The Corona Diaries – Day 171

Lunacy hits new heights with operation Moonshot. Obviously, Johnson has failed with his ‘world-beating’ Track and Trace system here on this planet, so it determined to have a ‘world-beating’ system on another. He will be able to Track and Trace every single person on the moon. Truly world-beating, out of this world – and complete lunacy! No wonder the lunatics came up with Moonshot!

This government needs locking up in a loony bin. They are coming up with all sorts of madness. Cummings is surpassing himself. This breaking of international law over Brexit legislation is another example. They are so arrogant that they think they can do whatever they like and get away with it. But I don’t think they can with this one. They are trying to justify it by saying how terrible the agreement was (that’s the world-beating, best deal ever of not long ago). Seemingly that justifies it. But there is a Tory revolt, The Lords are up in arms and even the Yanks are threatening to pull out of deals. With the EU threatening to walk out I think they will have to back down. They won’t get it through, and if they do it will be the kiss of death to other trade deals.

Over-ready Brexit – remember? Easiest deal in the world – remember? Stupid, ideological imbeciles – remember? What a bunch of idiots! What a mess they are making!!

Then there is the break up of the Union. Remember – that was project fear – another of those things that is going to turn out to be real – like job losses, price rises and diminished influence in the world; like becoming a US vassal state while we tuck into GM cornbread and chlorinated chicken on our reduced salaries and worse contracts.

The trouble with Covid is the lag.  There is a lag between becoming infected and going down with symptoms. There is a further lag of a couple of weeks before you might become hospitalised – then a further lag of a couple of weeks until you die. So the big increases in new cases we have seen this last week are the people who caught it a couple of weeks ago. The low hospital cases are because they haven’t got that ill yet. But they will.

Then there is the asymptomatic side. Nobody is sure if they have it or have had it. It might have been very mild. A very stout lady coughed as she came near to me. I must have looked at her because she shouted at me – ‘I haven’t got bloody Covid.’ The thing is, she might be wrong. None of us knows if we have it.

In the UK the new cases are soaring up to 2919 with 14 deaths. We’re heading back up!

In the US it is back up to 36,080 and 914 deaths.

In Brazil, it’s back up to 40,557 new cases and 983 deaths.

The safest place is Switzerland – just 191 new cases and no deaths. What are they doing right?

Worldwide it is now past 10 million cases with half a million deaths – but that’s a gross underestimate.

I consoled myself with a walk up my hill and played some Andy White.

Stay safe everyone!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 171

  1. Opher, Tubularsock recommends walking backward on your daily walks. That way it may help you understand your government’s activities.

    In the case of the U.S. one has to RUN backwards to keep up!
    Just another Tubularsock Good Idea (TGI)!

    1. That’s a great idea Tub. If I kept my eyes shut too it might mimic their deliberations!
      Good luck in the States!! I don’t envy you! It’s bad enough here.

  2. Yes Opher, the idiot politicians deserve to be locked up. I have in the past suggested moving the parliament to Milton Keynes. But maybe Broadmoor “hospital” would be more effective. Too close to me for comfort, though.

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