A Very British Coup – a film by Mick Jackson, Alan Plater, Chris Mullin.


I have just watch ‘A Very British Coup’ again. What a great film. It started life as a Channel Four film. It was written by Chris Mullin and directed by Mick Jackson with screenplay by Alan Plater.

What a strong film. I’d recommend it.


The resonance with what is happening with Jeremy Corbyn is profound. The whole media and establishment are there spreading rumour and innuendo and undermining him.

The question we must ask is – can we have a democracy? The establishment and media have such enormous power. They can spread rumour and lies and manipulate public views.

Seemingly Corbyn is unelectable. Why is that? Everything I’ve heard him say makes perfect sense. Yet he is so left-wing he is unelectable. Could it be that he does not represent the same corporate machine that runs the place? The ones who bribe and corrupt?

This is what Wikipedia had to say:


This is the resonance that was picked up with the 80s film and Jeremy Corbyn.


This is a little bit on YouTube. Nothing more is available because it has been blocked (on copyright infringement).

The film is a bit dated but none-the-less chilling.

8 thoughts on “A Very British Coup – a film by Mick Jackson, Alan Plater, Chris Mullin.

  1. You are older enough as I am, to remember Harold Wilson and what they done to him – but then he did make Prime Minister and they were different times.

      1. It was not the media so much as his own people and no doubt Tories as well. A decent honest great Prime Minister and they destroyed him.

      2. It’s what they’re trying to do with Corbyn right now – lies, misrepresentation and innuendo to undermine him. The Blairite, watered-down Tories in his own party are trying their hardest to stop him succeeding. That’s worse than the Tories. It’a a betrayal.

  2. For a start I never considered that bastard Blair to be Labour, he was Tory from the very beginning. If he was asked to come back again as Leader he would be in like a shot. What they are doing to Corbyn is not quite what they did to Harold Wilson they were trying to convince the British Public and the World in general that Wilson had Alzheimer’s – utter deplorable. Opher, Corbyn did not help himself by not attending the Jutland Commemoration. You could say he was honest by saying he was going on holiday but he was or should have been aware before booking his holiday that Jutland was coming up. For me Opher there are no excuses. Those men sacrificed their lives, it was not much to ask of Corbyn.

    1. The guy makes mistakes and he doesn’t help himself. He’s not media savvy and he doesn’t think that way. He should. He doesn’t do himself any favours.

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