Brilliant Ken Loach wins the Palme D’or!!

The magnificent Ken Loach is still going strong at 80 Years old! He is still fighting for social justice. An amazing man. Ken’s films are invariably thought provoking and focus on telling the story from the victims side – it’s all about social justice.

He came out of retirement to produce the new film – I, Daniel Blake – because he thought that it needed saying.

The film went on to win the Palme D’Or.

Read all about this and listen to what Ken has to say on the BBC. There is an interview with the great man.

One of my heroes!

30 thoughts on “Brilliant Ken Loach wins the Palme D’or!!

  1. A Man of principles who turned down a Knighthood, unlike some – Jeremy Corbyn recommending them for some of the Labour MPs, and he calls himself a Socialist?

    1. Yeas – a man who refuses to compromise.
      I think Corbyn has to play politics – without enough in the Lords they’d lose everything.

      1. I like Corbyn, Anna. I think there are probably reasons for some of the things he does that aren’t my cup of tea – but on balance I agree more with him than anyone else around. Most of them are a bunch of lying, greedy, power-mad, corrupt cheats. They’ve got their snouts in the trough.

  2. I know you like Corbyn I did too that’s why I became a member of Labour again. No argument there with you, and you are right about the others. All corrupt bastards who don’t give a damn as long as they are alright. But Opher we do need to do something regarding all those that are on benefits and should not be, others have to go without because of them. It’s been made too easy for them. They demand houses, more money, more help – the rest of us had to work to make a home, have a family etc.

    1. I agree with you. I hate scroungers. There should be a better way of sorting out the really needy from the scroungers.
      Having said that I despise the corrupt superrich who are deceitfully hiding their colossal incomes away abroad so that they don’t pay taxes. They are costing the country billions more than the scroungers are.
      They both need clobbering.

      1. Totally agree – goodness can you hear the cheering at that! Seriously though the super rich it is a disgrace not a joke as some treat it. It is has gone on so long Opher it is a way of life with them. The ordinary TaxPayer has to carry the can as usual. This Country is in a mess, I don’t know what the answers are. Surprised at Austria, really thought it was a win for that Far Right Candidate. Austria has always been sympathetic that way.

      2. The establishment look after their own. It has gone on since the beginning of time. They have the means to shut the loop-holes; it’s time they did it! We could fund the NHS on what they’re cheating us.
        I hadn’t heard the result of the Austrian vote. Last I heard the far-right character was marginally in front. I’m glad he got beaten.
        There is so much unrest around. Too much immigration. Too many Muslims. It is upsetting people. They feel their way of life is threatened. I can’t understand why they crave to come over to our country because it is so much better than theirs and then want to change it so that it’s the same as theirs. If that is what they want then why don’t they go and live in a Muslim country?

  3. There you go Opher, I am agreeing again. I would love to go up to London again, it’s a year since I was last there. Marble Arch full of Romanians hanging out their washing – why do we put up with this behaviour. The fear of bombs, it is how we have to live now. I see a lot of schools were shut today, some up your way, threats that children would be hit with shrapnel. It is dreadful. That Plane Crash, that frightened me, I said it to David and he said “you can’t let them stop you, it’s the chance you have to take”, he’s right of course and I so need to go. What a World, I think we had the best.

      1. I’m glad he didn’t. This rise of the far right is very worrying. You would have thought they had learned their lesson.

    1. What’s this about schools being shut? I must have missed that.
      I think you’ll be safe. There are thousands of planes in the air at any one time. They are very safe. You’re not likely to have a terrorist attack where you’re going.
      Why were Romanians hanging out their washing? Surely there’s laws against that?

      1. 26 Schools across the Country on GCSE day terrorist threats, not sure if they were real but they could take no chances so closed the schools. Yes you just hope when you get on a plane like a train and everything else these days all will be ok. Romanians for a long time have been sleeping in Hyde Park, washing their clothes hanging them out at Marble Arch, it’s awful. There probably are Laws but Government will not act upon them.

      2. I hadn’t heard that. Sounds like people taking the piss.
        Planes are safer than trains. Statistics prove it.
        Why on earth are they allowed to sleep in Hyde Park?

  4. All those Schools were closed. Hope you are right about the planes. I have no idea they should have the water cannons on them, London I understand and from what I have seen in the News is a mess, full of these people and all thieving what else. The Laws are there but the powers that be too scared to act, what with this Khan bloke they have well there is no chance anything will be done. I don’t know why but I get tweets from him, slimey individual.

    1. I haven’t really seen much of Khan so I can’t say. Anyone’s better than Boris in my book.
      My youngest son lives in London. He seems to like it and be having far too good a time. I’d like him to settle down. We’ll see.
      The planes are really safe. Particular extra security between UK and USA. No problems at all. It’s not like you’re going to Egypt.

  5. You watching the football it’s good Nurnberg 0-1 Frankfurt. David has it on here on his desk, he has this big TV along with all the PC, he gets his work done with all the noise. I use this when he is not here.

    1. The election will be really interesting. I was living there in 1980 when the Carter V Reagan was running. Reagan got elected. I liked Carter but he was scuppered by Iran. It was a bit scary the way they do it out there. You’ll love it.

  6. Nothing. In Iran in the middle Seventies I think it was, students took over the American Embassy for countless days. When Jimmy Carter sent in the Air Force Rescue, several not sure how many Embassy Officials died and several of the US Planes were destroyed – it was a Military Cockup, but of course being President he had to take responsibility (when Bush’s time it was always someone else’s fault). Come Election night, as I stayed up to watch always do, the Map went Blue except for One State which was Georgia his own, I was so upset. Always thought time will tell what a great President he was, and he is a wonderful man.

    1. Yes. I remember it well. I thought he was very controlled and level-headed. I was teaching in California. All the students wanted him to nuke Iran. He went for a low-key rescue but the military cocked up and he got the blame. If he had invaded Iran he would have been re-elected but it would have ended badly. He was a man of principle.

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