Grundarfjordup – Iceland – basalt arches

The icelandic landscape is spectacular. Basalt columns and arches.

Photography – The Dales – Pt3

We started going uphill a bit.

If you click on the pictures they blow up into much better shots.

p1120772 p1120773

The mother might be a bit confused about her offspring. p1120775 p1120776

I don’t think these were standing stones – probably gateposts from a long gone wall


Ingleborough caves

p1120781 p1120783 p1120786 p1120788 p1120790

It was quite desolate and we hardly saw anyone. There was a bleak beauty to it.

We wondered what it would have looked like long ago. Probably the natural climax is trees. We thought it wouldn’t have looked as beautiful. But then it would have been teeming with life – insects, birds, mice, rabbits, boar, wolves and bears. We only see the tiny rump of what once was thriving here. The volcanoes, ice and erosion  created the basis – We merely destroyed the rick tapestry of life that lived on it.p1120791 p1120797 p1120801