We’re living in a movie!!

We are living in a movie! A whole series of movies! Or is it just that those movies represent the sad state of human beings on this planet??

Connaught Cinema summed it up:

Sorry we missed you – Brilliant Ken Loach film – review

Ken Loach may be 83 but he is still just as perceptive and sharp as ever. After the brilliance of I, Daniel Blake he has come up with yet another masterpiece of social realism. He tells it like it is.

This film highlights the real effect of ten years of Tory austerity and policy. It follows a good hardworking family as they try to cope with the gig economy and find themselves digging further into a hole.

The wife is a carer, working all hours, trying to give care to elderly people.

The husband has been working in the building trade but there is no work. He tries to take up in a franchise delivering parcels. Little does he know of the pitfalls. He too finds himself working round the clock to become deeper in debt.

The two children are victims. They are having to bring themselves up.

They are all the victims of unscrupulous profiteers who are looking to maximise their profits.

This is a heartbreaking film of social realism. It portrays exactly what is wrong with Britain after ten years of Tory greed. A film that should be compulsory viewing for all voters. Tory MPs should be strapped down and forced to watch the graphic results of the economy they have set up. The rich get richer and the rest of us have to work ourselves silly for the scraps!

I came out from this film inspired to make things better.

Mark Richardson – Short Film Producer.

Mark Richardson – Short Film Producer.

Mark is a talented friend of mine. He makes short films.

I think they are great. Try this one out:

this is a film about the power of nature in HULL:


Creative people like Mark need encouraging, nurturing and praising. Please watch this little film and give him a like!

A Very British Coup – a film by Mick Jackson, Alan Plater, Chris Mullin.


I have just watch ‘A Very British Coup’ again. What a great film. It started life as a Channel Four film. It was written by Chris Mullin and directed by Mick Jackson with screenplay by Alan Plater.

What a strong film. I’d recommend it.


The resonance with what is happening with Jeremy Corbyn is profound. The whole media and establishment are there spreading rumour and innuendo and undermining him.

The question we must ask is – can we have a democracy? The establishment and media have such enormous power. They can spread rumour and lies and manipulate public views.

Seemingly Corbyn is unelectable. Why is that? Everything I’ve heard him say makes perfect sense. Yet he is so left-wing he is unelectable. Could it be that he does not represent the same corporate machine that runs the place? The ones who bribe and corrupt?

This is what Wikipedia had to say:


This is the resonance that was picked up with the 80s film and Jeremy Corbyn.


This is a little bit on YouTube. Nothing more is available because it has been blocked (on copyright infringement).

The film is a bit dated but none-the-less chilling.

Brilliant Ken Loach wins the Palme D’or!!

The magnificent Ken Loach is still going strong at 80 Years old! He is still fighting for social justice. An amazing man. Ken’s films are invariably thought provoking and focus on telling the story from the victims side – it’s all about social justice.

He came out of retirement to produce the new film – I, Daniel Blake – because he thought that it needed saying.

The film went on to win the Palme D’Or.

Read all about this and listen to what Ken has to say on the BBC. There is an interview with the great man.

One of my heroes!