Mark Richardson – Short Film Producer.

Mark is a talented friend of mine. He makes short films.

I think they are great. Try this one out:

this is a film about the power of nature in HULL:


15 thoughts on “Mark Richardson – Short Film Producer.

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  2. Really enjoyed this, especially the Irish music which took me back, could not keep my feet still. So beautifully shot captured the Gardens so well and how wonderful those Gardens were, especially the Tree carvings. Great short film highly recommend.

    1. He’s good isn’t he. He did a great interview with me that I have as a memento of my last weeks at school. I love it but I only have it on DVD.

      1. Yes he is Opher the way he captured those gardens and the close ups of the flowers it was a joy to watch, anyone who loves their garden really should watch this. What made it special for me was that these were real gardens not these concrete gardens with no living plants or Trees. Gardens are just another room and when I am in my I am lost it is Peace for me. Now some way you have to find a way to show that film, how can we possibly not see it.

      2. I’ll sort out the link to the kids film. I used to run a Film Club at school where kids made their own films. I had a little cameo appearance in this on called SWADE. It was fun for me to see all these years later. I’m not sure anyone else would see that. I wasn’t offered a job as a news announcer though!

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