Brexit and the Hostile Environment.

How times change!! I wonder how many regrets there are now?

We are in the process of isolation and withdrawing our cooperation with our neighbours. Instead of working together to fight this disease we are on our own.

The Hostile Environment has driven hundreds of thousands out of the country. We sneered and said we don’t need those ‘unskilled’ people here. They include:

The nurses

The care-home carers

The doctors

The vegetable pickers

The cleaners

The doors were only open to the rich.

Funny how times change isn’t it? We now find that we don’t really need the rich at all. We need doctors and nurses to look after the sick. We need carers to look after our old folk. We need cleaners to keep us safe. We need vegetable pickers to keep the food on our tables.

It’s a new world out there. We need international cooperation to fight this disease. The last thing we need is isolation and new trade deals.  We need to work together.

Our economy has been devastated. The last nail in our coffin is the economic hit of Brexit!!

What a huge expensive mistake!!

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