Ken Loach Quotes – Britain’s greatest Film Director!

Ken Loach is my favourite Director. He is highly intelligent and his films always have a pertinent social message that I can empathise with. I like films that make you think. Ken is the conscience of the nation. His films should be compulsory – particularly for Tories who are usually incapable of appreciating human suffering.

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Maybe if we tell the truth about the past, we can tell the truth about the present.

I see the lies and despair. Brexit and Trump – a litany of hatred and lies. The media and politicians all have their agenda and no scruples. It’s getting worse. The sheeple are treated with utter scorn and manipulated.

A movie isn’t a political movement, a party or even an article. It’s just a film. At best it can add its voice to public outrage.

There’s a hell of a lot of injustice and rage to tap into.

About Thatcher’s death: Let’s privatise her funeral. Put it out on competitive tender and accept the cheapest bid. That’s what she would have wanted.

Such with and humour. I’m glad they buried her. They just did it fifty years too late.

I turned down the OBE because its not a club you want to join when you look at the villains who’ve got it. Its all the things I think are despicable: patronage, deferring to the monarchy and the name of the British Empire, which is a monument of exploitation and conquest.

Not many people with that calibre of integrity. Too many money-grabbing, power-seeking selfish gits who take the money.

One lesson to learn is that the press and the broadcasters are not neutral. And it seems we have to learn it each time there is a dispute: they are actually committed to one side.

Orgreave taught me that even the BBC have their agenda. The bias is there. The establishment orchestrate out feelings.

In the end the privatisation of war is not acceptable. We shouldn’t be issuing these sub-contracts to these contracting companies because the people who run them are making millions. There should be no relationship between ex-politicians and them, like John Reid and Malcolm Rifkind, who are now associated with contracting companies having been ministers of defence. That’s unacceptable.

It is incredible hoe people like Rumsfeldt are raking it in! Should be a law against it!

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Ken Loach – I, Daniel Blake – What a film – It tugs at you.

I have just returned home from seeing the Ken Loach film – I, Daniel Blake. I came out feeling just like I had when I first saw Kathy Come Home way back in the sixties. The tears were there.

Ken is now 80 years old. Nobody is making films of such emotional intensity about real social situations and justice. Where is the next Ken Loach to stand up for the underdog?

This shows how political decisions are translated into callous, uncaring stupidities. Real people are caught up in the bureaucracy that dehumanises both the people who administer the system and the people caught up in it. Instead of treating people with human compassion they are reduced to numbers and points. The system dehumanises.

For anyone who supports people being forced off benefits, and the imposition of a system of deterrence, this film should be mandatory.

I am sure there are people who do not deserve to be on benefits. I am sure there are people who make a career of it. But in any civilised country the scale by which a society should be judged is the compassion with which they deal with the poor and disadvantaged. They are not numbers or points – they are people!

They should not be humiliated. They should be assessed as human beings and treated with dignity. There is real hardship.

This draconian, inhuman system is abhorrent. Ken Loach called it ‘conscious cruelty’.

Go and see the film and make your own mind up.

Brilliant Ken Loach wins the Palme D’or!!

The magnificent Ken Loach is still going strong at 80 Years old! He is still fighting for social justice. An amazing man. Ken’s films are invariably thought provoking and focus on telling the story from the victims side – it’s all about social justice.

He came out of retirement to produce the new film – I, Daniel Blake – because he thought that it needed saying.

The film went on to win the Palme D’Or.

Read all about this and listen to what Ken has to say on the BBC. There is an interview with the great man.

One of my heroes!

My favourite Film Director – Ken Loach.

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Ken is my favourite film director not because he has made the greatest films I have ever enjoyed, he hasn’t, but because of his humanity and consistency. His social realism is always important. He is always true to himself. He is a man who raises your awareness and forces you to think about issues. To do that in an entertaining manner is genius.

Ken is a man you can trust to have the right sensitivities and to put that into a film with heart and interest.

At the beginning we had the brilliance of Kes, Up the Junction and Poor Cow,

His Palm d’or winner – The Wind that Shakes the Barley was the best portrayal of the Irish situation ever captured on celluloid.

A look at the films I have greatly enjoyed such as:


Bread and Roses

My Name is Joe

Carla’s Song

Raining Stones

The Navigators

demonstrates the wide range of Ken’s social interest. If there is injustice Ken is there to highlight it.

I love his films and I love the man.

We need more people who are prepared to stand up and speak their mind, to highlight injustice and try to make the world a better place.

Ken has always done that. He has put his actions where his mouth was and become politically active in many arenas. I respect that.

He has integrity.

Ken is not a man who wanted to make great films, win lots of acclaim and make lots of money. He could have done all that if he wanted.

He is a man who wanted to make things better and who stood up for his principles – that was more important.

Ken is one of my heroes!