliament and will enable him to give even more money to all the wealthy investors he represents!!- WIN WIN WIN!!!

A deal – a very very good deal – the best deal!

Yes we offer you the best deal the very very best deal – a great deal.

Just dump Huawei

Dump Iran

Put tariffs on China

There’s nothing wrong with chlorinated chicken

Dump your environmental laws

Beef full of hormones is great

You’ll love our GM food

We’ll shower you with our drugs

Privatise your NHS and let our drug companies in.

Do away with your labour laws – zero hours and low wages are great

Who needs holidays??

Who cares if the goods have to travel a few thousand miles?

You’ll love our American goods.

Of course you’ll get a good deal – the very best! Just do what you’re told and toe the line!!

We’ve a special relationship – we say jump and you ask how high!